Does Walmart Price Match Target? [How To Price Match & More]

Can you price match Walmart items with Target to save money? Here's everything about whether Walmart price matches with Target and more.

Walmart is already known for its low prices. When the store was established by Sam Walton in 1962, it was put up with the purpose of supplying customers with quality goods at a low price.

And this legacy rings true at Walmart, especially with their slogan, “Save Money, Live Better”. So, if you plan on heading to Walmart, you can rest assured of competitive prices.

In fact, Walmart takes this philosophy a step further with price matching. If customers can find that the exact same item at Walmart is cheaper at another store and prove it, Walmart will match the price and give you a discount.

This policy is a part of all Walmart stores and customers can price match with a lot of different stores. But does this include Target?

Since Target is another large retailer in the United States that offers competitive prices for its products, customers can potentially save some money when shopping at Walmart if they price match with Target.

And if you’re looking to save money on your next Walmart shopping trip by price matching Target, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be diving into Walmart’s Price Match policy when it comes to Target, how to use it, and some other things you need to know about price matching at Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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Will Walmart Price Match Target?

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Yes, as of 2023, Walmart will price match with Target. However, there’s a catch.

Walmart will not price match with Target in-store. Instead, you can only price match items on with items on To do this, you have to submit a request when shopping online before you place the order. If your request is approved, then you can potentially save money when shopping.

However, you cannot price match with items in the Target physical store, sale items, and any product ads that don’t guarantee the full price of an item.

How Does Walmart Price Match Work?

Walmart’s Price Match Policy differs for online and in-store purchases. And since you can only price match Target with Walmart when shopping online, we’ll take a look at their online price match policy.

When shopping on the Walmart website, if you notice that an item on the website is cheaper on the Target website, you can make a request through Walmart customer care. When requesting a price match, you have to make sure that the item is the same brand, size, model, color, and quantity. If it doesn’t, then your price match request won’t be approved.

If it is approved, the associate will guide you through the process of purchasing the product then you will be refunded the difference. Another thing to remember is that the item has to be in-stock on for Walmart to price match the item.

When requesting price matches on, remember that the policy limits request to one per day per person. The only time this doesn’t apply is for New Mexico residents. But if you’re making the purchase for resale in New Mexico, the limit applies.

Will Walmart Match The Price Of Target Ads?

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If you receive Target ads that offer the same item at Walmart but for a lower price, you may be wondering if you can request a price match. Most of the time, you can request for Walmart to price match Target ads. This is because the price needs to be guaranteed for Walmart to match it.

Another detail to remember is that Walmart won’t price match sale items. So, if the Target ad shows that an item is on sale, on a buy one take one promo or buy an item to reduce the price of another, Walmart won’t price match the item.

Can I Price Match Items At Walmart With Target Sales?

As mentioned earlier, Walmart does not price match any sale item. This rings true for any store, whether it’s physical or digital. So, if you want a product that’s on sale at Costco and wants to get it for the same price at Walmart, you can’t do this.

Instead, you might be better off heading to the store where the sale is ongoing, as that allows you to avail of the item at the sale price without having to go through the process of requesting a price match at Walmart.

Does Walmart Decline Price Matches?

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Walmart reserves the right to decline your price match request for a variety of reasons. Remember, when you request for a price match, you aren’t ensured of getting the product at a discount until it’s approved and Walmart can reject the request at any time.

This could be because it doesn’t adhere to their policy, the item is priced lower because it’s on sale, or the price isn’t guaranteed. Additionally, if the item isn’t in-stock at the time you request for a price match, then they can reject it as well.

Can I Request A Price Match After Buying A Product?

If you already purchased a product at Walmart, most of the time, you cannot request for a price match.

For you to buy a product at a matched price, Walmart needs to process the item and approve the request before you make the purchase. So, if you already bought the item, you won’t be able to receive a refund by asking for a price match.


Walmart has a very convenient and easy price match policy. If customers can find and prove that an item at Walmart is available at a cheaper price at another store, they will match the price.

While you can’t match Target prices at Walmart in-store, you can do it while shopping online. Before placing your order at, you can request a price match by contacting customer care.

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