Costco Phone Return Policy [Used, Opened, No Receipt & More]

What is Costco phone return policy? In this guide, we'll tell you how many days you can return it, if can you return it without the receipt and more.

Nearly every single person in the United States owns a mobile phone. And that comes as no surprise considering we use social media and our phones on a daily basis to make our lives a whole lot easier.

And with the fact that more and more brands and models have been emerging in recent years, choosing the best smartphone according to your needs or preferences may be harder than it looks.

And as a result of that, many Costco customers often buy a mobile phone and later realize that it isn’t quite what they’re after. But, what happens after you buy a mobile phone at Costco and no longer want it?

Can you return it and get your money back? If so, how would that work, and are there any terms and conditions that need to be met?

Since this is one of the most popularly asked questions by Costco customers, we decided to do all the research for you. And in this article, we will go over all the details related to Costco’s phone return policy.

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What Is Ther Costco Cell Phone Return Policy In 2023?

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As of 2023, smartphones purchased from Costco can be returned within 90 days from the day and time of purchase. If the phone was delivered to your home, the 90 days will start on the day of delivery.

But before doing the return of the said smartphone, make sure that your contract with the network provider has been canceled for 14 days or less so that you can avoid paying additional fees on cancellation charges.

In order to get your refund in full, you have to provide either an original copy of the receipt or your Costco membership card. Otherwise, Costco won’t be able to trace the purchase and you won’t be eligible for a return.

For example, if you used a Costco gift card to purchase the phone at Costco as you’re not a Costco member, you’ll need to bring the origins receipt.

Making a return without the original receipt at Costco isn’t possible unless you’re a member, so do make sure you have it before you head to your nearest warehouse.

How Many Days Do I Have To Return The Phone After Purchase?

Generally speaking, you’ll have 90 days to return the mobile phone back to Costco. If you bought the phone from a Costco store, you’ll have 90 days from the day of purchase. If the phone was delivered to your address, the 90-day timer will start on the day of delivery.

The 90-day return policy isn’t just used for mobile phones. It is pretty standard for a lot of items sold at Costco. For instance, the iPad return policy is 90 days too. On the flip side, for items that aren’t electronics, the return policy is slightly different.

For instance, the clothing return policy at Costco is unlimited. This means that you can often return a piece of clothing you bought at the retailer at any given moment in the future.

Can My Phone Be Returned Without The Original Receipt?

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Yes, you can return your phone to any Costco store even without its official receipt, as long as you have your membership card that contains your membership number.

Regardless of the item that you’re trying to return, Costco will need to verify the item and ensure that it was purchased from Costco before they can offer you a full refund, an exchange, or a replacement.

And for Costco members, there are two possible ways that can happen – through the original receipt and through their membership ID.

As to why you can return your phone with your membership card, this is because Costco employees who check your request can track your previous transactions through your 12-digit membership number found on your card.

Despite the fact that you can return items like phones using your membership card, it is still recommended that you keep your receipts from every purchase, as Costco may impose restrictions on those who keep returning items without their receipts.

It also makes the whole return process a whole lot faster and more efficient.

Can Phones With Opened Packages Be Returned To Costco?

Yes, you can return your phone to Costco even if its package has been opened. This is because Costco wants their customers to be 100% satisfied with their products, and if not, they can return them even if they’re opened and used.

Do note that for your phone return request to be accepted, you need to make sure that you bring along the original box and all of the accessories that came with the purchase including chargers, earphones, adapters, manuals, and everything else.

If one or more of these are missing, Costco may offer a partial refund or deny your return request as a whole.

Can I Return My Phone Bought From Costco’s Official Website?

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Yes, you can return a mobile phone that was bought from the Costco website as opposed to in-store.

Do note that most phone brands can be returned through the Costco website with the exception of Apple iPhones. This is because of the Costco iPhone return policy. To return an iPhone, you’ll need to take it to your closest Costco location.

To make a successful return of your phone purchased from Costco’s official website, it is best to follow the steps listed below:

  • First, go to Costco’s official website and log in using your details into your online account, right before clicking on the “Orders and Returns” tab
  • Select the “Return Items” then follow the instructions
  • Choose between wanting to return your phone or to get a replacement for it, since the proceeding steps will be different depending on your choice
  • Get your label for free return shipping by printing it before attaching it to the package that contains the phone you want to return, along with all the accessories enclosed in the original box
  • Drop off the package at the designated location, and that would be your part of the deal done

Once your phone has been verified to be eligible for a return, not only will you receive your refund in full, but the costs of handling and shipping will be refunded as well.

Can I Return My Phone To Costco Even If Used?

Yes, you can return a mobile phone to Costco even if you’ve used it for a while. All you need to make sure is that the phone isn’t damaged or scratched at all. Cosmetical marks are okay.

An exception to the abovementioned rule is when you have purchased or received the phone from Costco with damages or defects already, to which you can be eligible for a full refund or replacement, provided that you still fall under the 90-day window.

Can I Return My Phone To Costco That I Got As A Gift?

Yes, you can return the phone you received as a gift from Costco members, as Costco is allowing this as part of the impressive customer service and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

To return the phone that you received as a gift, just go to the official customer service section inside the Costco store near you.

One thing that you will need though is the original receipt of the purchase or the membership ID of the person that bought you the phone. If you want to return a gift to Costco, it’s best for you to go with the person who bought you the phone and handle it that way.

Then, the refund can either be processed back to the person that gifted you the money, in cash, or it can be loaded onto a Costco shop card that you can then use to shop in Costco without needing a membership.

Conclusion – Can Phones Bought From Costco Be Returned?

You can return any phone to your local Costco store within 90 days of purchase. The return can happen either in-store or you can have the phone collected from your home or mailed back to Costco using USP or USPS.

Do note that for iPhones, you’ll need to go in-store as that’s part of the iPhone return policy. And for you to be eligible for a refund, you need to make sure that all of the accessories and the phone are present and undamaged, or else, you may be denied the return.

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