Does Costco Offer Military And Veteran Discounts? [Answered]

Does Costco offer discounts to military officers and veterans? We'll answer that and talk about other rewards and perks Costco gives to military personnel.

People serving in the military often get special treatment when visiting retail stores. In a lot of cases, shopping retailers offer a certain amount of discount for active military and veterans that have served the United States.

With regards to shopping and retail stores, Costco is definitely topping every list, thanks to its popularity, cheap prices, and 572 stores all over the United States.

As a result of that, Costco’s target market and demographic also includes plenty of military personnel – both ex and active. So, when it comes to Costco, do they have any sort of military discount for active military and veterans?

After doing some research, we have found the answer to that questions and a whole lot of other interesting details surrounding the topic. To find out more, continue reading.

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Does Costco Have Discounts For Active Military And Veterans In 2023?

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As of 2023, Costco is not offering discounts of any type for active military and veterans that have served in the United States army.

But despite this, the shopping giant still offers an alternative Costco membership military discount by giving out shop cards using the service called SheerID.

What Rewards And Perks Does Costco Give To U.S. Military?

Costco may not offer actual military discounts on products and its memberships but it still gives out a lot of rewards and perks to its customers who are members of the military, as well as to their dependents.

The most well-known perk that gets closest to having a Costco military discount is through the use of SheerID service.

This is a service that involves using Costco SheerID for the verification of your status in the military and can make you claim a shop card from Costco once you have signed up as a member. It is essentially like a Costco gift card.

What Is The SheerID Service?

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First of all, SheerID is the service that is used in order to verify the status of your service in the military upon signing up for a membership at Costco.

It is made for the purpose of simplifying the process and steps of verifying the status of a person in any type of position, whether it be as a student or military personnel.

To go on with the verification process via SheerID, all you have to do is type in the information required, then your membership process will go on normally once you get verified by SheerID, where you can eventually get your Costco shop card.

Do Other Retail Stores Give Discounts To Military People?

Yes, despite the fact that Costco does not exactly offer Costco military discounts for memberships or purchases, there are a number of other retail stores that are actually offering discounts for its military customers.

Some notable retail and grocery stores that offer discounts for military personnel on memberships or purchases include the following:

  • BJ’s
  • Fred Meyer
  • De Cicco Family Market
  • New Season’s Market

Keep in mind that the value of discounts for military personnel can differ from one store to another, but they all can give great rewards and perks to military people to save a lot on their grocery purchases.

For instance, stores like De Cicco Family Market, New Season’s Market, and Fred Meyer are usually offering a 10% discount during certain days of the year, which can be applied to a  number of products from different varieties.

In addition to that, what makes stores like BJ’s different from Costco is the fact that they offer discounts up to 25% for their new members, as well as a shop coupon usually worth $10.

Is There Any Retail Store Offering Discounts On Veteran’s Day?

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Yes, there may not be any Costco veterans day discount offered at any Costco store during or related to Veteran’s Day, but there are many other retail and grocery stores that are actually offering discounts dedicated to it.

Some of the retail and grocery stores that offer Veteran’s Day discounts include the following:

  • Publix
  • Spartan Nash
  • Target
  • Food Lion

Note that there would be some differences with regards to the value or amount of discount, as it largely depends on the store itself.

For instance, stores like Food Lion and Publix are usually offering discounts of up to 10% on the day itself, while stores like Target and Spartan Nash are offering discounts starting at 11%, which can be used by veteran customers before, during, and even after Veteran’s Day.

Costco may not be offering actual Costco veterans discounts, but the shopping giant is offering special discounts for veteran customers through their special shop cards throughout the year.

Conclusion – Does Costco Have Military Discount?

As of 2023, Costco is not offering an actual discount on memberships, in-store, or online purchases to active military personnel or veterans.

Despite the lack of discounts, Costco is still well-loved by military and veteran customers because the store is still much cheaper than the competition even without such discounts.

Do note that every military personnel – be it active or an ex-soldier gets a $30 deposited to their own Costco shop card. That way, they can spend the $30 on whatever they want.

This is of course as long as their military status has been verified via SheerID service.

Other than Costco, military and veteran shoppers have other retail and grocery stores to choose from where they can get discounts – in fact, there are stores that actually offer military and veteran membership discounts, which are all worth checking out.

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