Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card Anywhere? [Stores & More]

Can you use a Walmart credit card anywhere? Where can you use it exactly and can you use it for gas and other stores? Here are the answers.

As one of the biggest one-stop shops in the world, Walmart is constantly finding ways to make shopping more convenient. This is by stocking a variety of competitively priced products, providing different services, and more.

And one of the ways Walmart makes shopping easier is with the Walmart credit card.

There are currently two Walmart credit cards, the standard Walmart Rewards credit card, and the Capital One Walmart credit card. Both of these options make it easier to shop at Walmart and other stores.

But can you use a Walmart credit card anywhere?

The answer depends on the type of card you use. Capital One cards are generally accepted anywhere, while you can only use the Walmart Rewards credit card in Walmart and affiliated stores.

We’ve created a definitive and complete guide to where you can use your Walmart credit card, how to do it, and the limitations of a Walmart credit card to give you all the information you need.

Read on to learn more.

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Can You Use A Walmart Credit Card Anywhere?

Best Time To Shop At Walmart

Walmart announced the launch of its Capital One credit card in 2019. If you avail of this card, you can use it just about anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

Since the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card is a MasterCard, you can use it for online purchases or regular shopping purchases just like any other credit card.

However, the standard Walmart Rewards credit card can only be used in Walmart and Walmart-affiliated stores. This includes Sam’s Club, the Walmart website, and more.

Where Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card?

The Capital One Walmart Rewards card is a MasterCard card, so any place that accepts MasterCard payments will accept the card. And in this day and age, this is almost every store and restaurant in the United States.

However, it’s different if you have the regular Walmart Rewards credit card. These cards are only valid and accepted in Walmart and its affiliated stores. Walmart owns and affiliates itself with a lot of stores, including;

  • Sam’s Club
  • Walmart Neighborhood Markets
  • Walmart
  • The Walmart website

So, if you’ve been wondering if you can use your Walmart credit card at Sam’s Club, the answer is yes, regardless of the type of Walmart credit card you own.

Where Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card For Gas?

fuel pumps at gas station

If you have the Capital One Walmart card, you can use it at just about any gas station that accepts MasterCard.

With that said, there are many gas stations that accept Walmart credit cards, even if you just have the standard rewards card.

However, not all gas stations accept the standard Walmart credit card, so it’s important to do the research and ask the cashier if they will accept your card before pumping gas.

What Are The Limitations To A Walmart Credit Card?

For the Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card, the limits will largely depend on your credit score.

If you have a higher credit score, you can avail of higher limits and vice versa.

There are many different ways to check your credit score, and it’s always important for adults to keep track and manage their credit score to get better deals when it comes to credit cards, mortgages, and more.

The Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card usually has a limit between $400 and $5,000 a month, depending on your credit score.

How To Earn Points With Your Walmart Credit Card

Walmart Everyday Low Price

If you have a Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card, you can get up to 5% cash back at Walmart stores and online if you use the card.

This is only good for the first 12 months of your subscription, and it’s also available for the standard Walmart Rewards credit card and even Walmart Pay.

Customers who use these cards can rack up to 6,000 points a year. This translates to roughly $600 a year, which can allow you to purchase other things without busting the bank.

With the Capital One card, you get 5% cashback at any purchase through the Walmart website, 2% for purchases at Walmart stores, gas stations, restaurants, and travel, while you can get a 1% cashback for using it at any place that accepts MasterCard.

Can I Use My Walmart Credit Card Before Getting It In The Mail?

There are certain credit cards that you can use before you receive them, and the Walmart card is one of them. However, you will have to do this through Walmart Pay, which is an app available for Android and Apple devices.

Once your credit card is approved, you can use it with the Walmart Pay app before you even receive the card.


Walmart store exterior

If you’re looking to use your Walmart credit card in other stores, you might need to check your card first. If you have the Capital One Walmart Rewards credit card, then you can use it at virtually any store, restaurant, or service in the US as long as they accept MasterCard.

However, if you have the standard Walmart Rewards credit card, you can only use these at Walmart, the Walmart website, and Walmart affiliate stores like Sam’s Club.

Both of the Walmart credit cards offer benefits to consumers. You can receive cash backs, rewards, and other perks by using these credit cards in certain stores, and if you have the new Capital One card, you can use it virtually anywhere.

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