Is Aldi Meat Halal? [Possible Halal Foods, Other Stores & More]

If you're following a halal diet, and wondering whether Aldi meat is halal, we'll answer that here. Here is everything we know about Aldi meat.

Grocery shopping when you have certain dietary restrictions to follow can be incredibly hard. It requires a person to constantly be aware of what they are buying, often having them check the packaging and labels to make sure it fits their dietary needs.

Following a halal diet is no different. If you eat only foods that are halal, it can be challenging to find a store that suits your needs. Unless the store specifically brands itself as halal, you will have to be very cautious when buying foods.

Aldi is known for having many gluten-free and vegan options for its customers. This may leave you curious to know if Aldi meat is Halal.

To find the answers to this question, we researched the internet, and in this article, we will show you all of our findings plus all the other information we believe you should be aware of.

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Is Aldi Meat Halal In 2023?


Though Aldi meat is of good quality, as of 2023, unfortunately, Aldi meat is not specifically halal in the United States. In other words, Aldi offers no products that are halal certified in its United States stores.

On Aldi’s website, the company does mention that it stocks several items that are suitable for a halal diet. You would need to check the packaging and labels to figure out which products those are, though.

Aldi does have locations where halal meat is available for purchase, but this is currently only in the company’s Australian stores.

You may be left wondering why Aldi does not sell halal meat or any Hala products for that matter, what items might be halal at Aldi’s United States locations, and where you could buy halal products instead of Aldi.

To find out more about all of the above, continue reading.

Why Doesn’t Aldi Offer Halal Meat?

There is no official word from Aldi as to why they do not offer halal meat in their United States stores.

It is most likely because halal meat requires additional steps when being processed, which would potentially add to the final cost of the product, which means that Aldi aren’t going to be following their business model; be as efficient as possible every step of the way and pass on the savings to the customer.

There is also a trend among grocery stores where the meat sold there is halal, but the stores do not market it that way for whatever reason. It is possible that Aldi’s meat could be like this, where it is halal but not marketed as such. Unfortunately, there is no way to know for sure unless you ask the store specifically.

Will Aldi Ever Sell Halal Meat In Its United States Locations?

meat in shop

With the current trend, Islam is set to become the second largest religious group in the United States by mid-century. With that being the case, it would make a lot of sense for grocery stores like Aldi to start stocking halal meat and products if they want to attract more customers.

This would most likely first be done in areas with a larger population of people that needed a halal diet.

While Aldi is not selling halal meat in its United States locations right now, it is very possible that one day they will begin to sell halal meat, and hopefully it is soon so that everyone can buy the foods they love regardless of their preferences.

Does Aldi Sell Any Halal Products?

Unfortunately, no, Aldi does not sell anything that is obviously labeled as being halal. You would need to check the packaging and labels on each product to determine if it was halal suitable or not.

Aldi’s website, which is linked above, has the following to say about halal products in its United States locations: “While there may not be a halal-specific section in our stores, we do stock several items that meet halal requirements. We encourage our customers looking for halal foods to review the ingredients and product information on any of the items they are choosing to ensure the product meets their requirements.”

Regardless of this statement, there does not actually seem to be that many items which are halal suitable sold in Aldi’s stores. If there are, it is definitely not obvious at all. For this reason, Aldi products are not considered halal.

You can read our guide on how to shop at Aldi, which will give you a bit more insight when it comes to checking and buying different products at the German retailer.

What Is Halal Exactly?

muslim woman comparing between two products in supermarket

Halal literally means lawful or permissible in Arabic. It is used in regards to Islamic laws and rules.

It is a term given to food that has been prepared in a way that is in accordance with Islamic laws. When used to describe food, it is very similar to the kosher, which is a term used in Judaism.

For meat to be halal, it must have been drained of all of its blood during the butchering process. Halal meat can also not be a cut of meat from the hindquarters of an animal. Beyond that, halal meat cannot come from pork, horses, birds of prey, fanged animals, reptiles, and a few select other animals, like monkeys.

Where Can You Buy Halal Food Instead of Aldi?

If you do not live in a community that is largely Muslim, you will most likely have a hard time finding a store that sells halal products. If you do live in a community that has a large Muslim presence, you can check your local Walmart, Cub Foods, or Tops Markets for halal products, among other local stores.

These stores should offer a variety of halal meats that are fresh and frozen. They also offer brands that are halal certified.

This is only for select stores in certain areas. Make sure to research the store you want to shop at before going there.


There are currently no halal products in Aldi regardless of the store you visit in the United States. Their website says they offer items that are halal suitable, but you would need to check the packaging and labels to make sure if the item you wanted was halal or not.

Hopefully in the near future, Aldi will start to supply halal meat and products in its United States stores so that everyone can shop for everything they may need and save money.

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