Is Aldi Cheaper Than Walmart? [You Might Be Surprised]

Which store is cheapest, Aldi or Walmart? Is Walmart cheaper than Aldi or is Aldi cheaper than Walmart? Here's the ultimate comparison guide.

As shoppers, finding the best prices for top-quality products is often the main priority. And for many years, people have seen Walmart as a great place to find the best products and items at competitive prices.

However, the German grocery chain, Aldi, has slowly been growing in popularity because of its high-quality items at affordable prices as well. So how are Aldi prices vs Walmart prices?

The answer might surprise you.

Aldi has some products that are fairly cheaper than Walmart products. However, for some items such as seafood and produce, the prices can be lower at Walmart.

This could be attributed to a number of reasons such, as with a lot of customers reporting that some Aldi produce is cheaper, but not up to par with Walmart.

In this article, we dive into the details of how these two grocery stores price products, how Aldi prices compared to Walmart prices, and a general Walmart grocery prices comparison.

By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know about the Aldi prices vs Walmart debate and have a definitive answer to the question: Is Aldi cheaper than Walmart?

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Aldi Prices Compared To Walmart Prices

Aldi North Miami Florida USA

For a lot of products, Aldi prices are actually lower than Walmart prices. Each store hosts a wide variety of different products, and certain locations may have cheaper prices. When making a general comparison of the prices, we found that Aldi prices are generally lower.

However, take note that this isn’t by a lot. Most of the time, the price difference was no more than a couple of cents. The item price also depends on the brand, quantity, and location.

For example, items under the Walmart Great Value brand are significantly lower than some Aldi products. However, if you compare the prices of the same brand at both grocery stores, you’ll find that the results will vary greatly.

How We Found The Cheaper Grocery Store

Since prices vary in different locations and stores, we needed to devise a proper methodology for comparing the prices.

Instead of running through every single item at each store, we checked out the prices of some of the most common items that you might find in a weekly grocery list.

By the end, we found that Aldi products were generally cheaper, but not by a lot.

Below, you can find the comparison table we made after using this methodology. Again, remember that prices vary depending on your location, season, and store, so expect some margin of error.

Aldi vs Walmart Grocery Prices Comparison Chart

Aldi versus Walmart

Here’s a quick table of the different products available at both groceries and how the prices compare to one another.

This comparison covers a wide range of categories such as produce, meat, seafood, bread, frozen foods, and even pasta and grains.

While it doesn’t contain every time and price comparison, the table can help you build a rough idea of the average prices at Walmart and Aldi.

Both grocery stores change the prices of their products from time to time, which is important to keep in mind when reading through this table.

ProductWalmart PriceAldi Price
Tri-Color Peppers$3.37$2.99
White Mushrooms (8 oz)$1.88$1.45
Head of Iceberg Lettuce$1.48$1.35
1lb of Honey-Crisp Apples$2.80$2.19
1lb of Chicken Breasts$2.08$1.89
Bone-in Porkchops$4.12$3.79
Ground Beef$5.97$4.99
Chuck Roast$6.47$5.99
Hot Dog Buns$0.88$0.85
Burger Buns$0.88$0.85
Frozen Corn (12 oz)$1.00$0.47
10 oz Basic Veggie Burger$2.99$2.98
Frozen Green Beans$1.79$1.75
Chicken Nuggets (29oz)$4.28$3.55
Jasmine White Rice$0.077 per oz&0.069 per oz

As you can see, when comparing some of the more common household essentials and grocery products, Aldi prices came out slightly cheaper. However, as you can tell by the chart, the price difference usually amounts to a few cents.

For larger grocery trips, the few cents might make a huge difference. However, for most trips, the difference is negligible.

What Products Are Cheaper At Walmart?

While the chart showed that some prices are cheaper at Aldi, there are still some products that are cheaper when you buy at Walmart.

What products are these?

If you go to Walmart, you’ll find that a lot of their snacks are significantly cheaper than the ones at Aldi. Plain and wavy potato chips tend to be cheaper at Walmart than at other grocery stores, including Aldi.

Certain other products such as Ranch dressing, olive oil, canola oil, and honey are also slightly cheaper at Walmart.

Generally, Walmart has a wider selection than most stores, so the slightly more expensive prices are worth the added convenience of having access to Walmart’s wide selection and extra services.

What Products Are Cheaper At Aldi?

Aldi Ephrata Pennsylvania USA

When looking at Aldi’s prices, you might find that a lot of their products are cheaper than Walmart’s.

The rice, pasta, vegetables, produce, and a bunch of other items have lower asking prices at Aldi compared to Walmart.

However, if you refer to the chart, you’ll actually find that the difference is only a few cents. Now, in some instances, the couple of cents on certain products will make a significant difference.

If you’re making a big grocery trip and looking to save a couple of bucks, Aldi does offer slightly cheaper prices.

However, if you’re making small, weekly trips, you won’t feel the price difference as much since it’s very small.

Why Are Aldi Prices Lower?

For most of its post-WWI history, Aldi has been known as one of the cheaper grocery stores out there. While they stock up on top-quality brands and products, Aldi’s prices are generally a bit lower than other grocery stores, which is one of its main selling points.

On top of having lower prices in general, Aldi is also known to put their meat on sale regularly. At just about any Aldi store, there’s a significant chance of finding certain products such as ground beef or chicken breasts on sale for a bargain.

With that said, some customers have complained that Aldi’s quality isn’t up to par with other grocery stores. This is completely understandable, however, since there is a small sacrifice you have to make for more affordable processes.

When shopping for meat at Aldi, remember that they rotate their products. Usually, the oldest products will be on top since they want to sell them faster. So, for fresher produce at lower prices, we recommend digging deeper into the freezer.


Generally, Aldi prices are cheaper than Walmart prices. This isn’t true for all of the products on their shelves, but a majority of Aldi’s prices are a couple of cents lower than Walmart’s.

There are many reasons for this, and some customers have stated that some Aldi products are not up to par with Walmart. A slight dip in quality is about expected for cheaper and more affordable products.

For large grocery trips, you might be able to save money by shopping at Aldi. However, considering the vast collection of items in Walmart, the product quality, and the added convenience, it still might be a good idea to do your shopping there.

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