Costco SquareTrade Warranty [Coverage, Redeeming It & More]

Can you buy SquareTrade warranty from Costco? What is SquareTrade warranty even and do you need it? Here are the answers.

Buying new electronics can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially since electronic devices cost a fair amount of money. So, since you’ve spent a lot of money on your new computer, laptop, or TV, you’d probably want to protect it with a good warranty.

When you buy electronics at Costco, the brand or manufacturer will usually provide a limited warranty for a certain timeframe. But if you want to extend that warranty and further protect your device, you can avail of the SquareTrade warranty at Costco.

However, when considering paying for the SquareTrade warranty, customers are often left confused as to what it is, what it covers, and how to use the warranty.

So, in this article, we’ll be explaining all of that and more as we take a deep dive into the Costco SquareTrade warranty.

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What Is The SquareTrade Warranty Costco?

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The SquareTrade warranty, which is available for a lot of electronics purchased at Costco, is an extended warranty that gives you additional and longer protection on your electronic devices.

With a SquareTrade warranty, you get up to five-year comprehensive coverage on the device that includes repairs, online management, and even 24-hour support. Another advantage of this warranty is that when you make a  claim, there are no deductibles, which makes it a very enticing deal for shoppers.

What Does The SquareTrade Warranty Cover?

The SquareTrade Warranty is a comprehensive extended warranty. So, it covers any failures and malfunctions that can happen during normal use. For example, if you buy Apple AirPods, this could mean a failed speaker or a connectivity issue, which isn’t a rare occurrence.

In such a case, rather than trying to figure out the AirPods return policy, when you have a warranty, the process is streamlined. Costco will either fix the product for you or replace it entirely.

While the basic SquareTrade Warranty doesn’t cover damage from spills and drops, you can avail of a more advanced plan that gives you even more coverage.

The type of plans available for a customer depends on the device they are purchasing. When you buy electronics at Costco, you can ask a representative to explain all the benefits of a SquareTrade warranty and the plans available for specific devices and products.

Can I Buy SquareTrade Warranty From Costco?

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Yes, whenever you buy an electronic device at Costco, there’s a chance that you can also purchase a SquareTrade extended warranty. If you’re buying online, the option should pop up for all qualifying items on the item page. This appears before checkout and it gives you the option to add the extended warranty on top of your purchase.

If you’re buying from the Costco physical store, you can ask a staff member about the SquareTrade warranty and whether it’s available for the product. From there, you can simply add the warranty during your purchase.

Additionally, customers have the freedom to add the SquareTrade warranty after their purchase as well. However, you can only do this within a specific timeframe.

For cameras, tablets, and computers, customers have a 30-day window to add the SquareTrade warranty. And if you buy a TV and other major home appliances, you have a wider window of 90-days to opt-in to a SquareTrade extended warranty.

How To Redeem Your Costco SquareTrade Warranty

One of the major benefits of a SquareTrade warranty is that it’s easy to make a claim. As mentioned earlier, there are no deductibles when making a claim, which already makes it easier to redeem the warranty.

On top of that, to redeem the warranty, you can do the entire process online. To start, head to the SquareTrade claim page to file your claim. You can do this at any time of the day since SquareTrade operates 24/7.

Before doing this, however, make sure that you have the item that’s covered along with the original receipt. From there, your claim could be approved immediately. Usually, claims are approved right away.

However, sometimes, there might be some extra steps that customers need to do. In the event this happens, one of the full-time or part-time Costco employees will guide you through the rest of the process.

Once your claim is approved, SquareTrade will either repair or replace your item for free, depending on the agreement and plan. With SquareTrade, you can issue up to four claims on your device unless they cannot repair or replace it themselves.

SquareTrade takes around 5 days to repair or replace the device. If it takes longer than that, you can request a refund on the service plan and get it back to your original payment method. So, if you paid using Apple Pay, you will get the money back through Apple Pay and into your account.

In the event that SquareTrade cannot repair or replace your device, you will be given a full refund and reimbursement. If you get a reimbursement, your warranty is considered complete and you will not be able to file any more claims afterward.

Additionally, it’s important to keep the original purchase receipt when you avail of the extended warranty. This is because SquareTrade needs to verify your purchase with the serial number and other information about your device. This prevents fraudulent claims, so customers need to keep their original receipt safe if they get the SquareTrade warranty.

How Much Is SquareTrade?

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SquareTrade costs vary greatly depending on the plan, device, and where you bought the warranty. So, it can be hard to figure out a definite cost for SquareTrade. For a better idea of the costs of SquareTrade, check out their website, where you can find all the costs for different plans and devices.

Do I Need To Register A SquareTrade Warranty?

If you avail of a SquareTrade warranty, you do not need to register it. This is one of the reasons many people avail themselves of the extended warranty. However, to ensure that your claim goes through, you need to make sure to keep the original receipt, as this is how SquareTrade technicians verify your device and its eligibility for the extended warranty.

Is SquareTrade Good?

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While it will cost you extra, many customers believe that SquareTrade is worth the investment. SquareTrade warranties are officially activated once the original warranty of the device expires. So, if you buy a TV with a 30-day warranty and then you purchase a SquareTrade plan on top of that, then SquareTrade will only be activated after the original 30-day window.

SquareTrade warranties last significantly longer than the original device warranty, with the company offering plans within the 3-5 year range. This gives you longer protection in case your device gets damaged from regular use. On top of that, you can even pay for a plan that will also cover spills and drops for even more protection.

Final Thoughts On The Costco SquareTrade Warranty

If you’re buying electronics on the Costco website or in a Costco store, you may want to consider paying extra for SquareTrade. This extended warranty program provides customers with comprehensive plans that cover damage to their devices from regular use. This allows you to get the device repaired or replaced if it gets damaged, protecting you from losing your electronics to regular malfunctions.

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