Does Aldi Take Apple Pay? [How To Use It, Are There Fees & More]

Can you use Apple Pay at Aldi? In this update, we'll answer whether Aldi takes Apple Pay, how to use it at Aldi, fees if you use it and more.

In 2023, there are dozens of ways you can pay for your groceries both online and in-store. From one-tap credit and debit cards to checks, Google and Apple Pay, and many others – it’s fair to say that there is no shortage of payment methods.

Apple Pay, specifically, has been around since 2014, when it was introduced to the public. A huge amount of people make use of this payment option, with 440 million people around the world using Apple pay as of 2019.

During the pandemic, contactless payment options became even more popular. Contactless forms of payment saw a 19% rise in use through July of 2021. Some sources even report a 400% increase in usage worldwide.

However, you might still be unsure which stores take Apple Pay. If you are a fan of Aldi, you might be curious to know if Aldi, specifically, takes Apple Pay as a payment method in the stores.

To find the answer to this question, we did some research, and in this article, we will share our findings with you.

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Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay In 2023?


Aldi does accept Apple Pay as a form of payment at all of its Unites States locations. Each of the more than 2,000 locations Aldi has in the United States will accept ApplePay at the checkout.

All you will need is your iPhone or Apple watch when you are checking out and making your purchase.

If you are buying from the Aldi franchise online, through Instacart, you can use your Apple wallet, as well. If you want to know how to use Apple Pay and how to set it up, then keep on reading.

How Do You Use Apple Pay At Aldi?

To use Apple Pay at Aldi, you will need your iPhone or Apple watch when you are ready to check out. You can pay with these devices using Apple Pay in any Aldi store in the United States.

Each register in Aldi is fitted with a NFC (Near-Field Communication) chip to allow for contactless payments to take place. There is another NFC chip inside of your Apple device, which will connect with the one in the register to make the payment.

Aldi had been accepting Apple Pay since around September in 2017.

This comes only a year after Aldi decided to include credit cards as a form of accepted payment method at its United Stateslocations.

To use Apple Pay at the register at Aldi, you will need to have a card already registered with your Apple Pay account. Then you can easily check out using your chosen Apple device.

Can You Use The Touch ID Method?

Apple Pay

If you prefer to use the Touch ID method when using Apple Pay, you can definitely use it at Aldi. Simply get your iPhone with touch ID out and get ready while the cashier is scanning your items.

The iPhone should automatically identify a nearby NFC device, which would be the register at Aldi. Once it does this, your Apple Wallet should open up automatically. If you want to use a specific card that isn’t your default card for payments, make sure to do that before paying.

Once you have selected your card, put your finger on the touch ID pad and wait until the purchase is done. You will know the transaction is done because your iPhone will say “Done” on the screen with a checkmark next to it.

Can You Use Face ID Method To Pay At Aldi?

If your preference is the Face ID method when using Apple Pay, you will also be able to use it at Aldi. Again, make sure to get your iPhone out and ready while your items are being scanned at checkout.

Double click the button on the side of your phone to get started. Then, look into your phone like you would if you were trying to unlock it. Take your iPhone and aim it at the card reader, which will have an NFC chip in it.

Then, just wait until your purchase is finished. You will know that the transaction has been processed when your iPhone’s screen says “Done” with a checkmark next to it.

Can You Use Your Apple Watch To Pay At Aldi?

Since your Apple watch inevitably comes with an NFC chip inside, you will be able to use it at Aldi registers, which also have an NFC chip. Make sure you are wearing your Apple Watch when you make your trip to Aldi.

When you are finished checking out and ready to pay, take your apple watch and set it near the card reader equipped with an NFC chip. Double click the button on the side of the watch to begin using Apple Pay.

Choose the card of your choice from your options in your Apple Wallet. Then just wait for a “tap” and tiny beep to let you know your transaction has been successful.

You’ll want to keep your receipt just in case, as technology does run into errors sometimes. Always double check your account as well that you’ve successfully paid before you head out of the store.

Is There A Fee To Use Apple Pay At Aldi?


In keeping with its well-known theme of savings, there is no fee to use Apple Pay when checking out at Aldi. Their highest priority is saving their customers money, so it wouldn’t make sense for them to charge you a fee so that you could use a specific form of payment.

Also, the nice thing about using Apple Pay is that Apple doesn’t charge Aldi for each credit card transaction, which, in turn, saves Aldi money. Many credit card providers charge retailers for each transaction.

Does Aldi Accept Apple Pay For Instacart?

You can definitely use your Apple Pay when making an Aldi purchase on Instacart. All you will need to do this is your phone.

Apple Pay provides a sense of security for its users, because retailers will receive none of the user’s financial information.

When you go to check out on Instacart, select the Apple Pay option, make sure the correct card is selected, and complete the transaction using touch or face ID.

Conclusion – Does Aldi Have Apple Pay?

Aldi does take Apple Pay as a form of payment and has been since 2017. You can use your iPhone or Apple watch in-store to make your purchases. You can also use Apple Pay on Instacart when making a purchase from Aldi.

Using Apple Pay to pay in-store or online at Aldi is completely free, meaning you won’t be charged a few for using Apple Pay.

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