Costco Mattress Return Policy [Without Receipt, Refunds & More]

How do you return a mattress that you bought from Costco? Can you even do it? Here's a short and simple guide with all the answers you seek.

Thanks to the wide array of products and awesome discounts and free shipping available for the average Costco membership holder, many Costco customers now do their mattresses shopping at Costco.

But now and again, we all buy something that doesn’t feel quite right and we just want to return it and get our money back.

So, if you’ve recently bought a mattress from Costco and would like to return it, continue reading to find out everything you need to know about Costco’s return policy and other details you should be aware of.

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Mattress Return Policy At Costco In 2023

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As of 2023, Costco will accept your mattress if you wish to return it. The return policy includes memory foam mattresses, air mattresses, and many other mattresses available in-store or on the Costco website.

Costco pride themselves on always striving to offer 100% customer satisfaction. So, if you’re ever unsatisfied with the product, you’re more than welcome to return.

If you’re looking to return a mattress and are curious about the intricacies of doing so, continue reading.

What’s The Costco Return Policy On Mattresses In 2023?

It often happens that we buy something and later realize that it’s not quite what we expected or we simply don’t like the purchase at all.

If you’ve changed your mind and would like to return an item, don’t worry. Costco has a generous and flexible return policy to make the process as simple and easy as possible.

And that applies to mattresses too.

If you’re not quite sure whether or not you’re eligible of returning your mattress, then continue reading or get in touch with your local Costco store.

They will be able to answer all of your questions.

How Long Do I Have To Return A New Mattress From Costco?

Costco are quite customer-friendly as far as returns are concerned. The typical period where you’ll be eligible for a return is 90 days.

Some products have longer return periods than others. Please refer to the Costco return policy for more information or reach out to your local Costco store.

Will Costco Accept An Opened Mattress?


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve opened the mattress or not.

You are still eligible to return it as long as it’s in perfect condition and is packed inside a box for transport. The packaging should be intact with no signs of damage whatsoever.

The box should also be free from markings, stamps, and anything else that would indicate the contents.

If there’s any damage or issues with the packaging then return it to the store and ask for another one.

Can I Return A Mattress To Costco If It Was Used?

A lot of retailers that sell mattresses have pretty strict rules for returning mattresses that have been used for a period of time.

Costco isn’t one of them.

Even if the mattress has been used, you are still eligible to return it. You can do so as long as there are no stains, damage, or any odor coming from the mattress itself.

If that’s the case, the mattress will be inspected and if it doesn’t meet the requirements, it will be sent back to you.

What’s The Process For Returning A Mattress?

Returning a mattress is a pretty straightforward process as long as it meets all of the requirements that have been mentioned above.

First, you need to take the mattress out of your bedroom and place it in an open space. This could be in your living room or any other area that’s easily accessible.

Once you’ve got the mattress in a suitable place, it’s time to start packing it up. Make sure that the packaging is still in good condition and isn’t damaged in any way.

Next up, it’s time to start packing the mattress.

Start by folding the mattress in half and then place it inside the box. If there’s still some space left in the box, then you can fill it up with some newspapers or similar.

Once you’ve got the mattress inside the box, seal it shut with packaging tape.

Now it’s time to attach the return label to the box. Keep in mind that this label needs to be attached to the top of the box, so make sure you do so before moving on to the next step.

Next up, you need to follow the Costco return process. There, you can schedule the return of your mattress.

This includes the scheduling of Costco picking up the mattress from your home (if eligible).

How Will I Be Refunded For The Mattress Upon Returning?

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If your mattress is in perfect condition and meets all of the requirements outlined above, then you will receive a full refund back to your original payment method.

However, if there are any damages to the packaging or if it doesn’t meet all of the other requirements, then you won’t be getting a refund.

In this case, Costco may offer you an exchange instead.

Do make sure to ask about this as it depends on your store and the manufacturer of your mattress.

Can A Mattress Be Returned To Costco Online?

Yes, you can return a mattress to Costco online. The process is pretty much the same as returning it in-store.

First, make sure that your packaging is in good condition and isn’t damaged in any way. If there are any issues with the box or its contents then take it back to your local Costco store and ask for a refund or exchange.

For online returns, follow the Costco return process.

Does It Cost Any Money To Return A Mattress To Costco?

No, there is no cost associated with returning a mattress to Costco. All you need to do is make sure that the packaging is in good condition and that the return label has been attached correctly.

After that, you should simply wait for collection or take it back to your local Costco store and get your refund.

Will Costco Accept My Mattress Return Without A Receipt?

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Yes, you can return a product to Costco without the receipt – and that includes mattresses.

Do make sure to bring along your membership card along as that is how the employees at your local store will be able to look up, check, and verify that you’ve actually made the purchase for the mattress.

Can Friends And Family Return The Mattress To Costco For me?

Unfortunately, you cannot ask others to return the mattress for you – even if they’re family members and close friends.

The only people that can return a mattress are those who placed the order in the first place.

This includes buyers and people with gift cards or store credit.

Conclusion – Can You Return Mattresses To Costco In 2023?

Yes, as of 2023, you can return mattresses to Costco. The process is pretty simple.

Make sure that the mattress is in excellent condition (even if used) and package it back in its original packaging.

If you’ve thrown away the original packaging and don’t even have the receipt, you should still be okay, just bring along your membership card.

Once Costco accepts your return, you’ll be refunded 100% of the purchase in a couple of days back to your original payment method.

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