Does Walmart Accept GoodRx? [All Your Questions Answered]

Can you use GoodRx at Walmart? What about GoodRx Gold and how do you even do it? Here's a simple guide that answers all your questions.

The American healthcare system is one of the most expensive national medical services in the world, and it is no different when it comes to the prices of medicine and medical prescriptions.

While some may have their medical expenses covered by private insurance, others need to take advantage of coupons and other national discounts, and that’s where GoodRx comes into the picture.

GoodRx is a healthcare company that is free for all consumers to use, and therefore it is no wonder that many might be wondering, “does Walmart take GoodRx coupons?”.

Fortunately, Walmart does accept coupons from GoodRx, leading us to the following question;

How do you use GoodRx at Walmart?

In this guide, we have covered everything you need to know about using GoodRx’s service at Walmart.

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Can You Use GoodRx At Walmart In 2023?

GoodRx Logo

GoodRx coupons are a very popular way for many Americans to save money on their medical expenses. It is a service that Americans are taking advantage of on a nationwide basis.

However, with that being said, it leaves us with the question; does Walmart pharmacy accept GoodRx in 2023?

Fortunately, Walmart strives to accommodate all customer needs, which is why Walmart Pharmacy accepts GoodRx in 2023.

How Do You Use GoodRx At Walmart?

Using GoodRx at Walmart is an easy and straightforward process.

There are a couple of different ways to use GoodRx at any Walmart Pharmacy store.

Below we have listed the different ways to use GoodRx at Walmart to reap the benefits and discounts;

The GoodRx Mobile App

GoodRx App

Using the mobile app to access and use your GoodRx coupons at Walmart is the easiest way to find the best discounts on your drugs.

Simply look up the medicine you would like to find a discount on by heading to the homepage on the GoodRx app, searching for the drug you would like to purchase, and applying the ‘Lowest Price’ button.

Now you should have a long list of very competitive prices on the type of medication you would like to buy.

All you have to do from here is select the medication you need, accept the coupon, and show it to the Walmart pharmacist that will then scan the coupon to apply the discount.

Text Or Email The Coupon To Yourself

Showing GoodRx Coupon

Another easy way to use the GoodRx discounts at Walmart is by sending the coupons to your mobile number or to your email on your phone for easy access.

This option works great for those who might struggle with accessing the app due to poor signal at Walmart stores and who don’t have a printer at home.

You can email the coupon to your email by selecting the coupon and then clicking on the ‘Email’ button in the top left corner of the app. From here, you will find an email sent from a GoodRx email address.

Alternatively, you can get it sent straight to your phone, and from there, your pharmacist will be able to enter your coupon code and get you the discount on your drugs.

Use The GoodRx Website In Your Web Browser

GoodRx Website

If your GoodRx app doesn’t work, you can log in via a web browser such as Safari or Google Chrome and gain access to all the discounts GoodRx offers.

From there, simply follow the same steps as you normally would when using the GoodRx app and show the coupon code to your pharmacist.

Print Out The Coupon

Lastly, you also have the option to print out the coupons from GoodRx.

This method is much preferred by elderly people and is also a favored way for pharmacists as it reduces the waiting time for fiddling with the GoodRx app or website.

Does Walmart Accept GoodRx Gold?

GoodRx Gold

While Walmart Pharmacy accepts GoodRx, there are limits as to what GoodRx services you can use at Walmart.

While GoodRx itself can provide consumers with great rates and discount coupons for medicine itself, some wonder if Walmart accepts GoodRx Gold.

Unfortunately, Walmart does not accept GoodRx Gold, but that should not stop you from taking advantage of the already low prices that Walmart Pharmacy offers to its customers.

If you are looking to use your GoodRx Gold membership discounts, you can use them in stores such as Kroger, CVS, and Walgreens that accept GoodRx Gold.

Do All Walmart Stores Accept GoodRx?

All Walmart stores that have a Walmart pharmacy inside the store accept GoodRx coupons.

However, be aware that some Walmarts also have Sam’s Club pharmacies in-store. Sam’s Club pharmacies are not currently accepting GoodRx coupons, so make sure that you are using Walmarts own pharmacy when you’re planning on using GoodRx coupons.

Since Walmart and GoodRx have a partnership, they are obliged to accept coupons from GoodRx. If a pharmacist from Walmart denies your GoodRx coupon, you can call a pharmacy representative on 1-800-273-3455.

However, beforehand, ensure you are not trying to use the coupons of a GoodRx Gold membership or at a Sam’s Club pharmacy.


GoodRx is a great way to save money on your medical expenses when using Walmart’s Pharmacy.

Designed with an easy-to-use interface, GoodRx allows people of all ages to take advantage of the great discounts that GoodRx offers its users.

However, there are some disadvantages to using GoodRx at Walmart.

While GoodRx is accepted at Walmart, it is unfortunately not possible to reap the benefits of the GoodRx Gold membership discounts at Walmart, making it an unsuitable choice for people with Gold memberships.

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