Does Aldi Sell Alcohol? [Variety Of Liquors, Price, States & More]

Can you buy alcohol at Aldi? In this guide, we'll answer the question whether Aldi sells alcohol, the selection of alcohol they have, the prices and more.

Whether you are having a party or just stocking up, buying alcohol can often mean an extra trip when out shopping. When you can purchase wine and beer at a grocery store, it can be extremely convenient by cutting time out of your shopping trip as you can buy everything on your shopping list from the same place.

Not every store can sell alcohol though. State and local laws decide whether certain stores are allowed to keep alcohol in stock or not.

If your favorite grocery store to shop at is Aldi, you might be wondering if you can buy some Aldi alcohol there during your next trip.

After some research, we have found the answer to this very popular question, and in this article, we will share all of the details that you will want to hear about.

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Does Aldi Sell Alcohol In 2023?

Noblesville Circa March 2018: Aldi Discount Supermarket. Aldi sells a range of grocery items, including produce, meat & dairy, at discount prices I

If you were hoping to pick up alcohol during your next shopping trip to Aldi, then you are in luck. Aldi sells alcohol at most of its locations in the United States.

However, which Aldi stores sell alcohol is completely dependent on the state or city where the store is located. This is due to alcohol laws, which can differ greatly depending on the state or city you live in.

Aldi sells beer, wine, hard seltzers, and even hard ciders at its United States locations. These beverages have prices that range from less than $3 to around $70 for beverages that are more on the premium side.

You may be curious to find out what exact types of alcohol Aldi sells in its United States stores and where you can find it in-store. On top of that, you may be wondering which states even allow Aldi to sell alcohol in their stores.

To find out, keep on reading.

Does Aldi Sell Beer?

The Aldi franchise offers a large selection of alcohol at many of its locations in the United States, including beer. Like many of the other items sold in Aldi stores, the beer that is sold there will mimic the names of major beer brands. For example, Aldi offers a beer called Independence Harbor Amber Ale that is mimicking the well-known Sam Adams beer.

Aldi offers a variety of 4 or 6 packs of their own brands of IPAs, lagers, blonde ales, pilsners, bocks, and cervezas. Other than its own beer brands, you can sometimes spot a major brand of beer being sold as well, such as Budweiser or Bud Light. Aldi also works with local and regional breweries to provide unique options for its customers.

Does Aldi Sell Wine?

Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic products that Aldi sells in its stores in the United States. The German supermarket chain has over 90 types of red wine alone.

Winking Owl is a very popular brand sold by Aldi that is not only affordable, but also really good. Aldi is also known for selling award winning wines, like its Quarter Cut Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cabernet Sauvignon, which won the wine award from Product of the Year USA in 2020. This wine only costs $10.

Aldi also offers white wines, such as pinots, blancs, sauvignons, chardonnays, and rieslings. They also have a selection of sparkling wines, rosés, sweet wines, and specialty wines, such as Aldi’s Petit Chocolate Wine. You can buy these wines by the bottle, and some of them even come by the box.

Does Aldi Sell Hard Beverages?

The guy is holding a bottle of vodka in the store.

If you are more into hard beverages, like hard seltzers and hard ciders, you will be happy to know that Aldi also sells these alcoholic drinks. Aldi offers a variety of hard beverages to choose from.

The German supermarket chain sells hard seltzers, such as its Vista Bay, which is a mimic of White Claw. They come in an affordable variety pack that contains 12 hard seltzers. You can also purchase the black cherry flavor or the coconut mango flavor in a 6 pack.

Aldi also sells a hard cider called Wicked Grove Hard Cider. It is similar to Angry Orchard, which is very tasty. They also sell their own hard root beer.

On top of all of these alcoholic drinks to choose from, Aldi also sells many specialty alcohol items at some of its United States locations. These can be found in the Aldi Special Buys section. An example of the specialty alcoholic items would most notably be the wine advent calendar Aldi sells for $70, which has got great reviews.

