Does Walmart Cash Handwritten Checks? [Complete Guide]

Walmart MoneyCenter does cash checks, but do they cash handwritten ones? Read on to learn whether Walmart cashes handwritten checks and more.

Walmart isn’t just a hub for different products at competitive prices. On top of all the groceries customers can buy at their stores, you can also access a variety of services from their different centers.

While Walmart is most famous for its Auto Care Centers, they also offer a variety of money services at their money center.

Customers can pay bills, debts, and even cash checks at the Walmart MoneyCenter. However, they may only cash checks up to $5,000, and they will not cash handwritten payroll checks.

But can you cash other handwritten checks at Walmart?

In this guide, we’ll find out.

Keep reading to learn whether or not you can cash handwritten checks at Walmart, why some Walmarts don’t offer this service, along with some other places you can go to cash your handwritten check.

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Can You Cash Handwritten Checks at Walmart?

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As of 2023, some Walmart locations will cash a handwritten check with a handwritten signature on it. However, for them to cash the check, it needs to have the printed name of the company, the company’s telephone number, address, the date issued, and the amount.

If the check fails to meet these requirements, Walmart may reject your check, which means you will have to go to another place to cash it.

Will Any Walmart Cash Handwritten Check?

Not all Walmarts will accept handwritten checks. In fact, most Walmarts only cash hand-signed checks with printed details such as the company name, telephone number, and address. This is because handwritten checks offer a wider opportunity for theft or insufficient funds in the account.

Walmart does not want to deal with this risk, as it leaves them vulnerable to losses. And as a business, Walmart strives to keep losses at a minimum, which is why they will not cash a handwritten check.

Where Can I Cash a Handwritten Check?

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If you have a handwritten check that Walmart will not cash, there are many other options for you. Customers may go to different banks, retail stores, or even other Walmart locations to have their handwritten checks cashed.

For those with a bank account, you may go to your local branch to cash your check. The advantage of this is that you may direct the funds straight into your bank account, so you won’t have to deal with additional deposits and fees.

You may also go to the bank that issued the check and they will cash it for you, but you will need to bring a valid photo ID.

As mentioned earlier, some Walmart locations may accept and cash your handwritten check. However, you need to go to a Walmart with a MoneyCenter to do this. To find out if your local Walmart has a MoneyCenter, you may use the Walmart store finder tool on their website.

Once you locate your local Walmart, you may give them a call to inquire if they can cash your handwritten check.

How Much Does It Cost To Cash A Handwritten Check?

Typically, banks and other services will charge a small fee for cashing a check. The amount you have to pay largely depends on the amount in the check. However, most people report that they usually have to pay no less than $10 to cash their checks.

At Walmart, checks below $1,000 are subject to a $4 when cashing, while checks between $1,001 and $5,000, the cashing fee is no more than $8.


If you plan to cash a handwritten check at Walmart, the store may be able to do it for you. However, keep in mind that not all Walmarts will cash a handwritten check.

Before going to your local Walmart to cash a check, it’s best to contact them and inquire first. That way, you can make sure that they can cash your check and you won’t have to deal with any surprises at the MoneyCenter.

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