When Does Costco Flooring Go On Sale? [Best The Prices & More]

Does Costco sell flooring and when does it go on sale? What about laminate flooring, vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring? Here are the answers you need.

There are tons of things that customers can buy at Costco, which is one of the reasons they are one of the most popular supermarket chains in the United States. And one of the products customers can find at Costco is flooring.

While it may not be a common item on anyone’s shopping lists, home renovation products are readily available at Costco. This includes flooring, paint, tools, and even furniture.

But is Costco flooring any good?

If customer reviews are to be trusted, then yes. There are tons of people who recommend Costco flooring for its price and quality. However, if you time it right, you could spot a Costco flooring sale where prices drop significantly and you might save a lot of money that you can use on other essentials.

In this guide, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about Costco flooring sales, including when they happen, how to spot them, and how much prices drop whenever there’s a Costco flooring sale.

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Does Costco Sell Flooring?

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Yes, Costco sells flooring. In fact, there is a fairly wide selection of different flooring options that you can find in Costco. The store is known to have vinyl flooring, hardwood, carpet flooring, deck tiles, and more.

Costco doesn’t produce these products themselves, however, they do stock up on name-brand tiles and floorings such as Harmonics and Shaw Laminate.

Additionally, Costco is known to offer all these tiles at slightly more affordable prices than its competitors. So, if you plan on getting flooring for a home renovation job, then Costco might have just what you need at a lower price.

When Is The Costco Vinyl Flooring Sale?

One of the favorite times for Costco customers is when the retailer puts a lot of their products on sale – including flooring.

This includes vinyl flooring, laminate flooring, and more. Sales and events can be sporadic and unpredictable, however, Costco typically puts their flooring items on sale sometime in January or late December. You may also catch flooring sales in mid-May, depending on the current market demand.

If you bought flooring at Costco at a regular price then the item goes on sale soon after, you don’t have to worry or fret. You can contact Costco for a price match and they will refund you the difference, essentially giving you the sale price even if you already bought the product.

How To Spot Costco Flooring Sales

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Since it can be hard to predict when Costco is going to put its flooring on sale, it’s always best to keep an eye out for their sales. And as of right now, there is no way for customers to receive notifications or alerts in the event of a Costco sale or event through their website.

This means that customers looking to get good deals during a flooring sale will have to do their own independent research. You could ask the staff at Costco if sales are coming up, follow their social media pages for updates, or make sure to keep a close eye on all their publications so you can catch any potential sales.

How Much Is Costco Flooring?

If you’re doing home renovations, Costco is a great place to look for flooring because of its low prices. The price of the flooring largely varied depending on the brand, material, and type of flooring you plan on getting. However, typical non-sale prices for flooring at Costco range between $36-$230 including free Costco shipping.

Some of the tiles and flooring options at Costco even come with their own extended warranty. So, if the tiles get damaged after the renovation, you could get them fixed without any additional costs.

But, this doesn’t apply to all of their tiles.

Compared to other stores, Costco’s prices are already low. But if you time your shopping right and catch a flooring sale, you might be able to buy hardwood, laminate, or vinyl flooring at Costco for incredibly low prices.


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Costco flooring sales, like their other events, can be hard to predict. Since there is no alert system on their website to notify customers whenever there’s a sale, you need to do your own research and pay close attention to ads and publications to figure out when the next flooring sale is going to happen.

However, keep in mind that these sales tend to happen in early January and mid-May, depending on the current demand for flooring and tiles.

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