Do You Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers? [Simple Answer]

Do you have to tip Walmart delivery drivers? How do you do it and do the drivers receive the full tip? Here's a guide with all the answers you seek.

With the pandemic taking hold of most of our lives in 2019, delivery services have soared. And even as lockdowns have loosened and countries have begun opening up, delivery services are still an essential daily service.

Grocery delivery services at Walmart have been available since March of 2018. However, up until now, people still ask: Do you tip Walmart delivery drivers?

Just like any other service, it’s considered best practice to tip Walmart delivery drivers. Considering the work they do and the convenience they add to a customer’s life, many people recommend passing a tip to your Walmart delivery service people.

In this guide, we’ll be getting into everything you need to know about tipping Walmart grocery delivery drivers. We get into how much to tip Walmart delivery drivers, the different ways to do it, and more.

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How Much To Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers

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Just like standard services, a 10% tip is considered the norm in the United States. However, a 15%-20% tip is also commonly accepted and can be an even bigger help to the delivery drivers.

Customers have the freedom to choose exactly how much they want to tip their drivers and they can add whatever amount. But if you’re feeling confused about how much to tip, 10% is the general rule that most customers follow.

How To Tip Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers

Customers have the option to tip Walmart delivery drivers through cash or card.

If you choose to tip through a card, you can do it during the ordering process on the app or website. This is a convenient option that allows you to ensure that you included a tip to the driver without needing to hand over the money.

Alternatively, customers can also give cash tips to drivers upon delivery. This is the more traditional route, but if you forgot to add the tip during the ordering process, you can do it when your order arrives.

When tipping a driver through cash, you also ensure that the tip goes directly to them and doesn’t pass through a third party.

Do Walmart Grocery Delivery Drivers See Tips?

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If you tip a Walmart grocery delivery driver through the app or website, they will be able to see the amount you tipped on their third-party app.

The app allows drivers to view their delivery history, earnings, tips, and more.

There’s also a summary of all the tips they received during each delivery to help them keep track.

Is It Better To Tip With Cash Or Card?

Tipping your Walmart delivery driver through a card is the most convenient option.

You can add the tip directly during the ordering process and the driver can even view the amount you tipped. However, these tips go through a third party that usually receives a cut, meaning the driver won’t receive the full tip.

If you tip with cash, you can ensure that the entire tip goes into the driver’s pocket. This is also a more personal way of giving a tip, which could be ideal if you prefer traditional methods. However, it’s pretty common to forget to tip the driver when giving it through cash, which is why many prefer to sort everything out through the card.

While tipping through the website or app is convenient, most people recommend tipping with cash as all the tip goes to the driver when given personally in cash.

How To Tip Grocery Delivery Drivers Online


During the ordering process on the app or website, you have the option of adding a tip right there and then. You can choose the amount tip and pay for it via credit or debit cards.

There are different ways to add the tip when ordering. You can do this after checkout by reviewing your purchase history, during checkout, or you can even add it within 24 hours of delivery.

That way, you don’t have to remember to tip the drivers when the delivery arrives, and you don’t have to come into contact with the delivery driver.

Do Walmart Delivery Drivers Receive The Full Tip?

If you tip the driver in cash, they will receive and get to keep the whole tip. Most people recommend tipping in cash as it’s more personal and ensures that the entire tip goes into the driver’s pocket.

When you tip through a card when ordering online, the money has to pass through a third party. And usually, the third party takes a cut from the tip or distributes all tips evenly to the different delivery drivers.

If you want your Walmart delivery driver to take the entire tip without sharing it with the company, then paying them with cash is a great way to ensure that everything goes to your delivery driver.

Does Walmart Delivery Through A Third-Party?

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To expand its delivery services, Walmart works with a third-party delivery service. They employ a combination of third-party services and private self-employed drivers to take on their vast number of different deliveries.

Walmart has a delivery service of its own, but they also work with other companies such as Skip Cart, Roadie, and Point Pickup to enhance their services. Certain Walmart locations also partner with DoorDash for their deliveries.

Tips aren’t necessary for these drivers, as Walmart doesn’t require them. However, a couple of extra dollars for delivery can greatly help out the drivers which is why customers are highly encouraged to tip.


If you availed of Walmart’s grocery delivery service, it’s customary and encouraged to tip your driver. Drivers and other people working in service benefit greatly and earn a significant percentage of their income from tips, which is why it’s highly encouraged.

You can tip Walmart delivery drivers through card when ordering or with cash when they deliver your goods. To ensure they receive the full tip, most people recommend tipping in cash as digital tips sometimes receive deductions from the company.

In the United States, 10% of tips are the most commonly accepted. However, if you want to help out the driver a bit more, don’t hesitate to give a tip between 15%-20%.

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