How Much Does Aldi Sell Alcohol For?

In keeping with Aldi’s overall general business model, the majority of the alcohol that the German supermarket chain sells is very affordable. The price, of course, varies depending on the product you are looking to purchase. Regardless, these prices will still be lower than what you would find in other stores.

The wine sold at Aldi generally ranges between $3.50 to $20 per bottle. The majority of these wines, around 90% of them, are priced for less than $10 per bottle.

If you are looking to buy beer, you can find 6 packs ranging from $5 to $7 in price. Seltzer 6 packs are sold at $6 or less. If you want a variety 12 pack, you will spend about $12, depending on the location of the Aldi store you are visiting.

What States Does Aldi Sell Wine And Alcohol In?


Aldi has over 2,000 stores in the United States, and 1,400 of those stores are able to sell alcohol. The states in which you can find alcohol at Aldi are as follows: Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Wiscosin. Aldi also sells alcohol in the District of Columbia, or D.C.

However, just because Aldi has stores in that state that sell alcohol, it does not mean that every Aldi store in that state sells alcohol. Remember, United States alcohol laws also are determined by county or city in some places.

If you are unsure, use Aldi’s Store Locator on their website. All you need to do is enter your location and see if the beer and wine features are checked. The days that Aldi is able to sell alcohol will also change depending on the state, county, or city that the store is located in, so you will want to check that as well.

Where Does Aldi Stock Alcohol In Their Stores?

The aisle that Aldi puts its alcohol in may possibly vary by location. With that being said, it most likely will be found in the last aisle of the store, near the freezers, which is where you can also buy bags of ice. You won’t have to search around the whole store for different types of alcohol, though. The alcohol is kept all together in the same aisle.

Is The Alcohol At Aldi Good?

Male customer choosing beer in supermarket

Whether alcohol is deemed good or not depends largely on your personal taste. With that being said, the alcohol that Aldi sells is largely well-received and gets great reviews. This includes both the German supermarket chain’s beers and its wines.

A beer expert did a ranking of the beer sold at Aldi. The beer coming in last was Folded Mountain Pale Ale. The beer that was awarded the first rank was Wernesgruner. This is a pilsner Aldi offers that is made in a German brewery, which has been around since the 1400s.

Aldi’s Third Street Brewhouse Hop Lift IPA also gets really good reviews. It is a United States made beer that comes from a microbrewery in Minnesota.

Many of the wines sold in Aldi’s stores are award winning and have great reviews. Some of these include the Villa Elsa Pinot Grigio and the Blackstone Paddock Shiraz, which are just two out of a list of many.

Does Aldi Sell Alcohol Online?

If you are not looking to make a trip to an actual Aldi store, you are able to order alcohol from Aldi online through Instacart. Aldi added alcohol to the list of things you could purchase from its store on Instacart back in 2019, right around the holiday season.

The option is not available at every store, so you will want to check your Instacart app to see if it is available near you. If you look through the store and the products they sell, you will see a section for alcohol if it is available.

Keep in mind, even if you are ordering through Instacart, you must be 21 years of age or over to purchase alcohol in the United States. Instacart delivery drivers will verify your age when dropping off your delivery. To do this they will scan the front and back of your ID after checking it themself.

To avoid any issues, make sure you have your ID ready when you are picking up or receiving your delivery when purchasing alcohol from Aldi through Instacart. You may have the option to enter your ID information beforehand, but it helps to have your ID on you anyway.


Aldi offers a wide variety of different alcohols in its United States locations. These include beer, wine, and hard beverage options, which are all sold at an affordable price.

Keep in mind that alcohol is not permitted to be sold in Aldi’s stores in every state. It will vary by the alcohol laws of each individual state, county, and even city. So, it’s worth ringing in to your local Aldi to check if they sell alcohol before you waste a trip.

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