Does Target Price Match Costco? [How To Price Match & More]

Wondering whether Target price matches Costco? Read on to know whether Target does price matching with Costco, their policy, and more.

Target is one of the most well-known retailers in the United States. It is a direct competitor of Costco and holds about the same market share as Costco despite their completely different business model, which doesn’t require customers to purchase a membership.

Despite that, they still manage to offer their customers very good prices on a lot of their products and services that can also be found at Costco.

As a result of that, a lot of the Costco customers also happen to be Target customers. And since both retailers attract clients that want to save money on their every purchase, many Target customers wonder if Target price matches Costco, which undoubtedly has better prices for some products.

To find out whether Target price matches Costco, we did some research, and in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know regarding Target’s price matching policy as far as Costco is concerned.

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Does Target Make Price Matching With  Costco In 2023?

Target store

As of 2023, Target does price match a number of products that can be found both on the Costco website and in-store.

In order for you to be eligible for a Costco price match at Target, you need to present the Target employees with concrete proof that the Costco price is lower than the price at Target for the exact same product.

Do note that items, which are on sale at Costco are not eligible for price matching at Target. If you’d like to find out more about Target’s price matching policy with Costco, how price matching works, and more – continue reading.

What Is The Policy on Price Matching Of Target For Costco?

The policy states that Target will match the prices of the items that are also found in Costco, as long as the products are the same and sold in both retail stores, whether it be in the physical store or through the official websites.

It means that the product being sold in both retail stores must contain the same model number, be the very same brand or manufacturer, and be the same in size, color, and weight.

So if you use the official Target app to do the price matching, you have to make sure that the product’s price that you are showing is within the store where you want the price matching to take place.

In addition to that, if Target cannot confirm the price of the Costco item that you want Target to price match, your request is likely to be turned down until you get adequate proof.

It has to be noted that Target can also set a limit to the total price matches that every customer can propose each day. So, don’t waste them.

What Is Target’s Policy on Price Adjustment For Costco?

The Target policy states that customers will be refunded the difference in price as long as the item was purchased within 14 days and a receipt is present for evidence.

The difference in price will then be given to you in cash or through Apple Pay.

For example, if you paid $50 for a certain product at Target and it costs $45 in Costco, within 14 days of buying the item, you can go to Costco with all the necessary proof and get the 5$ back.

How Can Price Matching With Costco Be Done In Target Stores?

Target Retail Store

If it turns out that Costco is selling a certain product that is cheaper than Target, then go to any Target store near you and look for the checkout counter. The staff member there will then price match the Costco item to the very same item at Target.

When doing so, you must show concrete proof that the price at Costco is lower, or else, you won’t be able to get the difference in price refunded to you.

The said proof can be a printout of an advertisement or a product listing from Costco’s official website that is accessed from your phone.

As soon as Target makes approval of your request for a price match, either you can purchase the product for the lower price, or have the difference refunded in case you bought it already.

How Can I Do The Price Match With Costco On Target’s Official Website?

When a product is sold cheaper in Costco than on Target’s official website,, contact Target’s Guest Services immediately at 1-800-591-3869. When a representative answers, explain the situation and ask all the questions that you may have.

After making the request, the staff member in charge will start doing the verification process, and once the employee confirms that the Costco price is lower, then the price match request will be granted.

What Are Target’s Exceptions In The Policy For Price Matching?

Target won’t price match items from Costco that are currently on sale or part of a deal.

Aside from that, the following listed below are other notable exceptions in the policy of the Target price match:

  • Target does not offer price matching on services such as mobile phones and plans, product services, clinics, eye checks, pharmacy purchases, or gaming reservations
  • Target shops located in Alaska and Hawaii are not offering price matching services as of 2023
  • Target has no rain-checking services on items that are not in stock at the moment
  • Target does not offer price matching services during Thanksgiving Day and the week after that

Does Costco Make Price Matching Services On Target?

Target store 3

No, Costco doesn’t price match Target or any other store for that matter. This is because the store is already known for its impressively low prices on many products and services across its stores.

But if you find yourself unsatisfied with a specific purchase, you may return the item to Costco by following the guidelines on the Costco website.

To learn about the said guidelines on returning items, you can visit the membership services counter at any Costco store, or through Costco’s official website.

Which One Is Cheaper – Costco Or Target?

There have been a number of online consumers who conducted tests in order to determine which of the two popular retail stores provide the cheaper deals.

But, no matter how the comparison is done, Costco is the clear winner when it comes to deciding which store is the cheapest of the two. Even when comparing Walmart vs Costco, Costco is still the store that offers the best value for money.

Conclusion – Does Target Price Match Costco?

As of 2023, Target does price match Costco on a range of products and services in order to provide their customers with a very similar level of satisfaction and experience to that of Costco.

In order to get a price match, make sure to provide the required proof or if you’ve already bought the item, go to Target and request a price adjustment – again – with all the necessary proof.

Do note that items that are on sale and those sold together with other promo offers are exceptions in Target’s policy on price matching.

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