Does Costco Have Bottle & Can Return? [All You Need To Know]

Can you return bottles and cans to Costco? Here is whether Costco has bottle and can return centers or recycling machines and how to use them.

One of the greatest challenges ahead of the human species is the one with the environmental crisis. There are many ways to have a good environmental impact, and one of those is through recycling. Many large retailers have started to include recycling programs at their stores.

If your favorite place to shop at is Costco, you might be wondering if Costco offers any recycling programs? More specifically, you might be curious whether they have a bottle and can return center or not.

To answer your question in more detail, we conducted the necessary research, and in this article, we will share all of our findings with you.

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Does Costco Offer Bottle & Can Return In 2023?

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Costco does have a bottle and can return machine at most of its locations. These recycling machines can be found in most of the parking lots at Costco warehouses as of 2023. They take up very little space in the lot and are convenient for customers to use.

Customers who use this machine can earn money by recycling old, empty cans and bottles. In some states, each can or bottle is worth around $0.10.

If this sounds interesting to you, and you would like more information about the topic, continue reading further.

What Type of Machine Does Costco Use For Its Bottle & Can Return?

At the majority of Costco locations, there is a specific site set up for bottle and can returns, normally situated in the parking lot. The machines Costco uses take up around 2 spaces in the lot. The company works alongside NexCycle to keep its bottle and can return centers up and running.

The machine that is typically used in these recycling centers is the Tomra T-53 reverse vending machine. As it says in the name, it is set up to behave like a reverse vending machine. It has a color screen and separate sections for bottles and cans to be put in.

How Do You Use The Costco Bottle Return & Can Recycling Centers?

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Using the bottle and can recycling machines provided by Costco is actually pretty simple. First, you’ll need to figure out where the recycling center is located at your local warehouse. Next, you simply need to load in the bottles and cans that you have, making sure to put them into the correct sections.

Once you have started putting bottles and cans into the machine, beginning at the bottom first, you will be able to see a running total of the money you are collecting per can and bottle. After all of the bottles and cans have been added, you press the green button to receive a receipt for your recycling efforts. You can then redeem this receipt inside Costco’s warehouse.

If the recycling machine is full or not functioning, you can take your collected bottles and cans to the customer service desk inside. Once there, you will be able to redeem them for cash, just like when using the machine.

You don’t even need to be a member to recycle and redeem cans and bottles at Costco. So, you don’t have to worry about getting your hands on that Costco one day pass.

How Many Cans & Bottles Can You Recycle During Each Visit?

This amount varies depending on which state you reside in. There may be limitations about how many cans and bottles you are allowed to return to Costco at each visit.

In California, for example, you are allowed to return 50 containers at each visit to one of Costco’s recycling centers. The easiest way to check how many bottles and cans you can recycle in one visit is to call your local Costco and check with them.

How Much Can You Earn When Recycling Cans & Bottles?

Much like the amount that you can recycle at each visit, the amount you can earn at each visit depends upon which state you live in. The amount that you can receive for each can or bottle is between $0.05 and $0.10.

Michigan and Oregon are two of the highest paying states, offering $0.10 for any bottle or can you recycle, while California offers $0.10 as well, but only for bottles and cans, which are 24 ounces or larger. At a rate of $0.10 per bottle or can, you would make about $3.20 per pound that you recycled.

Recycling bottles and cans is a nice way to make some extra money, in some states.

How Can You Find a Costco Bottle & Can Return Center in Your Area?

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All you need to do is contact your local Costco warehouse to see if they have a bottle and can recycling center set up. You can ask in-store or call customer service. If your local Costco warehouse doesn’t have one, they can let you know when the nearest one is.

There are also certain websites, such as RecycleNation and Earth911, that have search bars that allow you to search for specific recycling centers. That way, you can locate recycling centers in your area by entering your zip code.

Does Costco Promote Recycling?

Costco is committed to having a good impact on the environment through sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices, such as recycling. All of Costco’s suppliers support recycling programs and environmentally-friendly organizations, similar to Keep America Beautiful.

These organizations are known to aid in recycling efforts and promote a cleaner and healthier community.

Does Costco Use Recycled Packaging?

On top of supporting recycling organizations, Costco is also committed to reducing its operational packaging waste, as well as providing sustainable packaging. The company uses recycled packaging for many of its products, including the pizza boxes at its food courts, which are 100% recycled. Costco’s eCommerce shipping boxes are also 100% recycled.

The Kirkland brand is notably eco-friendly. It also utilizes better sustainable packaging. As a result of that, they are not only protecting the environment but Costco can also keep the prices low.

Conclusion – Does Costco Have Bottle Return Service?

Costco does have a bottle and can return recycling center in the majority of their locations across the United States. These sites are mostly located in the parking lot.

You are able to recycle your bottles and cans and receive a small amount of money in return for your good deed. You can redeem your receipt in-store.

The amount you can recycle and the amount of money you will get both vary from state to state. If you have any questions, simply contact your local Costco warehouse to check before you make your way to Costco with a few bags of recyclable cans and bottles.

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