Walmart Battery Core Charge [How Much, Getting Refund & More]

Does Walmart have a core charge on batteries? Do they take old car batteries and do they recycle them? Here's a guide with all the answers.

Along with all the different products and essentials available at Walmart, shoppers can also avail themselves of a bunch of services at the stores. This includes car services through their Auto Center, check cashing through their MoneyCenter, and many more.

With all these different products and services come a lot of different prices as well.

When you buy a battery at Walmart, you will have to pay a core charge that varies from state to state. Usually, the charge will be between $5-$20, and if you purchase the battery at Walmart and return it with the official receipt, you can get a refund.

In this quick guide, we’ll explain Walmart’s battery core charge, how much it is, the refund you can get, and everything else you need to know about battery core charge Walmart.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Have A Core Charge On Batteries?

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Yes, there is a battery core charge at Walmart. With the Walmart battery core charge program, customers pay an additional fee on top of their batteries called a “core charge”, which can be refunded if you return the battery for recycling.

This program is a Walmart initiative to encourage customers to recycle old batteries. When you buy a car battery at Walmart, there will be a core charge on the receipt that can cost anywhere between $5-$20.

Does Walmart Take Old Car Batteries?

Yes, you can return car batteries to Walmart for recharging. However, if you’re looking for a refund on the core charge, this will only apply if the battery was originally purchased at Walmart and you have the original receipt. You can take old car batteries for recycling to the Walmart customer service desk.

Can I Get A Refund On A Battery Core Charge?

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Yes, upon purchasing a battery at Walmart, you will see a battery core charge that ranges between $5-$20.

The cost of the core charge varies depending on the state you live in among other factors. Occasionally, you may see the battery core charge listed under the “Merchandising Fee” heading.

When returning an old battery that was originally purchased at Walmart, you can potentially get a Walmart battery core charge refund. For this, you will need to bring the battery along with the original purchase receipt.

From there, a Walmart staff member will scan the receipt, then you will receive the refund. To do this, you have to go to the customer service desk of your local Walmart store.

Once the receipt is scanned, the charge will be refunded to your credit card, returned as cash, or you can even use it to get a discount on your next Walmart purchase.

If you didn’t buy the battery from Walmart or you lost the original receipt, you may not be able to return the battery. The Walmart battery core return policy varies depending on your state, and most customers won’t be able to return batteries that weren’t purchased at Walmart.

The one exception to this rule could possibly be with EverStart batteries, which is a brand that is owned by Walmart.


If you buy a battery at Walmart, you can expect a core charge. Depending on your state, the rate can be anywhere between $5-20.

But if you return the battery for recycling to the customer service desk with the original receipt, you can get a refund on the core charge directly to your credit card, as cash, or even for a discount on your next Walmart purchase.

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