Does Walmart Do Car Inspections? [Auto Services, Cost & More]

Does Walmart inspect cars and state inspections? What about other types of auto inspections? Here are all the answers you need.

Walmart prides itself in being a large one-stop-shop where customers can do their regular grocery shopping and avail of a wide range of services. At Walmart, customers can access car services through the Auto Center, bank services and bill payments through the Money Center, and a bunch of other errands.

But can you get your car inspected at Walmart?

Car inspections are a necessary service for keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition. On top of that, if you live in the US, there are 14 different states that require car inspections, such as Hawaii, Illinois, Louisville, New York, New Hampshire, and more.

So, in this article, we’ll be explaining everything you need to know about getting your car inspected at Walmart. We go through whether or not you can get it done at Walmart, alternatives to Walmart, and even the cost of a car inspection.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Inspect Cars?

Walmart Auto Care Center

The Walmart AutoCenter offers a bunch of services to customers. This includes oil changes, tire changes, and tire balancing. However, you cannot get a car inspection at Walmart. As of 2023, there are no Walmart locations or SuperCenters that offer car inspection services.

Does Walmart Do State Inspection?

State inspections are basically car inspections conducted by a state-authorized inspector. Since there are still some states that require car inspections, there are specific guidelines that all inspectors need to follow when checking on a car.

Since Walmart doesn’t offer any car inspections, they don’t offer state inspections either. So, if you plan to get your car inspected or your state requires it, then you’re better off going to other Auto Centers with authorized inspectors since Walmart doesn’t offer the service.

Why Is There No Walmart Auto Inspection?

Overnight Parking Walmart

The main reason Walmart doesn’t offer Auto Inspections despite them having a fully-capable auto center is the rules and regulations of every state. The Department of Transportation website states that all vehicles must go through an authorized inspection every 12 months. On top of that, each and every state that requires vehicle inspections has different requirements for safety inspectors.

And if you use your car for ride-sharing through services like Uber and Lyft, then your vehicle may need to go under more extensive inspections, depending on your state. Because of these varied rules, regulations, and requirements, Walmart cannot keep up and chose to opt-out of offering vehicle inspections to their customers.

While the Walmart Auto Centers are very capable and well-equipped to handle basic services like regular oil changes and tire balancing, they do lack the capacity to offer car inspection services.

Where Can I Get A Car and State Inspection?

If your state requires car inspections, then you need to go to an automotive center with an authorized and licensed mechanic. If the inspection isn’t accomplished by an authorized mechanic, then the inspection won’t be recognized by the Department of Transportation.

Every state and city might have different standards for their safety inspections, so make sure to read up on your local regulations before getting your car inspected. It also won’t hurt to go around and ask which centers and shops in your area have licensed and authorized mechanics who can conduct inspections that are up to par with your area’s standards.

There are websites you can go to that gives you a rundown of the different car shops and centers in your area. Additionally, you could also check out the more popular shops such as Valvoline and Jiffy Lube, as there is a fair chance that these shops have authorized car inspectors.

How Much Is A State Inspection?

Walmart parking lot

The cost of your car inspection largely depends on the rules and regulations of your state. If your area has more strict and tougher requirements for cars, then there’s a chance that the inspection will cost a bit more compared to other, more relaxed states.

With that said, since this is a common service, the price will likely be lower than other car costs, especially if you’re just going in for a general inspection. Popular and large Auto Centers like Valvoline and Jiffy Lube will likely charge higher than smaller shops, but they will likely offer more comprehensive inspections that comply with your state’s rules and regulations.


The Department of Transportation requires vehicles to go through a standard safety inspection every 12 months. However, not all states require this.

But regardless of whether your state requires it or not, getting your vehicle inspected regularly is a great way to keep your car safe and in the best condition possible. And sadly, you won’t be able to get your car inspected at Walmart as they don’t offer this service.

So, if you’re looking to get your car inspected, you might be better off going to dedicated auto shops in your area like Valvoline or Jiffy Lube.

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