Walmart Baby Registry [How To Create, Benefits, Returns & More]

Planning to sign up for the Walmart baby registry? Let us make it easier for you with this complete guide on creating a baby registry at Walmart.

If you’re expecting a new member of the family, you’re going to need the right equipment and supplies. Every year, a middle-income family in the US spends around $12,000-$14,00 per year on their child. But when expecting a new child, the costs will be a bit more since there are a bunch of new essentials you’ll need in your home.

For most parents-to-be, their ideal place to shop for these essentials is Walmart.

This is no surprise since Walmart welcomed over 240 million weekly customers in their stores in 2020. And if you plan on visiting Walmart to shop for baby essentials, the process may be easier for you if you sign up for the Walmart baby registry.

This is a system designed to make it easy for new parents to create a list of items they need for their baby. On top of that, you can even share the list with family and friends who are looking to help you out with this new chapter in your life.

And in this article, we’ll be going through the process of creating a baby registry at Walmart, the benefits of making one, and even how to share it with friends and family.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Walmart Have A Baby Registry?

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Yes, as of 2023, Walmart offers a baby registry for new parents who need to stock up on baby essentials.

With this program, you can create a definitive list of all the things you need for your new child. This can range from diapers to bottles, to cribs, strollers, and just about any baby supplies you can find at Walmart.

On top of that, when applying for a baby registry, customers can also receive a $40 box of essentials with a bunch of coupons that offer great discounts on specific items. Customers may also edit and return items in their list as long as they fall under the Walmart return policy.

How To Create Walmart Baby Registry Online

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If you’re looking to sign up for the Walmart baby registry, you have to do it online. If you have the Walmart app, you can sign up for the registry by going to the “Baby Registry” section which you can find in the services menu.

When setting up a registry, you will be introduced to, “Hoo”, a virtual assistant to help you out through the process. This digital guide will show you all the steps to signing up, making the process significantly easier for customers.

While Hoo will help you throughout the process, there is some information required when signing up for the baby registry. This includes your full name, the due date of your baby, and your preferred nursery styles.

If you don’t have the free Walmart app and you aren’t keen on downloading it, you can also sign up through the Walmart website. Under the services menu, you will find the “Baby Registry” section and the process remains relatively the same as signing up on the app.

You can also opt to sign up for Walmart’s marketing emails. When doing this you receive a welcome email as well as regular updates on Walmart events, discounts, and sales.

What Are the Walmart Baby Registry Benefits?

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When you sign up for the Walmart baby registry, you make it easier for you, your friends, and your family to shop for your new baby. However, the major benefit of signing up for the program is that you receive a free $40 welcome box from Walmart that contains a bunch of different essentials.

The contents of the box may vary. However, they normally contain lotion, diapers, a pacifier, and other baby products for you to try out. Additionally, you will also receive a bunch of different coupons that give you discounts on certain items.

Can You Edit A Walmart Baby Registry List?

When you make a baby registry list, you can add a variety of different baby products and brands. You can add just about any baby-related product in your registry, as long as they are available and in stock at Walmart stores.

And if you change your mind on certain products, you can always edit the list whenever you wish. To do this, all you have to do is log on to your account and click the “Edit Registry” option.

From there, you can add or remove different items, change event dates, edit privacy settings, and even change whether or not you will accept gift cards. And if you wish, you can also delete your entire registry when editing the list.

In this tab, you can also send messages to gift-givers about the changes to the list.

This tab also allows you to organize the list. For example, you can organize different products under “want” and “has” to indicate whether or not you have the product yet. That way, you keep everyone on the list updated on what you still need from the registry.

Walmart Baby Registry Return Policy 2022

Any product you receive from the baby registry is eligible for returns. Some of the baby items in the registry will be eligible for returns for up to a year, while other products fall under a 30-day or 90-day return window.

If you wish to return any item you received from the list, you can do it online or go to the store yourself to process the return. You don’t need the receipt to make a return, but you will have to provide the name or email address of the person who purchased the gift.

You can view who bought you the gifts through the “Take a Peek” option in the registry.

Can I Share My Walmart Baby Registry List?

Yes, the point of the baby registry list is to make it easier for you and your close friends and family to buy gifts for the baby. So, once you make the list, you can click the “Manage” option where you can get the link that you can send to all gift-givers.

Once they receive the link, they can view all the items in your list and the items that have already been bought. When they make a purchase using the list, Walmart can ship the item directly to you to make the process even more convenient.


If you’re expecting a baby and need supplies, you can sign up for the Walmart baby registry. That way, it will be easier for close friends, family, and other gift-givers to find out what you need and what you have. Additionally, they can have the products shipped directly to you for an even more convenient process.

On top of that, when you sign up for the Walmart baby registry online, you’ll receive a free $40 box of different baby essentials and coupons you can use for future purchases. And if you no longer want any of the items on the list, you can always edit the list and even return the item to Walmart by going to the physical store or going through the process online.

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