Does Best Buy Price Match Costco? [In-store, Online & More]

Is it true that Best Buy price matches Costco? If that's the case, what are the terms? Here are all the answers you need.

Best Buy is one of the most famous retailers in the United States. In 2020, Best Buy had over 102,000 employees, which makes the chain amongst the largest in the U.S.

Though many different aspects contribute to the success of the business, one of the reasons the company has seen such tremendous success is because of its price match policy.

At Best Buy, customers are pretty much guaranteed competitive and fair market prices for all products and services. So, whenever you find yourself at a Best Buy electronics store, you can price match items with other retailers to ensure you get the standard market price for any product you find at Best Buy.

But, does Best Buy price match with Costco?

The answer to that is yes, when buying at Best Buy, you can price match with Costco. Since Costco is known for its very low and competitive prices, customers wonder whether or not they can price match Best Buy products with Costco prices.

With that said, there are still a couple of things you need to know about price matching Best Buy and Costco items. In this article, we’ll be explaining everything there is to Best Buy’s price matching policy with Costco and how you can price match products at Best Buy.

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Does Best Buy Price Match With Costco?

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Yes, Best Buy Costco price match is possible on selected products. However, the price match is only considered valid if it’s on the same day of purchase and if the competing Costco store is within a 25-mile radius of the Best Buy you’re looking to shop at.

When making a purchase at Best Buy, customers can match prices with the Costco store or website and the price will be appropriately reduced. To do this, you have to request Best Buy to price match with Costco. And if any problems or complications arise, the staff will guide you through the process.

Will Best Buy Price Match Costco In-Store?

Yes, if you’re in a Best Buy store, you can request them to price match a certain product with the Costco prices. So, if you notice that something you’re purchasing at Best Buy is available at a cheaper price at a competing Costco, then Best Buy will match their prices with Costco.

However, for a product to be eligible for a price match with Costco products, you need to make sure that the Best Buy is directly competing with Costco, meaning the stores have to be within a 25-mile radius of each other.

The price match guarantee of Best Buy varies depending on your location. However, according to their US price match policy, customers can compare the prices of any product in their store with the prices of a direct competitor and Best Buy will match it.

However, for a store, whether it’s a Costco or local electronics retailer, to qualify as a direct competitor, it needs to be within a 25-mile radius of the Best Buy in which you are shopping.

Additionally, you can only price match Best Buy with Costco if the product is available at Costco at the same time you’re making the purchase at Best Buy. To make sure that your price match goes through, you have to make sure the product is available at Costco as well.

On top of that, once you request a price match, Best Buy will have to verify the price of that specific item at your local Costco. This usually requires making a call or contacting the store.

But once everything is confirmed, Best Buy will match the price of the product with the one at Costco.

Does Best Buy Price Match With Costco Online?

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If you’re shopping online at the BestBuy website, you can price match with qualifying retailers. Additionally, you also have to make sure the product you’re buying is eligible for a price match as there are some Costco items that you cannot price match online.

If a product is eligible and is available at a lower price with another qualified online retailer, then Best Buy will price match the product. However, the customer requesting the price match needs to provide a live ad of that specific product instead of a screenshot.

You can request a Costco price match over the phone. However, when doing this, you have to guide the operator on the Costco website to find the same product to confirm the price.

Does Best Buy Price Match With Costco After You Make A Purchase?

When price matching Best Buy with Costo, you have to ensure that you do it as you make the purchase. Once the purchase goes through – whether you use the Costco scan and go or pay at the till the item is no longer eligible for a price match. So, to avoid complications, make sure to check for lower prices at competing retailers before finalizing your purchase.

That way, you are ensured of the best possible price for a specific product.


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The next time you’re at Best Buy making a purchase, keep in mind that they price match with Costco. So, if there’s a competing Costco within a 25-mile radius of Best Buy, you can check the prices of their products.

And if the prices at Costco are lower than the ones at Best Buy and the product is available at the same time, then Best Buy will price match the product.

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