Does Aldi Sell Flowers? [Prices, Kinds, Delivery & More]

Looking for flowers, and wondering does Aldi sell them? We got you covered. Here's everything about whether Aldi sell flowers, prices and more.

Flowers are a beautiful gift. Flowers communicate emotions, which is why it’s such a popular gift option for someone looking to show love to a person. Whether you’re getting flowers for Valentine’s Day, your mom, or for a friend you want to congratulate, you may be wondering where to get them.

And since Aldi stores are known for having a wide array of different products at their stores, you may be wondering if you can find flowers at Aldi.

Since Aldi is so big, it can be hard to find information on what exact products you can find at their stores. But after doing the research, we found the answer.

So, if you’re looking for flowers at Aldi, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we take a look at whether Aldi sells them if you can get them delivered, and event the different types of flowers you can find at most Aldi stores.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Aldi Have Flowers?

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As of 2023, customers can find a wide array of flowers and bouquets at Aldi stores. They have everyday bouquets, which consist of a collection of different flowers that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

On top of that, depending on your location and the time of the year, Aldi also sells a variety of seasonal flowers if they are in bloom.

Aldi sells everyday bouquets with common flowers like daisies, roses, and carnations. However, through the Aldi FINDS collection, customers can get seasonal and rarer flowers. With that said, since these flowers are harder to find, they will end up costing you extra.

Can I Get Aldi Flowers Delivered?

Currently, Aldi doesn’t offer flower delivery. However, some customers have found a workaround that will allow you to get Aldi flowers delivered if you need them right away and can’t go to the store yourself.

This is through Instacard delivery, which is partnered with Aldi. For orders above $35 at Aldi, Instacart offers a free delivery service. So, if you have a few groceries you plan on getting, you can order them through Instacard along with the flowers and have them delivered right to your door.

Additionally, you can also place the order on Instacart and pick it up on the curbside once it’s ready. This doesn’t offer the same convenience as flower deliveries, but it is a bit easier than going into Aldi yourself and picking out a bouquet.

What Flowers Can I Find At Aldi?

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The most popular option for Aldi shoppers is the everyday bouquet. This is a bouquet of common flowers like daisies, roses, tulips, carnations, and more. This is a well-curated bouquet that offers a lot of variety while still having a cohesive color palette.

You can also choose to get a mix of a bouquet with just one single flower. This is good if you have a specific flower you want to give a loved one to send them a message. Aldi regularly stocks up on flowers so you always have a wide array of options to choose from.

On top of that, Aldi also offers seasonal bouquets with different flowers that may be in season during specific months of the year only. This includes hyacinths, calla lilies, orchids, hydrangeas, and other flowers that are associated with certain seasons.

These bouquets are also curated for specific events. So, you can find Christmas, Mother’s Day, and even wedding bouquets at Aldi, so it’s easy to find just the right one for your needs.

Season flowers at Aldi are available for a limited run only. So, if you plan on getting a specific bouquet that’s only available for a certain time, get your hands on it right away. This is because as soon as stocks run out, Aldi won’t refill the shelves.

And if you miss out on the season’s bouquets, you have to settle for the everyday options. Granted, the everyday bouquets are still very nice and well-curated, but they aren’t as special as the seasonal flowers.

How Much Are Aldi Flower Bouquets?

A typical everyday bouquet at Aldi will cost you around $3.99. Everyday bouquets are sold at a fixed price, no matter if you get a single flower or a collection of different flowers. Each of these bouquets features half a dozen common flowers like roses, carnations, daisies, and mixed collections.

However, if you buy the seasonal flowers which are known as Aldi FINDS, you can expect a wide variety of prices. While they have some bouquets that start at $3.99 like the standard options, there is a lot of variety. So, you can expect to pay anywhere between $8 all the way to $20 for a bouquet, depending on the type of flowers you’re buying.

Aside from bouquets, customers can also buy potted flowers at Aldi. These are available at a cheaper price, starting at $2.15 per flower. However, for more expensive options, you can expect to pay as high as $13 or even $20 in some cases.

If you’re eyeing a set of flowers out of your price range at Aldi, you might be able to benefit from waiting a bit. If a batch of Alid FINDS flowers isn’t selling, Aldi tends to mark down the price to encourage people to buy them before the flowers die.

When Does Aldi Restock On Flowers?


It can be hard to find information on the exact day Aldi restocks its flowers. However, since new stocks are added to Aldi shelves on Wednesday, which is also the day their sales start, there’s a good chance you’ll find all the flowers available at Aldi when you shop on a Wednesday.

Most customers state that the best time to shop at Aldi is on Wednesday morning. Aside from being the day that sales start and shelves are restocked, there aren’t that many in-store customers on that day.

So, you can ensure yourself that you will find everything you need at the store and you won’t have to deal with long lines as long as you shop on Wednesday. However, keep in mind this might vary from location to location.


If you have a special event coming up and you don’t know where to get flowers, you can go to Aldi. The store has a wide range of different flowers available in their stores, including seasonal flowers through the Aldi FINDS collection.

Typically, a bouquet with half a dozen flowers starts at $3.99. However, depending on the flowers you chose, you could end up spending between $8 to $20 for a bouquet at Aldi.

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