Does Costco Deliver Furniture? [Price, Locations, Delivery Times + More]

Is it possible to have Costco deliver furniture? What is the furniture delivery price and how long does it take? What about assembly? Here are the answers.

As one of the largest retailers in the United States, Costco offers a wide array of products to their customers ranging from groceries to medicine and even furniture.

And though most customers bulk-order items from Costco to save money, a lot of customers also shop for single pieces of furniture and still get a very decent discount.

However, buying groceries is much different from a 3-seater sofa as not everyone has a truck available to take their new furniture from the store to their home.

And for that reason, a lot of Costco customers ask if Costco furniture delivery is possible.

After some research, here is what we have found.

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Does Costco Deliver Furniture?

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Yes, Costco does deliver furniture. The delivery service is provided by GoShare, which is a company that connects all Costco customers with a network of delivery drivers on demand.

The GoShare company has been authorized by Costco to deliver all kinds of furniture including sofas, beds, cabinets, chairs, desks, tables, and anything else that customers can buy from the Costco website/store.

Besides furniture, Costco delivers appliances, flowers, and virtually anything else you can purchase from their site or in-store.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how long the delivery takes, the cost of delivery, and more – continue reading.

How Long Does It Take Costco To Deliver Furniture?

When you use the GoShare app or their website, they’ll ask you about when and where you would like your furniture delivered. Once you agree on a timeframe and location, the delivery driver will be notified.

Most Costco furniture deliveries take place within one to two days, but it may vary depending on your location.

For example, if you live in a very remote location in the United States, getting out to you might take a little longer and for that reason, it may take longer than the average of 24-48 hours.

What Are The Costco Furniture Delivery Slots Like?

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Luckily, GoShare, the delivery service that Costco uses to make their furniture deliveries to customers is very flexible. You can select delivery slots 7 days a week between 5 AM and 11:30 PM.

Costco easily has one of the best and most reliable and flexible large-order delivery services in the United States.

How Much Is Costco Furniture Delivery?

Your Costco furniture delivery cost will be based on the size and weight of your order. However, if you have a Costco membership, there is no delivery fee for most products – including furniture.

If you do not have a Costco membership, you will be charged a $49 delivery fee. This still remains much cheaper than hiring a traditional furniture delivery service.

Do note that if you have a larger order, additional fees may apply. To find out more, simply contact the Costco store near you or their customer service team using the Costco website.

What Is The Minimum Order For Furniture Delivery?

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Costco has no minimum order for furniture delivery. You can purchase one item or you can buy several items and still get them delivered to your address of choice.

For example, if you’re looking to replace your bed and want a new mattress with a bed frame and headboard, you could just purchase all three of them from Costco and have them delivered to your home together.

Can I Track My Furniture Delivery?

Yes, you can track your furniture delivery on the GoShare app or website. As soon as your driver is assigned, you’ll be able to see their contact information as well as the ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of your order.

If for some reason there are any changes to the Costco furniture delivery time of your order, you’ll receive an updated notification. You can even reach the delivery driver and ask them for more information.

Where Can I Get My Furniture Delivered?

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The GoShare company delivers to all 50 states in the United States, as well as Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico. So, no matter where you live, you should be able to get your furniture delivered.

If you’re looking for a specific piece of furniture, it’s best to check Costco’s website to see if it’s available for purchase. Otherwise, head to the store and take a look at what they have in stock.

Costco is known for its great deals, but when it comes to furniture, not all of their products are eligible for delivery. If you’re interested in purchasing furniture from Costco, be sure to check if the item is available for delivery.

If it’s not, you can always try to find a driver through the GoShare app or website and get a fixed quote depending on your order and delivery address.

As mentioned above, delivery usually takes one to two days so no matter what you order, it will be with you fairly soon.

Does Costco Assemble Furniture?

Costco does not assemble furniture for customers. However, the company does have a partnership with the GoShare delivery service which will assemble your furniture for an additional fee.

The fee for furniture assembly through GoShare is based on the size and weight of your order. For most items, the fee is $79. However, for very large or heavy orders, the fee could be as high as $129.

If you’re looking to have a piece of furniture assembled, but don’t want to purchase it from Costco, be sure to check out the GoShare website. They have a comprehensive list of all the furniture they can assemble for you.

What If I Don’t Like The Furniture After It Is Delivered?

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If for some reason after receiving your furniture you’re not satisfied with the purchase, there is good news! You can return the furniture without having to pay any extra fees.

Do note that for your order to be eligible for a return, the product must be in its original packaging and in the same condition as it was upon arrival.

Do You Tip Costco Furniture Delivery Drivers?

Tipping your Costco delivery drivers is not a requirement. If you feel like your delivery drivers have done a great job, you are more than welcome to tip them whatever you feel is appropriate.

If you don’t know what to tip them, the standard rate is 5% of your total order. In other words, if you ordered a new sofa that cost $1750 – you are advised to tip $87.50.
Tipping can be done either through the Costco website or cash – whatever you feel like is more appropriate.

Do note that whatever tipping method you choose, the drivers will get 100% of your tip. Neither Costco nor GoShare will get a share of your tip.

Conclusion – Does Costco Deliver Furniture In 2023?

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Yes, most furniture bought in-store or online from Costco can be delivered to your home – regardless of where you live.

Do note that the deliveries are not made from Costco themselves but rather GoShare, which is a delivery service that Costco has partnered up with.

GoShare delivers in all 50 states in America so you have nothing to worry about – even if you live in remote locations such as Puerto Rico.

It’s worth mentioning that while most standard deliveries are made within 24-48 hours. For Costco orders made to remote locations in America – the delivery times can vary greatly.

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