Does Costco Sell Lottery Tickets? [Other Stores & More]

Many stores sell lottery tickets, and is Costco one of them? We'll talk about whether Costco sells lottery tickets plus other places where you can buy them.

Have you ever considered buying or have actually bought a lottery ticket in the past? Chances are, you have. Over 49% of Americans go out to buy lottery tickets every year. This means Americans are spending more money than ever before to get a chance at winning the grand prizes offered by many different lottery brands.

Many stores sell this widely bought item, but does Costco? If Costco is your favorite store to shop at due to their variety of products and services that range from wedding cakes to furniture, you might be curious to know if they do before your next shopping trip.

So, after some research, here is what we have found.

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Does Costco Sell Lottery Tickets As Of 2023?

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Currently, Costco is not selling lottery tickets in their stores or on their website. While this is unfortunate for regular Costco customers who’d love to try their luck, it’s worth noting that many other stores do sell lottery tickets.

If you are looking for a store similar to Costco, BJ’s Wholesale Club sells lottery tickets in-store. Other large retailers that offer lottery tickets include Walmart, Target, CVS, and Walgreens. Lastly, most convenience stores will also sell a wide variety of lottery tickets.

If you’re interested in finding out why Costco doesn’t sell lottery tickets, keep on reading.

Why Isn’t Costco Selling Lottery Tickets?

To put it simply, Costco most likely doesn’t sell lottery tickets because there is no profit in them on top of the fact that they are a distraction to the regular Costco customer.

Since Costco is unable to set the price of each lottery ticket, they can’t make any profit from selling this popular item. And since Costco is so cheap, they’d much rather have customers shop for products that they will make some money from.

Another potential issue would be the delay in check-out time. If you have ever been behind someone at check-out who wants to see if any of their lottery tickets are winners, you know just how long that process can take. Costco is a very busy store with many customers, and adding time to the check-out process would lessen customer satisfaction.

These reasons are most likely the cause for Costco not selling lottery tickets at its stores or online.

Where Else Can You Buy Lottery Tickets?

Lottery ticket

There are many alternative stores you can shop at if you are searching for lottery tickets. If you want to find lottery tickets at a similar style wholesale store, BJ’s Wholesale Club sells lottery tickets at many of its locations.

Several large retailers also sell lottery tickets in-store. These stores vary by state, but common retailers that you can buy lottery tickets from include Target, Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens.

If all else fails, most local convenience stores sell a wide variety of lottery tickets too. These range from Powerball to local state scratch-offs. The price varies by area, but most Powerball tickets sell for $2 at most of these locations.

Is Online Purchasing An Option For Lottery Tickets?

While Costco does not offer lottery tickets on its website, many other stores – including the official websites of the lottery ticket brands allow customers to buy lottery tickets over the internet.

To see if you can buy lottery tickets online where you live, just find out the brand of your state’s lottery and search for their website.

Again, this will vary by state but is becoming an increasingly common option. If you would like more information on this, you can visit the Betting USA website to get a better understanding of how online lottery ticket purchasing works.

Are There Restrictions When Purchasing Lottery Tickets In The U.S.?

In every state, the purchasing age for lottery tickets is 18 (or older). In other words, you need to be an adult to buy lottery tickets no matter where you live in the country.

If you are of age and are ready to purchase a lottery ticket, all you will need is a government-issued ID to confirm your age before heading down to your store of choice. This can range from a driver’s license to a state-issued ID.


Unfortunately, Costco does not sell lottery tickets to its customers at this time. There are a few probable reasons as to why, such as the decrease in customer satisfaction because of rising wait times and the lack of profit from the sales of lottery tickets.

If you are in search of lottery tickets, do not worry. There are many stores that do sell them in-store, such as Walmart and CVS as well as many local convenience stores throughout the country.

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