Costco Clothing Return Policy [No Tags, No Receipt & More]

If you need to return some clothing items to Costco, this guide got you covered. Here's everything about Costco's clothing return policy.

As one of the largest retailers in the United States, Costco is known for the bulk selling of appliances, furniture, groceries, electronics, and even clothing.

Though we know about the Costco return policy for iPads, printers, diapers, and drones, there is little information around Costco’s return policy for clothes.

So, in this article, we made it our mission to find out what Costco’s clothing return policy is in 2023, whether you can return clothes without tags, clothes that are worn, and more.

If you’re seeking for the answers to all these questions, continue reading.

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What Is Costco’s Clothing Return Policy In 2023?

As of 2023, Costco accepts the return of clothing products both in-store and over the internet. This includes clothing that has no tags, clothing that has been worn, and clothing that isn’t accompanied by a receipt.

Despite the lenient Costco return policy on clothes, you should note that there are exceptions to the rule. For example, if you have obviously worn a piece of clothing for a long time and want to return it, Costco will not accept it.

The same goes for clothing that has stains or has lost/changed color due to getting washed wrong.

If you have a piece of clothing that needs returning to Costco, continue reading.

Can I Return Clothes To Costco Without Tags?

Clothe Tag

Yes, as long as the clothing isn’t stained or super worn out, you can return it without tags. This is because Costco understands that some customers like to remove the tags even before the piece of clothing is even worn.

But, with or without tags, if the clothing you want to return isn’t in its original condition, Costco may deny the return and the refund of your money.

In order for a piece of clothing to be eligible for a return, it must be in pristine condition and look like it hasn’t been worn before.

The decision to accept the return or not may vary from store to store, as the final decision is made by Costco staff that are on shift on the day.

Thus, it is important to remind yourself that every your Costco may be stricter or more lenient when accepting returns.

Can I Return Worn Clothes To Costco?

Costco’s typical return policy is 90 days for most products. That includes electronics, appliances, and furniture. However, the story is different when it comes to clothing.

Costco doesn’t have a particular time frame in which their customers must return a particular piece of clothing in order to be eligible for a refund.

Now, this only applies if the piece of clothing hasn’t been worn and is in its original condition. If you try to return a dress after 5 months and it obviously looks like it has been worn, chances are that Costco won’t accept it.

But, if you wore it once or twice, and you’ve managed to keep it in great condition, then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Can I Return Previously Purchased Clothing Without The Receipt?


Yes, Costco accepts returns without a receipt. The reason for that is because Costco can verify the purchase by accessing your membership account’s purchase history. This also means that if you aren’t the original buyer, you can’t return the item.

Now, though you don’t need a receipt to return a piece of clothing to Costco, it definitely helps as it will speed up the process.

This includes all clothing items such as shoes, jeans, shirts, hoodies, and shorts. Therefore, if you are worried they will not accept it because you have misplaced the receipt, you have nothing to worry about. The return will still be processed provided you have your valid membership card and ID with you.

How Do I Return Clothes To Costco In-Store?

To return clothes in-store is as simple as it sounds. When in-store, go over to the returns counter and give them the items you need to return.

If possible, also take the original receipt as proof of purchase.

As previously mentioned, if you have lost the receipt, bring along your Costco membership card and a valid form of identification.

Depending on the particular method used to pay for the items, if the return is successful, that is how you will receive your money. If you paid in cash, you will receive it in cash. If you paid via Apple Pay, you will receive the refund through Apple Pay.

How Do I Return Clothes To Costco Online?

Costco website

For customers that live far away from Costco, it makes little sense to go in-store and waste fuel in order to return a piece of clothing. This is why many wonder if Costco accepts clothing returns over the internet.

The answer to that is yes, and the way it works is that you return the product by post to any nearby Costco warehouse.

If you decide to return your clothes via mail, follow the steps below for ease of return:

  1. Login to your active Costco account
  2. Select the tab “Orders and Returns”
  3. Select the “Return Items” button next to the item of clothing you want to return and follow the remaining steps
  4. Print the shipping label and attach them to the items
  5. Lastly, drop the package at your nearest courier service and the return will be complete

If you have opted for this route, the cost of shipping the items as well as the total order amount will be automatically refunded to you.

Can I Return Clothes To Costco If I Am Not A Member?

Though it’s best to return your purchase if you are a Costco member, even if you aren’t, you can still make the return. Do note that in order to return an item as a non-member, you will need to bring along the receipt.

Without an active Costco membership, Costco has no other way of tracking the purchase. And unfortunately, if you don’t have a membership or a receipt that provides evidence for the purchase of the clothing you want to return, you won’t be able to make the return.

If the piece of clothing you want to return is a gift, you can simply ask the person that gifted you the item to return it for you or provide you with the necessary evidence that Costco needs in order to verify the purchase.

Then, you can get the refund either in cash or on a Costco cash card.


Returning clothing to your local Costco store is a very simple and straightforward process. You can do that either online by mailing the piece of clothing via mail or by going to your nearest Costco warehouse.

Luckily, the Costco clothes return policy is very lenient. As long as the item is in its original condition, is undamaged, and has no stains, Costco are likely to accept it even if it has been over the typical 90-day return period.

If you’ve removed the tags or have lost the receipt of your purchase, don’t worry. Costco doesn’t really care about those so you should still be fine.

Do note that the return eligibility can differ slightly from store to store as the success of your return will depend on the Costco staff that are working on the day.

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