What Bills Can I Pay At Walmart? [Types of Bills, Fees & More]

What bills can be paid at Walmart and are there any fees for doing so? How do you even do it? Here's a super simple guide to get you started.

Paying your bills at the MoneyCenter at Walmart is one of many different services you can avail of at Walmart. Walmart features a host of different services that include bill payments, which is why it is one of the more popular one-stop shops out there.

So, can you pay bills at Walmart?

At the MoneyCenter, you can pay credit card, utility, insurance, phone bills, and more. When paying bills at Walmart, there is a small service fee added on top of your bill that ranges from $0.88-$4.99, depending on the type and size of the bill.

In this guide, we get into everything you need to know about paying bills at Walmart, from the type of bills, service fees, how to pay bills at Walmart, and more.

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What Types Of Bills Can I Pay At Walmart?

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If you’re looking to pay some bills while doing your regular shopping, here’s a list of bills you can pay at Walmart:

  • Credit cards
  • Loans
  • Insurance
  • Phone
  • Utilities (electric, water, etc.)
  • Mortgage
  • Rental
  • Child support

Walmart’s MoneyCenter offers a wide variety of services that include bill payments.

If your local Walmart store has a MoneyCenter, then you can pay your bills at Walmart on top of buying groceries and other products.

As of 2023, Walmart is adding more merchants to the list of bills you can pay at the MoneyCenter, making it more convenient for shoppers to accomplish other errands while at the store.

How To Pay Bills At Walmart

To pay bills at Walmart through the MoneyCenter, you don’t need an appointment.

You can simply head over to the customer service desk or front desk of the MoneyCenter to get the process started.

When paying bills at Walmart, make sure to bring:

  • The billing stub with the company name
  • The amount you need to pay

The MoneyCenter makes it easy to pay bills as you don’t have to bring any other documents. However, take note that for bills that exceed $900, you need to bring a valid photo ID.


Depending on the bill you wish to pay, Walmart may also ask for additional requirements.

On top of photo IDs, this may include your social security number as this is needed when paying government bills.

Another example is your housing details, which you will need if you plan on paying rent bills at Walmart.

After receiving all the necessary details, the cashier will then process your payment.Walmart’s MoneyCenter processes bills through MoneyGram or CheckFreePay.

Depending on the type of bill you pay, the time it takes for the payment to be reflected varies.

When paying bills at Walmart, the payment can be processed instantly, within a couple of hours, within the day, or the next day.

This all depends on the type of bill you’re paying and the recipients requirements.

Can I Pay My Bills Through Walmart’s Website?

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If you aren’t keen on visiting the physical store, you can also process your bills online. However, this isn’t done on the regular Walmart website.

Walmart has an affiliate website with MoneyGram, which is where you can go to process bills online. For this process, you need to create an account and log in.

From there, you can enter the biller’s name or company name, category, and other details to find your bill.

Once you’ve found the bill you want to pay, you can input the amount you want to pay.

During this process, you need to input your account number and other payment details. You can pay bills online with your debit or credit card, or pull funds directly from your bank account.

When paying bills through the MoneyGram website, it can take up to 3 days before the payment is reflected, depending on the biller. Additionally, MoneyGram adds additional fees when paying the bill, which is important to remember.

An alternative to the MoneyGram website is starting the process with the Walmart app.

On the app, there is a “services” tab, and from there you can input your biller’s details and pay your bills.

After this, customers need to head to a physical store to finish the process without lining up.

Can I Pay Phone Bills At Walmart?

Two common customer questions with Walmart are, “Can I pay my Verizon bill at Walmart?” or “Can I pay my Sprint bill at Walmart?”

The answer to these questions is a resounding yes.

One of the types of bills you can pay at Walmart are phone bills.

Walmart will usually accept bill payments for most major network providers through MoneyGram.

To pay your Sprint, Verizon, or any phone bill at Walmart, simply head to the MoneyCenter to start the process.

Can I Pay My Water Bill At Walmart?

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Yes, you can pay your utility bills at Walmart, including your water bill. Other utility bills you can pay at Walmart include gas, electricity, internet, and cable.

Are There Additional Fees When Paying Bills At Walmart?

When paying bills at Walmart, there are additional service fees you have to pay.

The cost of these fees vary depending on the type of bill, biller, and the amount you plan on paying.

When you pay a bill at Walmart, expect a service fee between $0.88 and $4.99.


Paying bills is one of the many other errands you can accomplish at Walmart. If your local Walmart has a MoneyCenter, you can go there to pay your credit card, phone, utility, rent, and other bills with a small service charge.

When paying bills at Walmart, all you need to bring is the bill stub and the amount you want to pay. However, for bills and payments above $900, a photo ID is required.

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