Does Costco Sell Visa Gift Cards?

Can you buy Visa gift cards at Costco? We'll answer here does Costco sell Visa gift cards, can you use them at Costco, and where else can you buy them.

If you are searching for a gift for someone and don’t have a clue about what to get for them, gift cards can come in handy. They are a great gift that allows the receiver to get whatever they want at their favorite store or, in some cases, any store. This is the case with Visa gift cards.

Visa gift cards can be used at any store that accepts Visa as a payment option. However, not all stores sell these gift cards. If you are a Costco member, you may be wondering if Costco sells Visa gift cards.

After some research, we’ve found the answer to this popular question and in this article, we will share it all with you.

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Does Costco Sell Visa Gift Cards?

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Even though Visa is Costco’s exclusive payment partner, Costco doesn’t actually sell any Visa gift cards. Unlike Amazon gift cards, which directly compete with Costco, the reason for not selling visa gift cards remains a mystery.

The warehouses do accept any form of Visa payment, but, regardless of their exclusive partnership with Visa, Costco doesn’t actually stock Visa gift cards.

With this being said, Costco does accept Visa gift cards as a form of payment at check out, but that is only if you are a member. You can use it just like you would any other Visa form of payment.

If you are curious where to purchase Visa gift cards from, there are some other large retailers in the likes of Walmart and Target that sell them in-store.

Can I Use A Visa Gift Card At Costco?

Yes, you can use your Visa gift card when you check out at Costco. Even though the store doesn’t sell Visa gift cards, they are still accepted as a form of payment. This is because of Costco’s partnership with Visa.

If you want to use Visa as a form of payment and are looking for new options, you could apply for and use a Costco Anywhere Visa Card by Citi. It has great cash-back rewards and also offers perks for Costco members. There is also a business version as well.

Where Can You Purchase A Visa Gift Card Other Than Costco?

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While it is unfortunate that Costco doesn’t sell Visa gift cards, many other large retailers do. You can buy VISA gift cards from retailers in the likes of BJ’s Wholesale Club. Many other popular large retailers keep them in stock as well, like CVS, Walgreens, Target, Walmart, and even Staples.

If you’re not up for shopping at any retailer other than Costco but still want to purchase a Visa gift card, you can visit Visa’s website to buy one online. On the website, Visa gift cards are offered in a variety of different amounts.

What Gift Cards Are Sold At Costco?

While Costco Visa gift cards may not be an option, there are several others that Costco does offer, which you are able to choose from. Most of the time, the selection of gift cards does not vary by location.

If you’re looking for something specific, has even more options to choose from, as well as different amounts that you won’t find in its stores.

There is a huge variety of categories when it comes to picking out a gift card from Costco. These categories include automotive, health and spa, movie theaters, restaurants, retail, shopping, travel, and more.

Costco even offers digital codes that can be used for gaming or streaming platforms.


Unfortunately, if it is a Visa gift card you are looking for, you won’t find it at Costco. Costco does not sell Visa gift cards online or in-store.

They do accept them as a form of payment, though. This is due to Costco’s exclusive partnership with Visa. Don’t fret too much. Costco offers many other gift cards to choose from in a variety of categories and values.

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