How To Get Free Shipping At Walmart [5 Easy Ways To Cut Costs]

If you want to save yourself some money through free shipping at Walmart, read on. Here are some easy ways to get your items shipped for free.

Walmart had its humble beginnings back in 1962. But since then, the brick-and-mortar retailer has slowly turned into one of the biggest retailers in today’s market, with a net worth of over 559 billion.

Aside from offering a wide array of products at competitive prices, one of the reasons Walmart is so popular is innovation. And recently, they have begun to venture into the world of e-commerce through the Walmart website.

Just like Amazon or any other e-commerce site, you can head to and avail yourself of a variety of products. On top of that, some of the products may not even be available in their stores since third-party sellers are allowed to sell on the Walmart website.

But if you’re ordering groceries and other items at the Walmart store, you may be wondering if you can avoid the shipping fee.

The shipping fee covers all transportation costs to bring the item to your home. But for regular customers and consumers, this may add a significant sum to your total bill, which is why many customers are looking to circumvent these shipping fees.

And in this article, we’ll take a look at 5 different ways you can get around the Walmart shipping fee and save yourself some money.
Read on to learn more.

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How Can I Get Free Shipping At Walmart?

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There are many ways to get your items shipped for free at Walmart. You can spend a minimum of $35, opt for pick-up options, sign up for Walmart plus, or even shop for specific items that have a no shipping fee promo.

Either way, here are five of the easiest ways customers can avoid shipping fees when shopping on;

Spend More Than $35

Arguably the easiest way to avoid paying a shipping fee on the Walmart website is by spending more than $35.

It’s in the Walmart website’s policy that customers can get free deliveries if they spend more than $35 on a single order. So, whether you want free next-day, same-day, or 3-5 day delivery at Walmart, all you have to do is generate an order worth more than $35.

This is a marketing technique to encourage customers to spend more on their website. While the shipping fee is usually small (depending on your location), getting free shipping by spending more money is a great way to get customers to buy more items from a store.

This is applicable for any of the Walmart and Marketplace items on the website. To determine which options have free shipping if you spend more than $35, look out for the “free shipping” marker on the product page.

Sign Up For Walmart Plus

Walmart Plus

If you’re a Walmart Plus member, one of the benefits you receive is unlimited free shipping on a variety of merchandise. This includes electronics, groceries, household items, and even clothes and other essentials.

So, if you have a Walmart Plus membership, you get free shipping on most items and don’t need to spend a minimum of $35 on the website.

Walmart Plus will cost members $98 annually or $12.95 monthly. To avail of membership, all you have to do is be a resident of the US, be above 18 years old, and provide a valid email address.

Pick Them Up Yourself In-Store

On the Walmart website, you may notice a “pick-up” option for your order if you ordered groceries and other essentials. To do this, you need to order from the Walmar+ app which is free for Andriod and Apple devices.

When you select the pick-up option, you won’t have to pay the delivery fee. Additionally, you will have to go to the Walmart location nearest to you to pick up the order.

Another option is curbside pickup which is completely free as well. With this option, you select your items and then select a time for you to pick up the items.

While either of these options isn’t exactly a way to get “free deliveries” since you have to go out to pick them up, it removes the hassle of going into Walmart to find and choose the items yourself from the shelves.

Pick The Orders Up From FedEx

New York, United States. FedEx truck delivering packages

Certain items on the Walmart website are eligible for free FedEx pickup. With this option, the items will be shipped to the FedEx location nearest to you instead of to your address. From there, you will receive a notification when your item is at the FedEx location and when you can pick it up.

Remember to pick up the item as soon as you get the notification as FedEx typically only holds items for 5 days. Additionally, this option is only available for certain items in the Walmart store.

Buy The Right Items

There are some items on the Walmart website that don’t charge shipping fee regardless of your total bill. Walmart offers seasonal promotions that mean free shipping on an array of items. If you have your eye out for these products but don’t want to pay the shipping fee, try and stay updated with Walmarts events and sales.


There are multiple ways to get free delivery from Walmart. Some of these methods apply to msot items on the website or app such as spending more than $35 or signing up for a Walmart+ membership.

However, other methods may not may only apply to certain items, which you can see clearly on the product page. Another alternative to paying a delivery fee is opting for pick up. While this means you still have to go out to get the items, they will already be pre-packaged and paid for, so you won’t have to look for them in the Walmart stores.

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