Does Walmart Change Spark Plugs? [Price, Location, Wait Time & More]

Does Walmart Auto Center change spark plugs? What does it cost, where can you do it, and how long does it take? Here are all the answers you seek.

The US has many different stores made for the convenience of everyday life, such as Whole Foods, Target, Costco, and lastly, Walmart.

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation. It started as a string of grocery stores but gradually began to expand.

Today, Walmart owns several hypermarkets, offering everything from healthcare services, photography services, and catering.

Most conveniently, Walmart has recently developed an Auto Care Center built for servicing automobiles such as cars, motorcycles, and even trucks in some stores.

Walmart Auto Care Center offers many services, from oil changes to tire changes to even simple car maintenance, like battery replacements.

If your car’s engine has been acting up, it might be time to swap out the spark plug. So, does Walmart Auto Center change spark plugs?

Fortunately, Walmart Auto Care Center does offer spark plug changes.

In this article, you can find the answers to all the questions you may have, such as the cost of the service and where to find your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center.

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Does Walmart Have Spark Plugs?

Spark plugs

If you find yourself in need of a spark plug change, the Walmart Auto Care Center is an excellent place to start.

Amongst many of the services Walmart offers, spark plug change is one of them. This means that if you need a change of spark plugs, Walmart’s Auto Care Center can replace them for you.

If there’s a Walmart near you, all you need to do is pull up your car in one of their Auto Care Centers.

They will be able to offer you spark plug change within a reasonable time frame and will save you a trip to another mechanic that may be out of your way.

Where To Find Walmart Auto Care Center Locations

Walmart Auto Care Center

In most Walmart stores, there is usually a separate building that houses the Auto Care Center.

These buildings typically consist of a garage where you can park your car for proper care and services, such as a Walmart spark plug change.

There are over 2500 different Walmart stores across America, which means there are 2500+ Walmart Auto Care Centers in America.

To find your nearest Walmart Auto Care Center, you can simply head over to Walmart’s website and follow the steps from there.

Alternatively, you can look up your nearest Auto Center on Google maps and see which one is the most convenient for you.

Changing Spark Plugs At Walmart

Spark Plugs

Walmart has many competent mechanics to help you with servicing your car.

If your local Walmart has an Auto Care Center, they will likely accommodate different spark plugs for various car models.

The mechanics will usually be able to handle your spark plug change in no time.

Walmart’s Spark Plugs Replacement Cost

Keeping your car and its components up to date can be costly.

The price of a spark plug change at Walmart depends on many different factors, such as the model and the year of your vehicle.

Typically, the price of a spark plug change is between $20 to $100, and this is just for the spark plugs alone.

On top of that, you would also have to pay a labor fee for the spark plug replacement done by the mechanics.

The total cost of a spark plug change at Walmart’s Auto Care Center, including labor, will cost you approximately $40 to $150.

Typical Waiting Times For Spark Plug Changes At Walmart Auto Care Centers

Changing spark plugs is a relatively easy task for mechanics, meaning that you will be able to drive your car again in no time.

Depending on the vehicle, it takes about an hour to two to change spark plugs when using Walmart’s Auto Care Centers.

However, since your local Auto Care Center might already have their schedule full for the day, it is best to bring your car over for a spark plug change on a day where you might not need your vehicle for any traveling.

Conclusion: Does Walmart Offer Spark Plug Replacements?

Yes, Walmart’s Auto Care Centers have competent mechanics that can take care of your car and replace your spark plugs in no time.

You would typically expect to pay anywhere between $40 to $150 for a spark plug change, including labor, if you decide to go to your local Auto Care Center.

The only downside to using Walmart’s Auto Care Centers is that Walmart is a popular go-to for various services, meaning that their schedule might already be packed for the day.

However, if this isn’t an issue for you, Walmart is a great and cost-effective choice for your spark plug replacement.

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