Does Walmart Have Bottle Return? [Stores, Return Hours & More]

Is it possible to return bottles at Walmart? What is their policy and at what time does it open and close? Here are all the answers you're looking for.

For many people, recycling is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to help the environment and reduce environmental impact. And one specific item that is ideal for recycling is glass bottles since they can be melted down and reformed into something new.

And with a lot of folks doing all their regular shopping and errands at Walmart, it would be very convenient if you could return bottles to Walmart for recycling. But does Walmart even have a bottle return program for its customers?

Yes, but only in some states. On top of that, you can only return bottles of drinks that were originally bought or purchased at Walmart.

In this guide, we’ll be diving into everything you need to know about the Walmart bottle return policy when you can return bottles at Walmart, and whether there are limits to the number of bottles you can return per day.

Keep reading to learn more.

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Does Walmart Have A Bottle Return Policy?

Is Walmart A Franchise

Walmart accepts bottle returns for any drink you bought at Walmart, but only in certain locations. In Canada, every single Walmart location has a bottle return policy.

In the United States, however, you can only return bottles to Walmart Supercenters in California, Michigan, Iowa, Delaware, Connecticut, Vermont, Oregon, Massachusetts, New York, and Maine.

Customers can only return bottles at Walmart Supercenters in a state or province with a bottle bill. A bottle bill is a law that requires a minimum deposit on soda, beer, and other beverage containers to entice people to bring in their bottles for recycling.

All provinces in Canada have a bottle bill, while the US only has ten states with bottle bills, which were the states we mentioned above.

What Are The Walmart Bottle Return Hours?

While you can return bottles to certain Walmart stores and receive a deposit, the operating hours for bottle return may differ from the store’s operating hours.

Typically, customers can return bottles from drinks purchased at Walmart during the day. And if the store is open 24 hours, there’s a chance that you may not be able to return bottles after a certain time.

The bottle return hours at Walmart largely depend on the store. Different locations have different operating hours, so before heading to your local Walmart Supercenter for bottle return, make sure to research what times of the day you can return bottles.

If you can’t find any information online, you may ask the manager or customer service desk at your local Walmart to find out.

How Do You Return a Bottle to Walmart for Recycling?

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If you’re looking to return bottles at Walmart, you have to first make sure that you originally bought the drink at Walmart. If the drink was purchased at another store, Walmart may not accept the bottle return. Additionally, you can only return glass bottles at Walmart, and they will not accept plastic bottles.

From there, you also have to make sure you live in a state with a bottle bill. If you do, you then have to use the Walmart Store Finder tool to find out about your local Walmart’s bottle return policy. Remember, each store may have a different policy and operating hours, so make sure to ask before heading to the store with bottles you plan on returning.

Once you confirm that your local store has a bottle return center, you can simply follow the appropriate steps to return bottles. Again, this may vary from store to store, so don’t hesitate to ask for help.

After returning the bottles, you will be given a receipt that you show at the cashiers to collect your deposit.

Is There a Walmart Bottle Return Limit?

There is a limit to Walmart’s bottle return. Customers are only allowed to return $25 worth of bottles per day.

Different states have different deposit rates for bottles, so the limit may either be 250 or 500 bottles.

States with a 10-cent deposit can accept a maximum of 250 bottles per person per day, while states with a 5-cent deposit can accept 500 bottles.

Why Should You Return Glass Bottles?

Walmart store exterior

Glass can be melted down to create new products and items. This makes it a very recyclable material, and returning glass bottles for recycling can greatly reduce your own waste.

Additionally, glass produced from recycled materials has a significantly lesser environmental impact than newly-made glass.


Yes, Walmart has a bottle return policy. However, this is only available in Canada and selected states.

Walmart Supercenters in states with a bottle bill will likely have a bottle return policy. However, to make sure, it’s recommended to use the Walmart Store Finder tool to learn if your local Walmart will accept your bottle returns.

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