Does Walmart Accept Checks As A Payment Method? [Answered]

Does Walmart take checks? Can you write a check at Walmart? What about personal checks? Here's a short guide with all the answers.

With the wide selection and competitive prices at Walmart, many shoppers do most, if not all, of their essentials shopping at Walmart stores. In 2021 alone, Walmart has seen at least 240 million customers a week enter and shop at their stores.

With all these customers, Walmart also accepts a variety of payment methods.

But does Walmart take checks?

The answer is yes. As of 2023, Walmart accepts checks as a verified form of payment from their customers.

When paying with a check at Walmart, customers need to ensure that the check details match the information on their photo IDs. On top of that, all checks have to pass through TeleCheck and Certegy verification inspections.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything you need to know about paying with checks at your local Walmart, any additional requirements you’ll need, as well as how to pay with a check at Walmart.

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Paying With A Check At Walmart

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When you check out your items at Walmart, you can give a check as a payment option. However, unlike other payment options at Walmart, this does come with additional requirements.

“How does Walmart process checks?” is a common question customers have when trying to pay with check at Walmart. Walmart processes checks similar to other stores, and you will need to bring an ID that matches the name on the check when paying.

When you pay with a check at Walmart, you need to show a government-issued photo ID. This could be a driver’s license, passport, or any government-issued ID with the same details as the check. It’s very important to make sure the details of the ID match the details of the check for Walmart to accept it.

The name on the check must be a 100% match to the name on the ID. Additionally, the name has to be printed and cannot be signed.

On top of that, Walmart will need to verify your check through either TeleCheck or Certegy. If the check doesn’t pass the verification, you will have to choose another payment option.

Does Walmart Take Personal Checks?

Walmart will accept any check as long as the name on the check and the ID match. Additionally, there are no limits to the number of checks you use when paying.

So, what checks can’t I use at Walmart?

The only checks that Walmart doesn’t accept are starter checks. Every other check is completely accepted as a payment option. However, keep in mind that different banks may set spending limits on your checks, but Walmart doesn’t.

When paying with a check at Walmart, you have to make sure the check is in U.S. dollars. Walmart only accepts checks from US banks, and checks from foreign banks will not be accepted.

To pay with a check, you need to go to any of the regular cashiers. You cannot pay with a check at Walmart if you go through a self-checkout.

Is There Cash Back When You Pay With A Check At Walmart?

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Yes, Walmart allows a maximum of $20 cash back with checks.

To do this, you need to add the $20 to the full amount on the check before giving it to the cashier. It’s recommended to ask the cashier at the register if they have the exact amount of cash before writing the check to reduce complications.

Does Walmart Cash Checks?

Yes, you can cash checks at Walmart through their money center.

There are many different checks that you can cash at Walmart, and there is a fee for cashing checks. Fees vary depending on the amount, but you can expect to pay anywhere between $4-$8 as an additional fee.

For more information, we’ve written a definitive guide to cashing checks at Walmart, which gives you all the information you’ll need to know.


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As of 2023 Walmart accepts checks and personal checks as a payment method, however, there are a couple of requirements in order for Walmart to accept your check.

To use a check to pay at Walmart, you would need to bring along a government-issued ID with a name that matches the name on the check. On top of that, Walmart has an ID verification process that you would need to get verified through before they can accept your check.

If you wish to cash your check, Walmart also has their Walmart Money Center’s that can assist you with that.

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