Does Aldi Allow Dogs? [Pet Policy, Service Dogs & More]

Thinking of bringing your dog to Aldi? Does Aldi allow dogs? We'll answer here whether Aldi allows dogs and more about their pet policy.

Over the decades, dogs have become an integral part of the average American family. And since dogs are now treated like part of the family, people – including Aldi customers – want to take their furry friends everywhere they go.

Be it to the park, to the local pharmacy, or even Aldi while shopping. And that actually leaves many Aldi shoppers wondering – does Aldi allow dogs in its stores?

After some research, we have found the answers to all of your questions regarding the topic, and in this article, we will share all of the details with you.

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Does Aldi Allow Dogs In 2023?


Unfortunately, like all other grocery supermarkets, Aldi does not allow dogs into its stores. The only exception to this rule is for certified service dogs.

This exception is allowed by the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act), which provides protections and rules for accessibility accommodations for customers with disabilities. This exception does not include emotional support pets.

You might be wondering why Aldi and other supermarkets do not allow dogs into their stores. You may also be curious about what qualifies as a service dog.

To find out more information on this, continue reading below.

Why Doesn’t The Aldi Pet Policy Allow Dogs In-Store?

If you tried to find this information on the Aldi website, you would be out of luck. Aldi’s website does not provide an answer for their no-dog store policy. However, there is a simple explanation for it.

It all boils down to health and safety. Allowing dogs into any grocery supermarket is a direct violation of FDA (Food and Drug Administration) health and safety regulations. There are also local health and safety laws that cover this issue, as well.

Dogs, or any live animal, and food for public consumption simply don’t mix. Many dogs aren’t rigidly trained and have the ability to spread pathogens and germs to consumable products. This leads to contamination and can lead to a huge health and safety issue.

Aldi prides itself in the efficiency and cleanliness of all of its stores. Bringing dogs in-store would make a mess of those priorities and increase the risk of contamination. In addition, it would be difficult on the employees of Aldi, who would then have to monitor and clean up after any dogs or animals in the store.

Is Aldi Pet Friendly For Service Dogs?

Service dog and disabled person

Service dogs are permitted in all of Aldi’s American stores, as is required by federal law. This, again, is due to the ADA, which states that certified service animals must be allowed in all places their owner can go to. The ADA rules apply to all companies, including grocery supermarkets, such as Aldi.

There are exceptions to this rule, which lean heavily on the owner and how they are handling their service dog. The service dog must remain under the owner’s control and be properly leashed, unless leashing the dog directly affects the owner’s disability in some way.

If your service dog is properly trained and certified, they will always be allowed to accompany you into any store of the Aldi franchise you visit.

Can Aldi Ask If Your Dog Is A Service Dog?

The ADA guidelines allow for employees to clarify if your dog is a certified service dog or not. With that being said, they are only allowed to ask two questions about the service animal.

The first question they can ask is, quite simply, if the animal in question is in fact a service animal due to a disability. They can then ask what functions or tasks the animal is trained to do.

This is all any employee can inquire about your service animal when you visit a store. No employee is permitted to ask about your disability in any way.

Finally, under no circumstances is an employee allowed to ask for or demand proof of your disability. This is illegal as per the ADA. They also may not ask for a demonstration of the dog’s tasks.

Does Aldi Allow Emotional Support Animals In-Store?

Aldi does not allow emotional support animals in any of its locations. This may seem confusing, but emotional support animals aren’t actually covered by the ADA.

Emotional support animals tend to not be as rigidly trained as a service animal may be. Emotional support animals are there for therapeutic purposes that are provided through their companionship. While they are important, they are not considered a certified service animal.

Can You Sneak Your Small Dog Into Aldi?

Small dog sitting in a trolley in a supermarket

No matter what you may have seen in other grocery supermarkets or other Aldi stores, this is not a good idea. You should not sneak your dog into any grocery store, including Aldi.

It is your choice to attempt to sneak your dog in, but it isn’t safe for other customers or your dog. It also violates the law, and you can be fined.

It is a danger to health and safety, your dog’s safety, and the safety of others at the store. On top of all of that, it is against store policy. Hidden or not, dogs are simply not allowed into Aldi stores.

If you are found shopping with your dog inside Aldi, you will be asked to leave. You could also cause the health department to be called on the store, so if you appreciate your local Aldi, you won’t put them in that situation.

Do Any Grocery Stores Allow Dogs?

There are no grocery stores in the United States that will allow dogs. As mentioned before, this is due to the stringent health and safety guidelines provided by the FDA.

The only exception to these rules are service dogs. The ADA guidelines on service dogs overrides the rule on live animals not being permitted entry into a grocery store. However, it does not completely override the rule, because, if the service dog is putting health and safety at risk, their owner and the service dog will be asked to leave.

Aldi is not the only supermarket chain that follows this rule. All popular and small chains do as well. Some larger chains that also do not allow dogs are Costco, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s.

What If You Are Unable To Leave Your Dog?

Aldi has a few accommodations in place for people who are unable to shop in their stores for whatever reason there may be. So, if you refuse to leave your dog alone but still wish to shop at Aldi, you can utilize the accommodations in place.

Aldi offers grocery delivery and pick-up for its customers. You can use Instacart to have your grocery order delivered right to you or have them ready for curb-side pick-up.

Do note that you most likely won’t be able to buy bags of ice at Aldi and have them delivered as they might melt. So, it’s best to go in-store for such purchases.

Conclusion – Are Dogs Allowed In Aldi?

Unfortunately, you are not permitted to bring your dog with you into Aldi or any grocery supermarket, for that matter. This is due to strict health and safety guidelines set up by the FDA.

Service dogs are the only exceptions to these rules, due to the ADA, which allows for accessibility accommodations for persons with disabilities. However, if a service dog is causing risks to health and safety, their owner and the dog itself will be asked to leave.

If you want to shop at Aldi and don’t want to leave your dog at home, you can use Instacart to pick-up your groceries or have them delivered to your home.

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