Aldi Return Policy [Getting Refund, No Receipt, How Long & More]

Need to return some products to Aldi? Does Aldi accept returns? Here's a comprehensive guide on Aldi Return Policy and more.

Returns are a common part of running a retail business. There are many stores in the US that have a generous and public return policy, such as Walmart, Target, Costco, and Aldi. However, while most stores will accept stores, their policies differ.

And when making a return, it’s important to understand the store’s policy. That way, you know if you can get a refund, how to request a return, what items you can return, and how long you have to do it.

If you get the requirements or details of making a return wrong at any retailer, the process can get complicated. And at times, the store can even reject your return.

Luckily for Aldi customers, the company doesn’t make you jump through hoops to make a return. However, there is still a fair amount of information you need to know about Aldi’s return policy.

With that said, finding a comprehensive guide to the Aldi return policy can be tough. But we’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

In this article, we’re diving into the Aldi return policy. We take a look at whether or not the store accepts returns, what items you can return, whether they have a warranty and a detailed guide on how you can return an item to Aldi.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Aldi Take Returns?

Aldi accepts returns in 2023 under their Twice is Nice Guarantee. This covers a variety of different products that you can find at Aldi such as their food, cleaning supplies, and other groceries.

However, this doesn’t apply to some items such as certain name brands and some types of alcohol. On top of that, if you’re returning an item to Aldi for anything aside from quality reasons, the Twice Is Nice Guarantee may not apply.

What Is Aldi’s Return Policy?

The frontage and brand logo of a branch of German discount retai

Aldi’s return policy is called the Twice Is Nice Guarantee. This reflects how Aldi believed in the quality of the products they stock in their stores. All of the brands and products at Aldi have been tested to exceed other national brands.

So, if you buy a product that doesn’t live up to expectations and doesn’t satisfy you 100% at Aldi, you can make a return and receive a refund.

Not only that, but Aldi also replaces the product. So, if there is something up with the quality of the product, you can make a return, receive a replacement, and also receive a refund for your purchase.

Since Aldi prides itself on the quality of its brands, this applies to most of the products in their stores. However, there are some items such as name-brand products that you may not return to Aldi.

Additionally, to qualify for the Twice Is Nice Guarantee, the products need to come with the original receipt. If you don’t have the original receipt with you when making a return, you won’t receive the Twice Is Nice Guarantee.

However, you can still return the product without a receipt to Aldi, but you will only receive a gift card in that amount in return.

How To Get An Aldi Refund

To use Aldi’s Twice Is Nice Guarantee, you first have to make sure you qualify. Firstly, you need to make sure you’re returning the product because of quality concerns. So, if you’re returning an item for anything but quality issues, it doesn’t qualify for the guarantee.

On top of that, if you want to receive a refund and a replacement, then you need to have the original receipt with you. Items that don’t have the original receipt don’t qualify for a refund and the Twice Is Nice Guarantee at Aldi.

From there, all you need to do is approach an Aldi register. One of the benefits of returning items to Aldi is that you don’t have to go to the manager. All cashiers are trained to handle returns, so once you approach someone working at the cashier, they can usually handle the refund process for you.

If you want to replace the item and receive a refund, you need to shop for the item before going to the register. Aldi wants to avoid hold-ups in their lines, and if you shop for the item before making a return, it makes for a much more efficient process.

If any concerns arise, you can request a manager. But usually, the cashiers at Aldi are able to handle the entire return process.

Can You Return Food To Aldi?

Aldi supermarket at The Glen Shopping Centre in Glen Waverley in the City of Monash.

One of the reasons people shop at Aldi is that the store accepts food returns. All of the Aldi brand food products in their store fall under the Twice Is Nice Guarantee.

However, keep in mind that this only applies to Aldi brands, so if you purchase certain national brand products at Aldi, there’s a chance that you may not be able to return them.

With that said, any non-Aldi brand food items usually won’t fall under the Twice Is Nice Guarantee.

How Long Before I Receive An Refund?

If your item qualifies for the Twice Is Nice Guarantee and you bring the original receipt with you, the refund process is very quick. If no issues arise at the register, the process will take less than a minute.

On top of that, Aldi can refund you in a variety of ways. If you receive cash back or you choose to have a gift card refunded, you receive the refund right away.

However, while they can refund you through your credit or debit card, the refund time largely depends on your own bank. Some banks take longer than others, so give it some time before following up on your refund.

And while bank or credit card refunds can take some time, according to many employees and customers, the refunds are processed within the same day.

How Long Is The Aldi Return Window?

Noblesville Circa March 2018: Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices I

The Aldi Twice Is Nice Guarantee doesn’t expire. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can return it any time, no matter how long it has been since you made the purchase, you can return a product to Aldi.

With that said, there is one item category that doesn’t have a non-expiring return window: electronic items. Aldi stocks up on a variety of products including computer products. And unlike the other items, the electronic products at Aldi are under a 90-day return window.

When returning electronics to Aldi, the receipt is essential as that is how the cashiers will confirm the date of your purchase and whether the 90-day window is still valid.

What Payment Method Does Aldi Use For Refunds?

