Buying Cupcakes From Walmart [Types, Prices & More]

How much is a dozen of cupcakes from Walmart and how do you even order cupcakes from Walmart? Here's a short guide with all the answers.

Cupcakes have been a staple dessert for many years. And in the past decade, we’ve seen a rise in cupcake popularity, which many people say is a trend that’s here to stay. Since cupcakes are so popular in this day and age, there are many stores that offer cupcakes along with other food and treats.

But can you buy cupcakes at Walmart?

Yes, the Walmart bakery sells cupcakes along with other products such as wedding cakes. If your local Walmart store has a bakery, you can head there and order a dozen of any of your favorite cupcakes.

Walmart offers many different types of cupcakes, and some customers may even customize their cupcakes for a more personal touch.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about buying cupcakes from Walmart, where to find them, the price, and even the taste.

If you’re looking to order cupcakes at Walmart, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn more.

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Can I Order Cupcakes At Walmart?

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Yes, customers can order cupcakes along with a variety of other treats at the Walmart bakery. You can customize and order wedding cakes, birthday cakes, and even request them to make a large cake out of cupcakes at just about any Walmart with a bakery.

There are two types of cupcakes that you can find at Walmart: pre-packaged ones and custom-made ones that you have to order beforehand.

There are two labels for the Walmart pre packaged cupcake which are “Freshness Guaranteed” and “Marketside.”

The ones with the “Freshness Guaranteed” label fall under a more general category of cupcakes. This label includes mini cupcakes in a variety of colors, flavors, and frosting options. Examples include classic vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles or chocolate-flavored cupcakes with brightly colored frosting.

If you see cupcakes with the “Marketside” label, that generally indicates higher quality. These cupcakes are designed to be “gourmet” cupcakes that you can buy at Walmart.

With that, you can expect flavors such as triple-layer chocolate, strawberry shortcake, and red velvet cupcakes.

The types of cupcakes available at the Walmart bakery can vary depending on the store, as different stores are generally given autonomy on the type of cupcakes they can sell.

Can You Buy Walmart Custom Cupcakes?

As mentioned earlier, customers can also order customized cupcakes from Walmart depending on their tastes and preferences.

The process of ordering customized cupcakes usually means going to the Walmart store and explaining to the bakery what you need. From there, they will determine the cost and how long it will take for them to make the cakes.

However, if you aren’t planning on ordering intricate and complicated cupcake designs and flavors, you can also place your order online through the Walmart website.

Walmart is constantly trying to ramp up and upgrade its online ordering process, giving customers a convenient time.

On the website, you can specify the size, flavors, and decorations of the cupcakes. You can choose between the wide range of flavor options on the website, but if your preferred flavor isn’t on the site, then that means you have to head to the physical store to place your order.

What Are The Walmart Cupcake Prices?


The price of Walmart cupcakes depends on the type of cake you buy and how many you plan on getting. Typically, the prices vary between $2.48 to $13.28 for their pre-packaged cupcakes.

The higher cost is reserved for larger orders of 24 mini cupcakes. If you plan on buying a container with a dozen cupcakes, that can cost you between $3-$7, depending on different factors.

Buying cupcakes under the “Marketside” label will generally cost you more money, as those cupcakes sell individually for $2.97.

For customized cupcakes, you will have to pay a different cost and the price can vary depending on your requests.

However, their pack-of-six customized cupcakes start at $4.48, and the price for a box of 24 cupcakes can cost you up to $13.28. Keep in mind these prices are for regular cupcakes and not mini ones.

When ordering custom cupcakes at Walmart, you can also request a filling, which will cost you an additional $3.

Are There Frozen Cupcakes Walmart?

Most of the Walmart cupcakes are sold frozen. The time it takes to bake custom cupcakes varies, but it’s recommended to place your order 24 hours before you need it, and these cupcakes will likely not be frozen.

However, any of the ready-made cupcakes you buy at Walmart are frozen. This could be to preserve their shelf-life, but it could also be an indicator that Walmart doesn’t bake their own cupcakes.

Does Walmart Bake Their Own Cupcakes?

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Many customers have done research on this, and it may seem like Walmart doesn’t bake their cupcakes in-store. This is because if you head to the ready-made cupcakes section of the bakery, you’ll find that most of the options presented are frozen.

This is similar to the Walmart cakes, which unless custom-ordered, will likely arrive frozen. However, if you order a custom batch of cupcakes, while they will likely not be warm and fresh out of the oven, there’s a high chance that they were baked in-store.

Many baked goods, including cupcakes, can stay fresh for a long time if frozen right out of the oven, which is likely how Walmart handles their cupcakes.

How Do Walmart Cupcakes Taste?

Everyone has different tastes, however, general customer reviews have said that Walmart cupcakes taste decent. There are many mixed reviews on Walmart cupcakes as well, with some customers not liking them at all while some say they aren’t that bad.

However, there aren’t many reviews that say that these cupcakes are “amazing” or anything special. At best, based on the reviews, these are standard cupcakes that would work well as an office treat or for birthday parties.


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Walmart cupcakes are available at the bakery. You can buy ready-made and frozen cupcakes or you can also make custom orders depending on your needs.

You can buy individual Walmart cupcakes with the “Marketside” label, or you can buy boxes of 12 or 24 with the “Freshness Guaranteed” label.

For custom orders, you will need to place them at least 24 hours beforehand. You can do this in-store by heading to the bakery or you can do it online if your order isn’t too complicated.

Walmart cupcake reviews are generally mixed, but there is a fair amount of them that have said that the cupcakes taste decent. This is important to know when ordering cupcakes at Walmart, as it’s recommended to have realistic and accurate expectations before receiving your order.

Depending on the type of cupcake and how many you buy, prices will vary. However, their ready-made cupcakes are generally available for a cost between $2.48 and $13.28.

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