Can You Return Food To Walmart? [Groceries, Produce & More]

Is it true that you can return food to Walmart? What about unopened food, groceries and fish? Here are all the answers you need.

Returning items to Walmart is usually a straightforward process when it comes to returning home goods and similar household products. However, can you return food to Walmart?

The Walmart food return policy can be a bit complicated, and in this article, we will get into everything you need to know and bring if you wish to return food to Walmart, whether it is because you bought the wrong products or if it smells off.

Keep on reading below to learn more about the Walmart food return policy.

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Can You Return Food To Walmart In 2023?


The answer is a little more complicated than just a yes or a no when it comes to Walmart’s food return policy.

If you wish to return fresh produce such as meat, dairy, vegetables, frozen foods, and similar, you would need a good reason for your return. That could either be that you aren’t happy with the taste, the quality, or the freshness of the food.

However, if you are looking to return non-perishable foods (foods that are packaged and can last for a prolonged time), such as fish on cans, nut butter of any kind, canned soups, and similar, then you can return those within the standard 90-day return policy at Walmart.

What Is Walmart’s Fresh Guarantee Policy?

When it comes to fresh food and how long it should last, Walmart states that they guarantee the freshness of all bread and produce items. If you aren’t 100% satisfied with any bread or produce item, Walmart will replace it or reimburse you for the purchase price.

If you need to return food that is non-perishable within 90 days because it isn’t up to par according to Walmart’s standards, then be sure to keep your receipt as proof of purchase so that everything runs smoothly (under 90 days, if possible).

Can You Return Expired Food At Walmart?

Walmart has a return policy which states that all non-perishables can be returned within 90 days of the original purchase date. If you wish to return dried foods, canned goods, or any other packaged food that isn’t perishable, then just bring the receipt with you so you are able to get your money back for what wasn’t used.

However, if it is an expired product within Walmart’s 90-day return policy, then unfortunately they will not accept returns for products that have passed their expiration date.

Have you mistakenly bought an item that is already expired, the best thing is to bring the receipt as the Walmart staff would be able to see the purchase date of the food item. If you don’t have the receipt the customer service or returns desk may be able to find the transaction if you paid with your card. You can read more about non-receipt returns at Walmart here.

What To Do When You Are Not Happy With The Taste Of Your Food?

Is Walmart A Franchise

To ensure that you are able to properly return unsatisfactory items when it comes to taste and similar factors (such as texture), make sure that you bring the entire package with you.

This is because by bringing one tomato, for example, Walmart can not verify that it is truly unsatisfactory compared to other tomatoes in the package.

However, if you are able to bring all of the produce or food items that came with your purchase back into the store, then they will be able to either give you a full refund or replace it entirely with an item of similar quality.

Can You Return Food To Walmart If It Smells Off?

If any food has gone bad within 90 days due to improper storage or being left out too long without being used, then you are welcome to return them at Walmart’s customer service counter.

Just ensure that by returning these products that you aren’t putting yourself at risk of getting sick by consuming a spoiled food item.

Can You Return Perishable Food To Walmart If It Is Still Sealed?

Walmart does accept returns of food items if they are unopened and in their original packaging. However, oftentimes when you bring in your entire set of food for a refund, it may be exchanged with something else entirely rather than giving you cash back on the purchase price.

For example, if all of the meat that was supposed to be within the package is bad then instead of giving you cash back or exchanging these items with another product, Walmart may offer an alternative themselves such as fresh produce instead.

But this doesn’t happen too often since they try to do everything possible to make sure each customer has a great experience while shopping at their stores.

Can You Return Baby Food To Walmart?

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Yes, Walmart does accept returns on baby food and products so long as they are unopened and in their original packaging.

However, if items such as these have been opened or partially used then you should be aware that oftentimes they will not offer a refund but instead an alternative for the same price.

Walmart Fish Return Policy

Just like with other fresh produce, fish falls under the same category. So, if you wish to return some fresh fish you have bought at Walmart, then the fish return policy at Walmart is the exact same for other fresh food items.

Can You Return Food To Walmart Without A Receipt?

While the return process is easier if you have your receipt with you, there are ways to make a food return at Walmart without a receipt.

Either the Walmart returns desk can find the transaction of your purchase in their system if you paid by card, and then the customer service should be able to verify your purchase from there.

Another way is to bring all the packaging as well as the product with you into the store. Depending on the employer, they may offer you to exchange the product with another.

How To Return Food Items At Walmart

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Many people aren’t sure how to properly return food items when they have been opened and partially eaten, so we have provided all of the information you need below.

In order for Walmart to process your return, they will require you to bring in your entire set of perishable foods back into the store. This includes all packaging parts along with any perishable items that were included within the original purchase.

If there is anything perishable that cannot be brought back in because it is no longer safe or fresh for consumption, then ensure that these items are thrown out in a nearby garbage can or taken home immediately if they will not pose a health risk once refrigerated.

Once all of your food items are returned, they will either refund you for the purchase price of everything or replace your unsatisfactory food with something else entirely of similar (better) quality.

However, at times Walmart does not replace one product with another because if the entire batch is bad then this could cause more people to fall sick after eating something that wasn’t up to par.

However, by bringing back everything completely intact, it allows them to make sure your entire purchase is replaced properly without any problems whatsoever.

How To Properly Store Food Within Your Refrigerator And How Long Foods Should Last When Frozen Or Reheated

Walmart states that in order to get the best taste and freshness out of anything you’ve purchased at their stores, you should follow these simple rules:

Replace all meat and seafood products by their expiration date.

Store hot dogs, lunch meats, and pre-cooked ham within the fridge as opposed to the freezer even if there is a sell-by date on them. These should last for only one week after being opened.

Frozen vegetables will last up to three months at peak freshness when they are properly sealed in their original bags and placed in the back of your freezer where it is coldest.

Fresh fruit and raw veggies such as lettuce should be stored within the fridge but may also be kept outside for no more than two days (max). If you know that you aren’t going to eat them after this time then make sure that they get thrown in the freezer so they will last longer.

Can I Return Food I Got Delivered From Walmart?

Yes, and as long as it is unopened and undamaged you can return food items that were delivered to your house by Walmart.

If your food was damaged during the delivery process or has been opened but not all of it has been eaten yet, then follow the same directions listed above for returning fresh food products once they have been opened within Walmart stores.

Conclusion – Can You Return Food To Walmart?

Walmart store exterior

Walmart has a very lenient policy when it comes to returning food items, regardless of whether they have been opened or not.

All you need is your receipt and/or the packaging that the product came in, and then you can either get a refund for the purchase price or replace the item with something else from Walmart.

Just make sure that all of the perishable foods are brought back into the store so that they can be properly inspected.

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