Overnight Parking Walmart [Stay Duration, Towing, Sleeping In Car, RV + More]

Can you park or sleep in your car at Walmart? Is it legal and will Walmart tow your car? Here's a guide with all the answers you need.

For a long time, Walmart was known for letting people in RVs sleep in their parking lot. However, in recent years, things have changed. Some Walmart stores don’t allow overnight parking and sleeping in the car, while others do.

So, can you sleep in your car at Walmart?

Generally, most Walmart stores allow people to park overnight and sleep in their cars.’

Walmart has more than 4,000 stores across the US, and most of them will let you sleep in your car in the parking lot. However, most stores only allow people to sleep there for one night and it’s highly recommended to ask for permission before doing it.

If you’ve been asking, “Is it legal to sleep in your car at Walmart?”, you’ve come to the right place.

In this quick guide, we go through everything you need to know about Walmart overnight parking, and how long you can leave your car in a Walmart parking lot.

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Can I Park My Car At Walmart Overnight?

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Yes, people are generally allowed to park their cars at Walmart overnight. For some stores, people can even sleep while parked in the parking lot overnight. This rings true for most Walmart stores and locations across the US, however, not all stores allow this.

Generally, people are discouraged from parking overnight for more than one night and are encouraged to ask permission from the store or store manager beforehand.

Is It Legal To Sleep In Your Car At Walmart?

Whether you’re taking a break from a long drive or find yourself in tough times, it’s common to wonder whether it’s legal to sleep in a parked car in a Walmart parking lot. Most stores will allow you to sleep for at least one night in a Walmart parking lot, but it’s best to ask permission first.

Walmart does not have a direct policy referring to people sleeping in their parked cars, and it’s usually up to the store manager’s discretion. However, while it isn’t illegal to sleep in a car in a Walmart parking lot, the store holds the right to send you away since you are on private property.

If you plan to park your car overnight and sleep at a Walmart parking lot, it’s highly recommended to inform the store manager or security of your plans. While they do have the right to waive you, most stores and managers will allow you to spend a night in the parking lot if you’re in your own car.

To increase the chances of the store allowing you to sleep in your car, it’s recommended to be respectful and friendly when talking to them.

How Long Can I Leave A Car At A Walmart Parking Lot?

Does Walmart Make Keys

Generally, the rule of overnight parking at Walmart is that RV drivers are only allowed one night at the same Walmart parking lot. Stores will usually allow you to stay one night, but if you overstay your welcome, you might be sent away.

While there are no rules and guidelines when it comes to staying at a Walmart parking lot, the RC Escapees Club did release a list of general RV etiquette to follow. This includes not overstaying at any parking lot and always asking permission from store managers before camping for the night, among others.

Will Walmart Tow My Car?

If you overstay your welcome and keep your car parked for more than two nights, there is a risk that Walmart will tow your car. To avoid this, we recommend parking towards the outskirts of the parking lot and only spending a maximum of one night in the parking lot.

Since the Walmart parking lot is private property, the manager and store have the right to ask you to leave at any time. And if you refuse to leave, the store can also have your car towed away from the property.

How To Park And Sleep In Your Car Overnight At Walmart

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If you find yourself needing to spend a night in a Walmart parking lot, the first step to remember is asking permission. When you park at a Walmart parking lot with the intent to sleep there, it’s best to inform the store manager.

When asking permission from the store manager, we recommend being as friendly and respectful as possible. Remember, the manager can send you away at any time and being friendly increases the chances of the manager allowing you to spend the night.

On top of that, make sure to only spend one night in the Walmart parking lot. Managers will usually ask people to leave the parking lot if they have been there for more than one night and if you refuse, they could have your car towed.

Is It Safe To Park And Sleep In Your Car At A Walmart Parking Lot?

Most Walmart stores have CCTV cameras around the parking lot which can provide decent surveillance and protection. On top of that, there are also many Walmart security guards who roam the premises and make sure everyone is safe.

However, there are always safety concerns when sleeping in a parking lot. Not every parking lot or store is safe, so make sure to research the neighborhood and general safety of the area before deciding to park and spend the night.

How Much Do I Have To Pay For Walmart Overnight Parking?

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A big benefit to parking and sleeping at a Walmart parking lot is that it’s free. Whether or not you buy something at the Walmart store doesn’t matter, and you will never be asked for an additional fee for staying overnight at the parking lot.


If you find yourself down on your luck or just need to rest after a long drive, you can park at a Walmart overnight and sleep. However, it’s crucial to ask permission from the manager first, as they have the right to ask you to leave since it is private property.

Once you have permission from the manager, we recommend only staying one night, as most stores will ask people to leave if they overstay. There is no fee for Walmart overnight parking, though there are times where you might need to buy something from the store first.

But if you approach the manager respectfully and explain your situation, there’s a high chance you’ll be allowed to park overnight and get some well-needed rest.

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