Costco Dress Code [Pants, Shirts, Jewelry, Tattoos & More]

Does Costco have a dress code for employees? What about uniforms, tattoos and other things? Here are the answers you seek.

It is not uncommon for many retailers around the world to have their own dress code that is unique to their company. This is especially true for retailers around the United States and that includes Costco.

Costco employees are required to dress a particular way and need to abide by the policies and restrictions that come with working at a specific retail chain.

Thus, if you are thinking about getting a role at Costco, keep reading to find out what the dress code is for their employees plus some additional do’s and don’ts that you should keep in mind.

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What Is The Costco Employee Dress Code In 2023?

Costco Executive Membership Hours

As of 2023, Costco dress code includes the popular waistcoat-style vest, which some of the Costo employees must wear. Besides that, Costco employees can also wear normal jeans and a casual top.

As for the footwear, Costco employees are required to wear closed-toe shoes not so much for the look but rather for general safety.

In regards to jewelry, Costco doesn’t allow it but there are exceptions. This means you can also wear small stud earrings. Rings, bracelets, and other similar types of jewelry are not allowed.

When you compare Costco vs Walmart for example, Costco is the clear winner when it comes to dress code.

What Is The Costco Uniform Policy?

Costco’s uniform appears to take a straightforward, simple, and comfortable approach. As of 2023, the employees are required to wear a waistcoat-style vest. Other than that, they appear to be very lenient when it comes to the uniform their employees are expected to wear.

Keep following to get clarity on the particulars with regards to the Costco dress code:

  • No jewelry is allowed (besides small earrings)
  • Closed-toe, practical shoes for safety around the warehouse
  • Pants or jeans without any rips or holes
  • Smart or casual top, shirt including the Costco vest, or blouse
  • Long hair needs to be tied up
  • A Beard net is required if you have facial hair and are working within the vicinity of food

Do Costco Employees Wear Uniforms?

Yes, Costco employees must wear a uniform during their shifts. Besides the now-required waistcoat-style vest, Costco employees can wear jeans with a professional top and closed-toe shoes. Unfortunately, Costco does not allow their employees to wear jewelry, however, small stud earrings are accepted.

When you work at Costco, besides the uniform, you will also receive a name tag that must be worn while working. Costco often employs their staff on part-time hours thus not enforcing a full uniform and only the work vest and name tag is a much cheaper option.

Can You Wear Jewelry While Working At Costco?

Costco Jewelry Return Policy

As previously mentioned, the Costco uniform policy doesn’t allow their staff to wear jewelry when they are working around the warehouse.

Although this may seem a bit unnecessary, this particular rule exists for safety reasons. Jewelry can be unsafe when staff are moving large items or handling stock or larger items in-store.

What Shoes Should You Wear When Working At Costco?

Shoes are an essential part of any dress code. Comfort and practicality is especially key when working in the Costco warehouse. It is recommended that shoes should be closed-toe and non-slip, such as boots or trainers.

Any sort of open-toe shoe or heel is deemed inappropriate, including flip flops as these can be deemed a safety hazard when working in-store.

Can You Dye My Hair While Working At Costco?

Although there is no particular rule regarding hair color, it is important you double-check with the manager of the store before working at the retailer or deciding to dye your hair a funky color.

What’s The Costco Interview Dress Code?

Costco store

First impressions last. The outfit you decide to wear says a lot about you as a person before you have even said a word. Of course, depending on the role you want to take at Costco, you need to dress accordingly.

For a more authoritarian position in the Costco business center, a professional outfit is crucial whereas if you are submitting an application for a part-time warehouse-based role, smart casual is the way to go.

Aside from that, you can check the Costco website to find out more about their dress code and what you need to wear for different occasions.

What’s The Costco Orientation Dress Code?

If you have secured an invite to Costco’s orientation day, you don’t have to dress as you would for an interview.

Wearing something simple and practical is most important in this case. Ensuring your clothing is neat, has no holes or rips, you could wear something plain like a casual t-shirt that has no drastic design and plain denim jeans and smart shoes or trainers.

Can You Have Acrylic Nails When Working At Costco?

Due to safety and health reasons, Costco does not allow its employees to wear any sort of nails when on shift. This includes faux nails.

In addition, Costco’s safety food manual indicates that employees’ nails must be neatly trimmed and short when working, especially when handling food.

However, it may be different for nail varnish. The majority of Costco outlet stores discourage their staff from using nail vanish, however, it’s worth checking with your store manager as it varies from store to store.

If you are wanting to paint your nails, while keeping them neat and short it is recommended to speak to your store manager prior to painting them.

If it is agreed that you can wear nail polish, you need to make sure it is of a neutral tone to keep looking professional throughout.

Can I Have Long Hair When Working At Costco?

Costco exterior

Costco doesn’t have a policy on the length of hair their employees should maintain. However, although hair length may not matter, when handling food or working within the warehouse, hair is required to be tied up and in some instances, a hair net may need to be worn for safety reasons.

Can Costco Employees Wear Earrings?

As long as the type of earrings worn aren’t a distraction, staff at Costco can wear small stud earrings without a problem.

The earrings need to:

  • Look professional
  • Be small and neat
  • May not be worn if there is a risk of causing health or safety concerns

If these rules are not followed, the manager at the store can request you to take them off until the end of your shift.

What Is Costco’s Tattoo Policy?

Costco does not have a specific policy against tattoos. Thus, prior to working there, it’s a good idea to ask when in your interview or store manager if you’re already working for Costco.

Can I Have A Beard While Working At Costco?

Does Walmart Own Costco

If you work for Costco and work in the food department, Costco will enforce a beard net for hygiene purposes. But, generally speaking, there is no Costco policy on having a beard.

However, if you work within the warehouse, Costco will not ask their staff to trim or shave their facial hair as long as it continues to look neat and not get in the way of working. 

Conclusion – What Do Costco Employees Wear In 2023?

All Costco staff must wear clothes that comply with Costco dress code. Luckily, Costco are quite lenient when it comes to their dress code and allow their staff to wear smart-casual clothing that is neither too professional nor too casual.

As of 2023, Costco also permits their staff to have tattoos, wear small earrings, have long hair or bear, and others.

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