As mentioned earlier, customers have a variety of options available when receiving a refund at Aldi. The current Aldi policy is to refund items through the same payment method of the original purchase. So, depending on the way you paid for your purchase, the way Aldi sends you a refund may vary.

The fastest method of receiving a refund is with cash or with gift cards, as you are refunded instantly. While Aldi employees process refunds as fast as possible through debit and credit, it’s ultimately up to your bank how long it will take for you to receive a refund.

With that said, some stores may not follow the policy as strictly. There are customers who have reported that Aldi always refunds them in cash by default, regardless of the original payment method.

So, if you wish to receive your refund through other methods, you can always make a request at the cashier. However, make sure to do this before the cashier opens the register, as once they open the register, there is no way you can receive the refund through another payment method.

What Is Aldi Return Policy Without Receipt?


If you lost the original receipt when returning an item to Aldi, then you can still make the purchase. However, failure to provide the receipt when returning an item makes it ineligible for the Twice Is Nice Guarantee. So, you won’t be able to receive a refund and a replacement.

On top of that, customers who return an item without a receipt can’t receive a full cash refund. Instead, they will give you an Aldi Merchandise Gift Card. From there, they load the gift card with the same amount as the cost of the original purchase.

So, if you want to make the most of the Aldi Return policy, it’s best to keep the receipt for your item. On top of that, since you can return the item to Aldi under the Twice Is Nice Guarantee at any time, you never know when you’ll need the original receipt to make a return.

With that said, Aldi isn’t strict about returns with no receipt. While you likely won’t be able to receive a full cash refund, there’s a high chance Aldi will still process your return and give you a merchandise gift card instead.

Can You Return Aldi Deliveries?

One of the newest ways customers are using and shopping at Aldi is through their partnership with Instacart. When you order at Aldi through Instacart, you can receive your groceries and your items right at your doorstep. And if you want, you can also opt to pick up your groceries so you don’t have to go inside the store.

If you received Aldi groceries through Instacart and some items have quality issues, you can make a return. On top of that, customers can even return the items in two different ways.

The first method is directly from the Instacart app. If you notice there’s a bit of mold on your bread or issues with other food items, you can contact Instacart to request a refund. Instacart makes it easy for customers to request a refund and once you send them a message, they are very responsive and will be able to answer you very quickly.

When requesting a refund through Instacart, the whole process can take a couple of hours to go through. So, if you need to get a product replaced or refunded faster, you will have to go to the store, go to the register, and request it from the cashier.

When doing this, all you have to do is go to the register and make a request. All Aldi cashier workers are trained to handle returns, so you likely won’t have to request to see or talk to the manager.

If you didn’t receive a physical receipt with your deliver, the order information on the app will serve as the receipt. So, you can simply show the order information to the cashier, and they will provide you with a refund and replacement if the item is under the Twice Is Nice Guarantee.

When Does Aldi Reject Returns?


There are many cases wherein Aldi can reject returns. With that said, Aldi is fairly generous and lenient with its return policy. So, as long as customers have the receipt and can prove that there is a quality issue with their food, they can refuse a return and not provide a refund.

Keep in mind, quality concerns have to do with how the products were made. So, if you purchased a product at Aldi, tried it out, and didn’t like it, you may not be able to return it. This is because you actually have to prove the product isn’t up to standard.

For example, if you notice mold on some of the bread and other food products, that is a definite quality issue. You can show the evidence to the Aldi cashier as proof and they will process your return. Another example is if you bought or ordered vegetables at Aldi only to discover they are wilted. In this case, the item falls under the Twice Is Nice Policy.

On top of that, if you’re returning electronic products like TVs and phones, you only have a 90-day return window. If the window passes before you decide to return the item, Aldi may reject it. However, some branches can be lenient with this, so try and approach the cashier kindly and politely to see if they will still accept your return.

Lastly, the Twice Is Nice policy only applies to Aldi-brand products. So, there may be certain alcohol brands and other name-brand items available at Aldi that don’t fall under this policy.

With that said, Aldi is famous for its own set of brands and products. When shopping at Aldi, customers can rest assured that Aldi’s own set of brands can compete with other national brands, and are even available at significantly lower prices.

Do Aldi Products Have A Warranty?

Aldi does have a warranty for select products. This applies if the Aldi product doesn’t last as long as advertised. If this happens, you can bring the item in to Aldi and then they will try their best to fix any issues and get the product working again. And if they cannot fix the issue, they may also provide you with a replacement.

With that said, making a warranty claim at Aldi isn’t that easy. It would be easier if you have all the paperwork with you clipped together. However, the warranty claiming process is fairly more complicated than the Twice Is Nice policy, which is important to remember when trying to choose the right way to return the item.


If you bought something at Aldi that isn’t up to standards, you can make a return for that item. There are many items at Aldi that fall under the Twice Is Nice Policy. Items that fall under this policy can be returned, and you will receive a refund and replacement if you can prove that there is a quality issue with the product and you provide the original receipt.

If you don’t provide the original receipt, you can only receive a gift card as a refund and not cash. Additionally, the Twice Is Nice policy doesn’t expire, but electronics at Aldi have a fairly strict 90-day return window that is important to remember.

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