Does Costco Sell Coffins? [Price, Types Of Caskets & More]

You can buy just about anything in Costco, but does Costco sell coffins? Here's everything we've found about whether Costco sells coffins and more.

Costco is one of the biggest retailers in the United States. The brand has over 550 branches in the US alone, not to mention its locations in Canada, Mexico, or the United Kingdom. And the reason Costco is so popular is because of the wide variety of products available in their stores.

You can find just about anything at Costco. On top of their products in the warehouses, Costco also offers a bunch of different services for customers. So, with that in mind, you may be wondering if you can buy coffins at Costco.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a look at whether or not Costco sells coffins, how much they will cost you, and even a quick look at the different selections available to Costco shoppers.

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Are There Coffins For Sale Costco?

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Yes, as of 2023, Costco sells coffins in their stores. Costco warehouses have an entire funeral category, which features a number of items people will need when planning and hosting a funeral, including coffins.

So, customers can head to Costco and proceed to the funeral section to view their selection of coffins and caskets. Costco offers a wide selection of caskets made of different materials and at different costs. This allows customers to have an easier time finding coffins that suit their budget and needs.

How Much Are Caskets At Costco?

Costco’s funeral section features 8 different caskets. These are all manufactured by Prime and available at different prices. The lowest price for a coffin at Costco is $1,149, which applies to 7 of the caskets at Costco.

At $1,149, customers can purchase the Mother’s, Prime Rose, Royal Silver, Lord’s Prayer, Oxford, President, and Franklin Blue caskets.

However, Costco also features one additional casket, the Hampton Casket, which is the most expensive in the range, costing customers $1,399.

Can You Buy Caskets Online Costco?

Yes. If you go to the Costco website, you can view a category page with all the caskets available. The website also features other coffins that may not be available in-store such as the Titan Military Steel Caskets for Coast Guard, Navy, Army, Marines, and Air Force officers. These caskets are more expensive and can cost customers up to $1,499.

You don’t have to be a member to buy from the Costco website, though non-members have to pay an additional surcharge of 5% for their purchases. Customers can order caskets online just like any other item by adding them to their cart, paying for the item, and entering your delivery address. Then, the Costco delivery drivers will deliver the order to the desired location.

Types Of Coffins At Costco

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There are a couple of different types of coffins available at Costco, with additional models available on the website. However, the coffins can generally be divided into two categories, which are;

Wooden Caskets

As the name suggests, these are caskets made of wood. There are even some wooden casket options at Costco that are fit for open-casket visitation as well as cremation. However, keep in mind that while the primary material for these caskets is wood, that doesn’t mean they are metal-free.

There are some religions wherein people cannot be buried with metal caskets, so it’s important to note that Costco’s wooden caskets may contain metal.

Steel Caskets

The other option for Costco customers is a steel casket. These come in a variety of different colors and feature the Lord’s Prayer on the lid. Costco’s steel caskets are made of 18-gauge steel, which means that there are 18 layers of steel stacked on top of each other.

Does Costco Deliver Coffins?

Yes, Costco delivers coffins across the United States. However, keep in mind that this doesn’t apply to all states, and depending on your locations, you may not be eligible for coffin delivery. So, make sure to check with your local Costco before requesting coffin delivery.

Typically, coffins take three days before they are delivered. However, this only applies to orders placed before 10 AM PST. If you place the order after that time, you may have to wait a bit longer before you can receive the coffin.

If you miss the cut-off time, then your delivery will be moved over to the next day.

How To Order A Coffin From Costco Online

To order a coffin from Costco, you need to provide some additional information. This includes the name of the mortuary, the address of the mortuary, the first and last name of the deceased, as well as the mortuary’s contact details. When ordering a coffin online, this is what needs to be placed in the “delivery address” section.

For the “billing address” section, you need to put in the information of the paying customer. Then, you can pay using any of the available payment methods. Do note that if you want to make an order in-store, the ways you can pay are limited. This is because Costco doesn’t accept Amex or MasterCard credit cars.

Can You Return Coffins To Costco?

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No, you can’t return coffins to Costco. Costco’s generous return policy wherein customers can return an item for whatever reason at whatever time doesn’t extend to coffins. So, customers may not return coffins to Costco in most cases.

With that said, there may be certain occasions wherein Costco will accept your coffin return. However, this is usually only if there were cosmetic damages to the coffin that occurred during the shipping process.

Additionally, customers should not return the coffin to the warehouse. If you wish to return a coffin to Costco because of shipping damage, you may send them a message at or through their number: 1-800-955-2292.


Costco stocks up on just about everything one would need. And while they are already known for their high-quality selection of groceries, electronics, and furniture, not too many customers know that you can buy coffins at Costco.

Not only that, but Costco offers an extensive range of coffins which you can view on their website or in the funeral section of their store. Costco coffins cost anywhere between $1,149 and $1,499, depending on the type of coffin being purchased.

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