Is Walmart Jewelry Real? [Diamonds, Golds, Quality & More]

Wondering if Walmart jewelry is legit? In this article, we dug into research to know whether Walmart jewelry is real, has good quality, and more.

Groceries and produce aren’t the only things people can find at Walmart. The large brick-and-mortar retailer is also known to sell a variety of clothing and jewelry to customers. In fact, the store is known to host many designer brands and even offers a variety of fine jewelry on its website.

But can customers trust Walmart jewelry?

Spending large sums of money on a piece of jewelry only to find out that the gems or metals used were fake or impure can be a huge hassle. Not only does fake jewelry turn your skin green, but it can also be easily noticeable as a fake.

So, when buying jewelry at Walmart, it’s important to make sure you’re buying legitimate products. With fake jewelry seizures happening frequently at US Customs, you never know when you receive a fake product.

In this guide, we’ll be taking a close look at the legitimacy of Walmart jewelry. We check if their jewelry is good quality, whether or not they sell real gold, and even the types of different jewelry you can find at your local Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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Is Walmart Jewelry Good Quality?

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This depends on your definition of “good jewelry”. However, Walmart jewelry is generally the same quality as any other jewelry pieces you may find at mall jewelry stores. So, yes, Walmart jewelry is generally good quality.

However, keep in mind that some Walmarts carry low-grade jewelry. This means that while the gems and metals are real, the quality of the materials is sub-par. This isn’t a major issue, however, if you’re keen on making sure that you have top-quality jewelry, it’s an important consideration.

When buying jewelry at Walmart, go for options and brands that come with a third-party certification of their quality. If the product doesn’t come with certification, that doesn’t mean it’s fake, however, it could indicate that the materials are low-grade compared to other brands.

Is Walmart Gold Real?

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Yes, Walmart sells real gold jewelry. However, there are some caveats to this that are important to consider if you plan on going to the retailer to shop for jewelry.

To give you an idea of Walmart’s jewelry quality, let’s look at the Simply Gold collection. While the name suggests that these are high-quality pieces made out of pure gold, this isn’t the case.

Generally, Walmart jewelry uses 10-karat gold, which isn’t pure. 10-karat gold is roughly 40% pure gold. So, the other 60% is composed of different metals. This means that the majority of the materials aren’t gold, which isn’t ideal for people looking for high-quality jewelry.

Additionally, when shopping for gold at Walmart, keep an eye out for these abbreviations: GP,  GEP, and RGP. While these don’t indicate that the gold is fake, it does mean that the jewelry is gold plated as opposed to being made of pure gold.

With that said, you may get lucky and stumble upon good pieces at your local Walmart. Some shoppers report finding 12k and 14k gold at Walmart, which is generally considered high-quality in the jewelry community.

Are Walmart Diamonds Real?

Yes, you can rely on Walmart’s diamond jewelry having real diamonds. However, just like with their gold jewelry, this comes with an asterisk.

While Walmart uses real diamonds in their jewelry, they do not use high-quality diamonds. At best, Walmart diamonds are around mid-grade, which isn’t bad, but it is far from the best that you can get.

The downside to this is that these diamonds don’t have a lot of resale value. So, if you’re looking to buy jewelry as an investment piece that you plan to resell at a higher price after a few years, Walmart may not be the place to find that.

What Jewelry Can You Find At Walmart?

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There are many different pieces of jewelry available at Walmart. For a brief glimpse of the available options at Walmart, you can go on their website to look at their “fine jewelry” collection.

And if you aren’t keen on going to the physical store to buy the jewelry, you can even place your order online and have it delivered to your door. At Walmart, you can find a variety of bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches, and other pieces that you may need.

On top of that, Walmart generally uses legitimate materials in their products. So, you can rest assured that you are getting real diamonds, gold, and other materials when you buy their jewelry. And considering that the prices of these pieces are generally lower than the market average, you could potentially save money.

However, keep in mind that Walmart jewelry doesn’t use the highest quality materials. So, the resale value and aesthetic value of the pieces may not be as high as some of the other brands on the market today.


If you plan on going to Walmart to do some jewelry shopping, you can rest assured that most of the jewelry in their stores is legitimate. So, just as advertised, you will be getting real gold, silver, and diamonds with any piece you buy in their stores.

However, keep in mind that while the materials are real, the quality is subpar. It’s reported that a lot of the gold at Walmart is around 10-karat, which is only around 40% real gold. This is also a complaint about the diamonds at the store, which may be real, but are far from high-quality.

So, if you’re looking for high-end luxury jewelry with a high resale value, you may have to look at places other than Walmart.

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