Do You Tip Costco Delivery? [Easy Guide]

Do you usually tip Costco delivery? What about furniture delivery, appliance delivery and Instacart delivery? How much do you tip? Here are all the answers.

With the ever-growing number of people ordering online, in 2017, Costco launched CostcoGrocery, which finally allowed Costco customers to shop online and have their orders delivered straight to their front door.

With that, many people have started to wonder how much to tip Costco delivery drivers upon having an order delivered to their home.

In this article, we will provide you with an answer to your question: do you tip delivery drivers from Costco?

To find the answer, we conducted a fair amount of research using various sources including official Costco information.

Let’s get started!

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How Much Should You Tip Your Costco Delivery Driver?

Costco Delivery Driver

Tipping delivery drivers is a fantastic way to show your appreciation for having your order delivered straight to your door.

While it isn’t a requirement, tipping your Costco delivery driver would be a very nice thing to do, especially if you can afford it. It will make your delivery driver’s day.

For example, the Costco Instacart tip by default is set at 5% of your order’s total value. So, if you’ve ordered some new furniture for $2,000 and had it delivered to your address, your Costco furniture delivery tip should be $100.

Now, if your delivery driver has done a great job, you can amend the percentage and tip even more if you want to. The best way to tip your delivery driver is either through Instacart, the Costco online website or app, or Shipt as that way, the delivery driver will get 100% of the tip.

Do You Tip Costco Appliance Delivery?

Appliance Delivery

Similar to the example from above, it doesn’t matter whether you order a sofa or a refrigerator from Costco, tipping is optional and is encouraged but isn’t a requirement.

If you feel that your delivery driver has gone above and beyond, you’re more than welcome to tip. They’ll appreciate it.

How Much Tips Do Costco Delivery Drivers Receive?

Delivery Driver Delivering Goods To Customer

When tipping your Costco delivery driver, you can tip as much or as little as you want – either by cash or card – whatever works best for you. The standard tip is 5% from your total order but you can go above or below that – as you see fit.

Tipping drivers is quite normal, especially if you’ve ordered something that isn’t particularly easy to deliver – such as large furniture or heavy appliances.

The great thing about tipping is that Costco drivers get to keep 100% of the tip. They don’t need to share it with the company or any other drivers.


Tipping your Costco delivery driver is a great way to show your appreciation for having your order – no matter how big or small – delivered straight to your door.

And while tipping your delivery driver is not a requirement, if you can afford a Costco delivery tip, it would be very much appreciated – especially since the delivery driver gets to keep 100% of it.

You can tip whatever you feel is appropriate. Instacart suggests that you tip 5% by default as you complete the checkout process for your online order.

Your tip can be amended as you see fit either before or after your order has been delivered depending on the delivery service you have chosen.

If you decide to tip your delivery driver, it is best for you to do that either by credit or debit card through Costco’s website or app as all tips will go towards the driver rather than the company delivering your order.

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