Is Aldi Meat Good? [Why They’re Affordable & More]

Perhaps you've heard about the affordable prices of Aldi's meat products, but is Aldi meat good? We'll answer that and other questions in this guide.

When it comes to grocery shopping, buying meat can often be a daunting task. Meat is normally on the pricier side of things and can easily bump a grocery bill over its intended budget. 

Beyond that, searching around for discounts can be frustrating and tiresome. You might feel the need to make extra stops during your grocery trip just to purchase meat at an affordable price.

Aldi is well-known for the low prices of its products, and people often do a lot of their grocery shopping at their nearest Aldi store, and that includes meat products such as chicken, beef, pork, and more.

But, despite that many customers are also hesitant and often wonder if Aldi meat is of good quality.

And since we don’t want you to wonder – we decided to conduct some research and find the answers to this popular question. And so, in this article, we’re going to do just that.

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Is Aldi Meat Good Quality In 2023?


As with any meat, the quality of meat that you can get at Aldi may vary depending on the type of meat you are buying. With that being said, many of Aldi’s meat products get really good reviews and are of great quality.

Aldi’s beef products get wonderful feedback from customers. The chain’s chicken and turkey get very similar public opinion, which is great news for the average Aldi shopper that is wondering what value for money they are getting when buying meat at Aldi.

One thing to know is that Aldi does not have a butcher in its stores. Even still, the German supermarket chain offers a fantastic selection of meats all at low prices.

So, where does Aldi get its meat, and why is it so cheap? You may also be curious to know what individual meat products are sold at Aldi. Also, are there any places that may be cheaper than Aldi when it comes to meat?

Continue reading below to find out more.

Why Is Aldi Meat So Cheap?

A lot of people tend to associate the price of the meat with its quality, which is not always the best way to do things. Low prices do not always mean that the product is low quality. This is especially true for Aldi’s selection of meat.

Aldi’s meat is cheap just like all of the other products sold on their shelves. And this is all due to the efficiency in the way the business is operated.

Aldi sources much of its meat from local and regional farms, which means the meat is most likely coming from a farm that is close to the store. Less distance for the meat to travel leads to less packaging and less fuel having to be used. These things all reduce the costs needed for Aldi to spend on meat.

Aldi keeps its cost of business low, and this allows the company to pass savings onto its customers. Aldi also has low prices for its organic meats and its Never Any! specialty meats.

What Is The Best Meat To Buy At Aldi?

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Two of the types of meat that always get great reviews are Aldi’s USDA Choice products and its Black Angus cuts. Both of these types are high quality meats and taste delicious.

The USDA Choice grade is given by the USDA, which is the United States Department of Agriculture, and is given only to meats that are high quality. The only better option is Prime, and the main difference between these two grades is the amount of marbling the meat has.

Black Angus beef can only come from cows that have a specific set of genetics. Their hides must be equal to or more than 51% black, which is where the cattle’s title comes from. This type of beef is notably juicy and often very well marbled.

Aldi sells Black Angus USDA Choice bottom round roasts for $4.49 per pound in its stores. To compare, other regional chains sell this cut for around $7.99. This means you are saving more than $3 when buying this cut of meat at Aldi.

Another type of meat that gets great reviews is Aldi’s organic and grass-fed ground beef. It can be bought for $5.49 per pound under the Simply Nature brand.

Whole chickens and bison meat that are sold at Aldi have also gotten pretty decent reviews.

What Is The Worst Meat To Buy At Aldi?

Not all of Aldi’s meats are going to be perfect, which is true for any grocery store you may shop at. With that being said, there are some meats at Aldi that do receive less than stellar reviews.

Aldi’s Kirkwood chicken breasts and chicken thighs are noted to often need trimming. Sometimes, they have been found to have pieces of bones still attached to the meat that should have been cut away.

Other customers have mentioned having to pick out tiny bits of bone from the ground turkey that is sold at Aldi. It is also noted that sometimes Aldi’s ground meats have a tendency to have a less than desirable texture.

Aldi’s ground beef, which is sold in a variety of options from 70/30 to 90/10 is still pretty good. But, if you are used to buying your meat from a butcher, you will definitely be able to tell the difference. That, however, doesn’t mean it’s bad.

If you’d like to find out more about what not to buy at Aldi, you can read our article on the topic.

Where Does Aldi Meat Come From?


Considering the low price of Aldi’s meats, you might be wondering where Aldi gets their meat from – just like customers wonder where Aldi get their milk from.

Aldi’s beef is sourced from local and regional cattle farms. This means your beef is from a source that is not very far from you.

When Aldi sources their beef this way, it is a boost for small and mid-size cattle farms, and it’s also great for the environment. On top of that, it also saves Aldi money, which allows them to provide their customers with lower prices on meat products.

Aldi sources its chicken from the same farms that Tyson does. You end up paying less at Aldi for the same exact chicken you could buy in other stores for more. Furthermore, if you are experiencing any issues with Aldi’s Kirkwood brand chicken, then you will also have the same problems with Tyson’s chicken.

Aldi does source some of its meats internationally. The most common types of meats that are not from the United States are its grass-fed and organic ground beef options. Most of Aldi’s meats that are imported will come from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Mexico.

It is required that Aldi declares the country of origin on the packaging if the product is not from the United States. If you are concerned about where your meat is coming from, just check the label.

Conclusion – Is Meat From Aldi Good?

Aldi has a wide variety of meat that is sold at low prices. The quality of the meat varies depending on the type of meat you are trying to buy. 

Not all of Aldi’s meats are awesome, but they are all decent. If you are looking for the best meat products to buy at Aldi try the USDA Choice meats or the Black Angus beef. 

Aldi is a one-stop shop for groceries, and there is really no reason to go anywhere else to buy your meat.

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