Where Can You Buy Costco Gift Cards? [In Other Stores & More]

Where are Costco gift cards sold? Can you buy a Costco gift card online and can you buy one without a membership? Here are the answers.

Every large retailer in the United States –  including Costco – sells gift cards that can then be exchanged for in-store and online purchases.

If you know a friend or family member who loves shopping at Costco, getting them a Costco gift card for that special occasion can be a great present that will be put to use well.

But, where can you buy Costco gift cards from?

After some research, here is what we have found.

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Where To Buy Costco Gift Cards In 2023?

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Costco gift cards are available at all Costco warehouses in the United States.

Unfortunately, since you need to hold an active Costco membership to buy gift cards, you can’t purchase Costco gift cards in any other stores besides Costco.

Though this can be quite inconvenient, don’t forget that you can also buy Costco gift cards online. Simply head over to the Costco website and purchase a Costco gift card directly from the retailer in just a few minutes.

Do You Have To Be A Costco Member To Use A Costco Gift Card?

There is a misconception that you must be a Costco member to use a Costco gift card, but this isn’t true.

As long as the gift card was purchased from either the Costco website or in-store and has not been tampered with in any way, anyone can redeem them – even if the person using the gift card isn’t a current member of Costco.

Costco Gift Card And A Costco Shop Card – What’s The Difference?

A Costco gift card is a physical or digital card that can be used to purchase anything at a Costco including flowers, appliances or even filling your propane tank, while a Costco shop card is an electronic membership card that gives you access to exclusive discounts and deals when shopping online at the Costco website.

What Happens If The Balance On A Costco Gift Card Is Less Than The Purchase?

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If the balance on your gift card is less than the purchase, you can still make the purchase. You’ll just have to pay the difference with another gift card, in cash, using your credit or debit card, or paying with Apple Pay.

That way, even if you have $2 on your Costo gift card left, you can put them to use.

Can You Get Cash Back When Buying A Costco Gift Card?

Unfortunately, no, you can’t get cashback using a Costco gift card.

While some stores let you get a small percentage of the original gift card value back in cash, Costco does not offer this service.

What Happens If You Lose Or Damage Your Costco Gift Card?

If you lose or damage your Costco gift card, you can contact the Costco Member Service Center to report that you’ve lost or damaged your gift card and request a replacement.

Do note that if you want to go ahead with a replacement of your Costco gift card, you’ll need to pay an administrative fee, which costs $1.

Can You Get A Replacement Costco Gift Card If It Is Lost Or Stolen?

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If you have lost or had your gift card stolen, unfortunately, there is no way to replace it, unless you have the original receipt from when the gift card was originally purchased.

This is to prove to Costco that you are legitimate and aren’t trying to scam the retailer.

Can You Use A Costco Gift Card To Buy A Membership?

No, it is not possible to use your Costco gift card to purchase an active Costco membership.

You can only buy a new active Costco membership by visiting your local Costco and paying either by cash or card.

Does Costco Sell Gift Cards For Other Stores?

They do. Besides being able to buy Costco gift cards, in-store or online, you can also purchase gift cards for various other retailers, Xbox and Playstation, restaurant chains, travel agencies, and more.

To find out the full list of gift cards sold at Costco, head over to their website and type in the search bar “gift cards”.

Conclusion – Where Are Costco Gift Cards Sold?

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You can only buy Costco gift cards at Costco. This is because only active Costco members can purchase such items and for that reason, you won’t find Costco gift cards in any other retailer like Walmart.

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