Does Costco Repair And Fix Flat Tires? [Cost, Services & More]

Wondering if Costco repair and fix flat tires? Here's everything you need to know about whether Costco repairs flat tires, its cost, and more.

The Costco retailer is best known for selling a wide variety of products in bulk, at cheap and affordable prices. This is one of the biggest things that keeps Costco customers loyal and returning to the store.

And they don’t shy away from it as Costco has approximately 111 million paying members worldwide.

However, Costco also offers a bunch of other services for members to take advantage of whenever they need to. These range from pharmacies and gas stations to opticians and home delivery services. One of these services is Costco’s Tire Center, where you can go if you are having car troubles.

We already know that Costco doesn’t offer oil change, but do they repair and fix flat tires?

After some research, here’s what we have found.

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Does Costco Fix Flat Tires In 2023?

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The short answer is yes, Costco’s Tire Centers are currently able to repair and fix your flat tire. This is a feature that is accessible to Costco members only. The Tire Centers can be found at any of Costco’s many locations.

Better still, if you had your tires installed by Costco’s Tire Center, repairing and fixing your flat tire will be completely free of charge. This is super convenient for members to take advantage of. 

If you didn’t have your tires installed by Costco’s Tire Center, don’t fret. They will still repair and fix your flat tire for you, but there will be a fee of $10.99.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair And Fix Your Flat Tire At Costco?

Getting your flat tire repaired and fixed at a Costco Tire Center is absolutely free, as long as you had them previously installed there as well. The reason the service is free is because it is included in the installation price when you get your tires installed. 

This installation price is a small fee of just $18.99 per tire. Not only does this allow you to have your tires correctly and professionally installed, but it provides you with a ton of repair services that last for the entire life of the tires.

This means that, whenever you experience a flat or deflated tire, there will be no cost to repair and fix it. You also can make use of all of the other services that are included in the fee.

These services start with a new rubber valve and mounting, which is done at the time of installation. It also provides services for the lifetime of the tire, which includes tire balancing, rotation, air pressure check, along with repairing and fixing flats. Lastly, you’ll also receive a road hazard warranty at installation.

Does Costco Repair Tires Not Purchased There?

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No, Costco will not repair tires that have not been purchased from the retailer. However, they will repair and fix your flat tire even if the tire wasn’t installed there. There will be a fee for this service since no installation fee was paid to the Tire Center. 

The service only costs $10.99, though, which is still a great deal. However, it is nonrefundable if the Tire Center is unable to repair or fix your tire. 

Don’t fret too much, though. If the Tire Center truly is unable to repair or fix your flat tire, then they will install your spare tire for you, for free. 

What Types Of Tires Does Costco’s Tire Center Fix?

Costco’s Tire Centers only repair and fix tires that are made with authorized tire filaments. The tires also need to be the appropriate size that is authorized by the vehicle’s manufacturer. 

This means your tires must be equal to or greater than an E speed rating. They also must be equal to or greater than an E load range. If you are unsure if your tires fit these specifications, you can contact your local Costco Tire Center and ask.

Costco’s Tire Centers will not repair or fix golf cart or ATV tires. They also do not repair or fix UTV tires used for street racing. Lastly, if you didn’t purchase your tires from Costco, they will not repair or fix them either. 

Where Can You Find A Costco Tire Center?

Costco has more than 500 stores located throughout the United States, as well as over 800 stores worldwide. You can go to any of these Costco locations to find a Costco Tire Center and have your flat tire repaired or fixed. Most likely, you’ll have one in your area.

If you need help locating a Costco warehouse, you can use the warehouse locator found on Costco’s website,


As long as your tires meet certain requirements set by Costco’s Tire Centers, you are able to have your flat tire repaired or fixed there. Your tires must be authorized by the vehicle’s manufacturer, as well.

If you have your tires installed at a Tire Center and pay the $18.99 fee per tire, you will be able to access free repair services for the lifetime of the tires. This covers several different services that also include repairing and fixing flat tires. 

If you didn’t have your tires installed at Costco, you can still have them repaired and fixed for a fee of $10.99.

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