How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Abbreviations & More]

What do the codes and abbreviations in a Walmart receipt stand for? If you want to learn how to read a Walmart receipt, then check out this guide.

In 2021, Walmart reported around $555.23 billion in revenue. And this large number of sales is the reason Walmart is one of the largest retailers on the market.

But keep in mind, Walmart has to keep track of each and every sale made in their store or on the website. So, whether you buy a $5 drink or a full month’s worth of groceries at Walmart, there is a record of that for you and for the company.

And while receipts are incredibly important references, they can be pretty tough to read.

Receipts are useful in keeping track of your finances while also serving as a concrete reference if any disputes arise. If you’ve ever tried to really go through your receipt at Walmart, you may find a bunch of codes and abbreviations that don’t really make sense.

But to make the most of your receipt as a reference, you need to understand what all the abbreviations and codes mean. So, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to the complex Walmart receipt.

We explain how to read a receipt, how to learn what items are on the receipts, some cheat codes for the abbreviations, and even a breakdown of the taxes on your Walmart receipt.

Keep reading to learn more.

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The Walmart Receipt: Explained

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If you’re trying to understand a Walmart receipt, it’s best to know what the receipt features first. The primary things you can find on any Walmart receipt are the purchased products and their serial numbers, the price, and any discounts that were applied.

At the bottom of the receipt, you will find a numerical code. This is simply the receipt number to use as a reference. Additionally, you can find tax codes that the letters A, B, P, R, S represent. Then, the N, O, and X letters represent the tax status.

On top of all that, if you lose the original receipt, you can find a digital copy using the Walmart online receipt lookup.

How Do I Find What An Item Is On My Walmart Receipt?

Walmart uses abbreviations for most of the items on their receipts. Two common abbreviations you may find are “ORG” and “VG” which stand for “organic” and vegetables”. So, you can try and deduce the abbreviation by comparing the receipt to the items in your bag.

If you bought more high-end goods like TVs, phones, and radios, the receipt also features their serial code. This is another good way to figure out what an item is on the receipt. You can compare the serial code to the serial code on your device to confirm the item on the receipt.

And if you go to the Walmart website, you can find a tool that you can use to find out the abbreviations and codes of different items on your receipt.

However, customers report that the easiest way to decode your receipt is to use the Walmart app. On the app, you can find a QR code scanner, which you can use to scan the QR code on your receipt. Once scanned, the app will show you images of all the items you purchased.

That way, you won’t have to figure out any abbreviations or look for the serial codes on your devices.

What Is Walmart Receipt Item Lookup?

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Walmart’s receipt item lookup tool is a huge advantage of downloading the Walmart app. On top of the convenience of having the Walmart app to shop for goods, you can also use it to find out what the items on your receipt are.

Not only will you get product names or descriptions, but you also get to view images of the products. That way, you can instantly keep track of your expenses or settle disputes. To use this, all you have to do is scan the QR code at the bottom of your Walmart receipt, then you will receive images of all the items you purchased which are on the receipt.

What Is The Receipt Lookup Tool?

On top of using the Walmart app to find the items on your receipt, you can also use the Walmart website to find and request a duplicate copy of your receipt. When you make a purchase at Walmart, you will be given a receipt by the associate. And if you use Walmart Pay, you may also get a digital receipt which you can store on your phone.

But if you need a duplicate receipt, you can use the receipt lookup tool on the website. However, when using this, you need to provide specific information to prove that it is you. So, on the website, you have to input the store location where you made the purchase, enter the purchase date, the total amount of the receipt, the last 4 digits on your card, then go through the Captcha process.

From there, Walmart will scan the database for a copy of your receipt. If they find a match, you can download the duplicate copy. You can store this as a digital version on your phone or computer, or you can print it out so that you have a physical copy as well.

What Are The Walmart Receipt Tax Codes?

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On your Walmart receipt, you can view two types of tax codes. The first type is tax sales compliance, while the second codes are for the tax status of your item.

This is important as it gives you an idea of where your money is going as well as a proper breakdown of the total cost of your purchase. The first tax codes are represented by the letters A, B, P, R, and S, while the tax status is represented by N, O, and X.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the tax codes you can find on your Walmart receipt;

Tax Compliance

The first group represents the tax compliance of a certain item. With these codes, you can understand why there might be an extra cost on your item and where that tax is going. With that said, the tax compliance codes can vary from state to state, so it might be beneficial to look up your state’s local codes.

However, a common example is;

  • A represents Tax 1
  • B represents Tax 2
  • P is for Tax 1 and Tax 4
  • R is for Tax 1 and Tax 6
  • S is for Tax 1 and Tax 7

But remember, these codes can vary from state to state. So, it might be more important to understand the meanings of the different tax rates. Here’s a quick breakdown of what different tax rates are for;

  • Tax 1 – General Merchandise
  • Tax 2 – Food Rate
  • Tax 4 – Prepared Food Rate
  • Tax 6 – Wine Rate
  • Tax 7 – Beer Rate

Tax Status

The tax status codes are easier to understand as they don’t vary from state to state. That way, you can have a uniform meaning across all locations. Here’s what the N, O, and X letters represent on your receipt;

  • N stands for nontaxable
  • X means the product is taxable
  • O means the product is a non-taxable sale item

Can I Find A Walmart Receipt Abbreviations List?

Yes, if you’re looking to deduce the actual meaning of the abbreviations on your receipt without guessing and constantly examining the items you bought, you can head to the Walmart website. On the website, you can find a tool that shows you all the different abbreviations you can find on Walmart receipts and what they mean.


It’s important to understand what your receipt means. That way, you can get a firmer grasp of your finances and get a clear breakdown of where your money went during your last Walmart trip. On top of that, receipts are very important for receiving a full refund for your item if ever you decide to return it, which is why customers are highly advised to read and keep their receipts.

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