Does Walmart Pierce Ears? [Price, Locations, Store Hours & More]

Can you get your ears pierced at Walmart? In this article, you'll learn whether Walmart pierces ears, how much, minimum age requirement, and more.

Walmart is a hub for a variety of products and services. And not only does Walmart stock its shelves with a wide variety of different products, but it also sells them at fairly competitive prices, with price matching options to ensure you get the best price for certain products.

And aside from products, Walmart offers a bunch of different services such as tire installation through their Auto Care center, check to cash through their Money Center, and even eye check-up through the Walmart Vision Center.

So, since you can do all of these different things at Walmart, you may be wondering if you can get your ears pierced as well.

Whether you have a child ready to get their ears pierced, or you’re an adult who wants to try a new type of jewelry, it would be very convenient if you can get them pierced after your regular Walmart shopping trip.

And if you’re looking to get your ears pierced at Walmart, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be taking a close look at whether or not Walmart pierces ears, how much it costs, and even how they do it.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Still Pierce Ears?

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As of 2023, you can go to Walmart to get your ears pierced. However, keep in mind that this isn’t all stores.

Currently, there are only around 5,000 different locations that offer ear piercing services. Walmart has over 11,000 stores in the US, so that means less than half of the Walmart locations in the US offer ear piercing services.

However, the locations that do offer the service pierce ears through the Inverness System. This is an enclosed and sterile ear piercing system that is the preferred method for many other people.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your Ear Pierced At Walmart?

When at Walmart, you can go to the jewelry section and shop for a bunch of different jewelry options. And if you purchase a pair of stud earrings at Walmart, you can get your ears pierced there for free.

Depending on the type of earrings you buy, the cost can vary. However, the average cost for a basic pair of earrings at Walmart starts at around $9.99 per pair.

But if you’re looking for something more luxurious, you may find some options at Walmart. However, these options tend to cost more, ranging between $20-$40 a pair.

Can I Get My Ears Pierced At Any Walmart Location?

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If you want to get your ears pierced at Walmart, you have to check your location first. Currently, there are only around 5,000 Walmart locations that offer this service. With that in mind, Walmart has over 10,000 experienced professionals who can safely and effectively pierce your ears.

To find the Walmart locations that offer ear piercing services, you can access the Inverness store finder tool online and search for different locations.

What Are The Walmart Ear Piercing Hours?

The hours for Inverness ear piercing at Walmart varies from location to location. However, most locations offer their services for as long as their store is open. So, if your local Walmart is open from 7 AM to 7 PM, there’s a high chance you can get your ears pierced anytime within that time frame.

There are also some locations that offer the service 24/7. However, just because your Walmart is open 24/7, doesn’t automatically mean that the ear piercing services are available that long as well.

What’s The Minimum Age To Get Your Ears Pierced At Walmart?

Ear Piercing

This depends on the location. There are some places that will be okay with piercing a baby’s ears. However, other locations will opt not to pierce the ears of children below 5 years old.

If you have a child that wishes to get their ears pierced, you can contact your local Walmart and call them to ask if they will do it for you. For older people, the laws may vary from state to state.

In some states, you can get your ears pierced if you’re below 18. Some states require parental consent, while others won’t allow it until you’re above 18. If you’re below 18, it’s recommended to have a parent with you during the process to make it easier.

However, before going to Walmart to get your ears pierced, make sure to read up on local rules and regulations as well to avoid any complications down the line.

Is It Safe To Get Your Ear Pierced At Walmart?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart uses the Inverness ear piercing system. Currently, this piercing gun is FDA-accredited and largely considered safe and sanitary. This system uses an enclosed piercing gun to prevent any contamination and ensure a quick and accurate piercing process.

The gun is also designed to deliver a gentle piercing, which can reduce the trauma and make the healing process simpler. However, there are always risks that abound when you get your ears pierced or any other body modification, which you have to understand and accept before getting your ears pierced.

Does Walmart Stock Up On Hypoallergenic Piercings?

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One common complication that people experience when getting their ears pierced for the first time is an allergic reaction. These can be very uncomfortable and painful at times, so it’s best to avoid earrings that you could possibly be allergic to.

With that in mind, if you’re worried about allergic reactions, then you can buy a variety of different hypoallergenic earrings at Walmart. These earrings vary depending on the model you chose, but they tend to start at $10 per pair.

If you’re eyeing a pair of earrings and you aren’t sure if they’re hypoallergenic, you can talk to any Walmart employee near you and they will assist you with your concern.

How To Take Care Of Your Ears After Getting Them Pierced

After getting your ears pierced at Walmart, make sure to ask the associate about the proper after-care procedure. That way, you don’t end up accidentally causing infection after the piercing.

Generally, it takes a couple of weeks for the ears to heal after a piercing. So, the associate will give you specific instructions on what to do after the piercing, which you should follow as much as possible. On top of that, you’ll be given an antiseptic solution that you can apply whenever cleaning it.

Remember to wash your hands before touching your ears after getting a new piercing. Additionally, make sure to rotate the earring when cleaning it, and make sure to wear it as long as possible. Even after it fully heals, it’s recommended to not keep it off for more than 24 hours for at least the first six months.


If you think you’re ready to get your ears pierced, you may be able to get it done at Walmart. Not all locations offer this service, but over 5,000 stores in the US do with the Inverness Piercing Gun.

Getting your ears pierced is completely free at Walmart, provided you buy any one of the piercing studs at their store which start at around $9.99 for the basic options and up to $40 for the more high-end choices.

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