Costco AirPods Return Policy [Refund, Without Receipt & More]

Can you return AirPods to Costco? What are the terms and Costco's return policy on AirPods? Here are all the answers in one place.

Costco are renowned for having one of the most lenient return policies in the retail industry. Whether you want to return a mattress and get your money back or want to exchange an item, Costco will make it happen.

But, what happens if you’ve bought the Apple AirPods or have received them as a gift and no longer want them? Can you get your money back and if so, how would that happen?

After some research, here’s what we have found.

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Costco AirPods Return Policy As Of 2023

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Whether used or not, you can return your AirPods to your nearest Costco store within 90 days of purchase. Upon inspection of the item, Costco will decide whether or not you will be eligible for a refund and if so, you will be fully refunded to your original payment method.

If you don’t live in close proximity to Costco, you can arrange for the item to be picked up from your address. Additional charges may apply depending on where you live.

To be able to return your AirPods to Costco, the item must be undamaged, like new, and returned with all accessories and items found in the original packaging.

If you’d like to find out more about the specifics of arranging a return of your AirPods to Costco, returning a set of gifted AirPods as a non-member, and anything else you need to be aware of, continue reading.

What Is The Costco Return Policy On AirPods?

Costco doesn’t have a refund policy specifically made for AirPods. Rather, your return will be based on the type of item you’re looking to return.

In case of returning your AirPods, that will be classed as a return of an electronics item, in which case, the return policy will follow that for all standard electronics.

For your to be able to return the AirPods back to Costco, you need to make sure that they are not damaged and look like new. Besides, you need to make sure to initiate the return of the product within 90 days of purchase or else, they may deny you the return request.

The return of the product can be initiated either online or in any Costco store within the country. If you don’t know where your nearest Costco is, use the Costco locator tool.

For more on how to return your AirPods to Costco, continue reading.

How Do You Return AirPods To Costco?

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To return your AirPods to Costco, you can visit your nearest store. Before you do that though, make sure to carefully package the AirPods together with all accompanied original accessories as part of the original packaging.

If these conditions are not met, then Costco reserves the right to refuse your return.

If you don’t live near a Costco, we’d suggest that you contact Costco customer service and they will arrange for the product to be collected from your house.

Bear in mind that depending on where you live, there may be an additional fee associated with this arrangement.

How Much Does It Cost To Return AirPods To Costco?

In the case of returning your AirPods to Costco, there may be a fee involved depending on where you live and how you’d like the return to happen.

If you’re returning AirPods as a member, then they can do it for free at their nearest warehouse location.

In case Costco needs to come up and pick the item, then there might be an additional fee for arranging for the product to be picked from your address but again, the total cost is very individual and up to where you live.

Can You Return AirPods To Costco With No Receipt?

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As of 2023, you can return almost any product to Costco without a receipt, and that includes AirPods.

One thing that you do need to note is that you need to have bought the item yourself if you want to return your AirPods without a receipt since your membership acts as a receipt itself.

Presenting your membership card to the Costco customer service representatives will help them to track and authenticate the purchase without the receipt.

Now, if you received the AirPods as a gift and wish to return them, you’ll need to reach out to the person who bought them for you and ask them to return them on your behalf.

Can You Return AirPods To Costco That Were A Gift?

If you received AirPods as a gift but don’t want them anymore, unfortunately, you cannot return them to Costco as a non-member. In order to be able to do that, you’ll have to be a Costco member.

Costco memberships range from $60 to $120 and come with a range of different perks and benefits.

If you’ve been gifted AirPods by someone who is a Costco member, they will need to return them on your behalf. If it’s a mix-up or a change of mind, make sure that they contact Costco customer service and ask about initiating the return process.

When Will I Get My Refund?

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The length of time it takes for you to receive your refund will depend on how you paid for the item and how you’d like the return arranged.

If you paid by cash or check, then Costco will refund that amount directly to you. Be aware that it can take up to 5-7 days for this transaction to be processed and finalized.

If you used Apple Pay at Costco, then your refund may appear on your statement between 1-2 billing cycles which takes about 2-3 business days from the date of processing.

On the other hand, if your AirPods were a present and you decided to return them, Costco will either send the money back to the person who bought them for you or you can exchange them for a Costco cash card.

Don’t worry though. You can spend the money on the Costco cash card without a Costco membership. You’ll just need to pay 5% more on the products you decide to buy at Costco compared to a membership holder.

Do You Need To Give A Reason To Return Your AirPods To Costco?

No, you don’t need to tell Costco why you want to initiate a return on your AirPods. They are very lenient with accepting returns as long as the return is initiated within 90 days of purchasing the item.

Will Costco Accept My AirPods Return If It Has Been Over 90 Days Since Purchase?

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If it’s been over 90 days since you purchased or were gifted the AirPods, Costco will most likely not accept your return request. They believe that 90 days is plenty of time for you to decide if the item is for you or not, and so, in most cases, they will reject your return attempt.

Don’t get discouraged though, if you insist that you are fair and aren’t taking advantage of the already generous Costco AirPods return policy, then reach out to their customer service and explain why you wish to return the product when it’s been over 90 days.

Conclusion – Can I Return AirPods To Costco?

Yes, returning AirPods to Costco is possible – whether you’ve bought them and don’t like them or received them as a present.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if you’re a member or not, all you need to make sure is that the product is not damaged, doesn’t have any wear and tear, and that the return is initiated within 90 days of purchase.

Do note that the return process and the refund you’ll get will vary on your individual circumstances so it’s best to reach out to Costco directly for more information on that.

Overall, Costco are very lenient on returning items such as AirPods as they stand by their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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