Walmart Car Battery Return Policy [Refund, Exchange & More]

Does Walmart accept car battery returns? Will you get a refund? Get your questions answered in this easy guide to Walmart car battery return policy.

When shopping at Walmart, customers can access and purchase a wide variety of different products. Among these products are car batteries and other auto supplies.

Since you can find so many products at Walmart, it’s no surprise that they are the biggest retailer in the US. And another reason Walmart is so popular among customers is that they have a pretty generous return policy.

But does this policy apply to car batteries as well? In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to find out.

In this article, we’ll be discussing Walmart’s return policy on car batteries, how to return batteries to Walmart, and some more details on the Walmart car battery warranty.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is The Walmart Return Policy On Car Batteries?

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Walmart’s car battery return policy is similar to that of its other products. So, that means customers may return car batteries to Walmart within 90-days of the original purchase. You can return batteries if they are defective, don’t fit the battery mount, if they are unused, or if they are faulty.

When returning car batteries to Walmart, you can either get store credit, a gift card, or a full cash refund. To return a car battery to Walmart, it’s recommended to bring the original box and receipt to avoid any complications at the customer service desk.

All Walmart returns are processed through their customer service desk. So, if you have reason to return your car battery to Walmart, you may head to the customer service desk and explain your concern to the associate.

Walmart Car Battery Return Policy Without Receipt

You may still return a car battery to Walmart without the receipt. However, when doing this, you may not be eligible for a full refund. Walmart uses the original receipt to confirm your purchase. And if you don’t bring the receipt with you when making a return, they may only offer you store credit or a gift card in return.

When making a return without the receipt, Walmart associates can check the database to confirm your purchase. So, you don’t have to worry about them rejecting the return. With that said, don’t expect to get a full refund when returning a car battery or any other product to Walmart without the receipt.

When Can I Return Car Batteries To Walmart?

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Car batteries can only be returned to Walmart if they meet certain conditions. For starters, if your battery isn’t defective, then you can only return it unused and in the original box. This is usually because the battery doesn’t fit the mount of your car, which is an acceptable reason for returning the item.

However, there may be other reasons wherein Walmart will accept a battery return such as;

  • The car battery not working properly or not holding a charge
  • If the battery reads less than 12.45 volts, which indicates that it’s at less than 75% charge
  • If the battery is unused and uninstalled

If your battery doesn’t meet the above conditions, there’s a chance Walmart won’t accept the return. If you have used and installed the battery and it works fine, then Walmart will not accept your return.

How Long Is The Walmart Car Battery Warranty?

The warranty length for batteries at Walmart varies depending on the battery you get. However, most batteries at Walmart come with two different warranties.

These two warranties cover different replacements: full and prorated. For example, if your battery has a 5-year warranty, then the first 3 years cover a full replacement while the next two years cover prorated replacements.

Is There A Walmart Car Battery Exchange?

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You cannot bring in old batteries to Walmart for exchange. However, Walmart’s equivalent to battery exchange is a battery core charge.

Whenever you buy a new battery at Walmart, it comes with this core charge that is charged on top of the battery’s price. This is to encourage battery recycling and proper disposal of these items. So, when it comes time to replace your battery, you can go to Walmart and receive a reimbursement of the core charge or use it to help make payments for a new battery.

The core charge for batteries at Walmart varies between $5-$20. So, you can potentially bring in old batteries purchased at Walmart and receive that amount in return. However, keep in mind that this only applies to batteries purchased at Walmart.

Does Walmart Install Car Batteries?

Yes, the Walmart Auto Center can install car batteries for you. However, they will not install car batteries purchased at another store. To get your batteries installed at Walmart for free, you need to buy the car batteries from Walmart.


Customers who purchased a battery at Walmart may return the battery within 90 days of the original purchase. For in-store purchases, the window begins the day you buy it. For online purchases, the window starts when the battery is delivered.

You may only return unused and uninstalled batteries to Walmart. However, if your battery is defective, can’t hold a charge, or doesn’t fit the car’s battery mount, then you may also bring it to Walmart to return the item.

If you bring the original receipt with you when making a return, you will receive a full refund. However, if you don’t have the original receipt, you can still make the return, but you will only be reimbursed with store credit or a gift card.

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