Does Walmart Fill CO2 Tanks? [How Much, Other Options & More]

Can you fill CO2 tanks at Walmart? How much does it cost and can you buy CO2 tanks at Walmart? Here's everything you need to know.

There are tons of different products available at Walmart. And on top of that, the retailer offers a variety of different services to customers as well.

At many different Walmart locations, customers can get their cars services at the AutoCenter, pay bills and utilities at the MoneyCenter, and even get their eyes checked at the Walmart Optical Center.

But do they refill CO2 tanks?

Whether you’re looking to refill a CO2 tank to carbonate drinks, for your paintball gun, or for industrial or medical purposes, you may be wondering if you can get it done at Walmart.

So, in this guide, we’ll be going through everything you need to know about Walmart CO2 refill, whether they do it, and even some alternatives that are readily availably for many different people.

Read on to learn more.

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Does Walmart Refill CO2 Tanks?

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As of 2023, Walmart does not refill CO2 tanks in their stores. However, customers may buy their own CO2 cartridges at Walmart which range from 12-90 grams. Alternatively, you may also buy CO2 refill stations which you can use yourself at home.

If you want to get your CO2 tanks refilled, you may try different sports stores, welding stores, and other businesses that may offer this service to customers.

Can I Buy A CO2 Tank Refill Walmart?

While Walmart doesn’t refill the tanks themselves, customers do have the option of buying CO2 refill stations on their website. These products are designed for at-home use and contain all the equipment and instructions you’ll need to refill a CO2 tank.

However, keep in mind that no Walmart stores have Co2 refill stations for sale. If your local Walmart doesn’t have CO2 refill stations, you may purchase them at by searching “CO2 refill” in the search bar.

When you search for products on the online store, you will be presented with a range of options from different brands.

With that said, it’s important to note that Walmart doesn’t stock their own CO2 refill stations. Instead, the options available on their website are from third-party sellers.

Since the refill stations come from third-party sellers, these products are not available in any of their physical stores.

How Much Is CO2 Refill Walmart?

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As mentioned earlier, you cannot buy CO2 refill stations or get your CO2 tanks refilled at any Walmart physical store. Instead, you have to get CO2 refill stations from the Walmart website, which comes from third-party vendors.

And since these products aren’t stocked by Walmart, the price is subject to regular change. On top of that, different brands and manufacturers may also charge different rates for these products.

Unlike products in Walmart stores, third-party vendors on the Walmart website are in full control of their pricing. So, for most CO2 refill stations for paintball and airsoft guns, customers can expect to pay up to $80 in total.

On top of that, you may also have to pay shipping fees depending on your order.

Currently, the most expensive option on the Walmart website costs $106, while the cheapest option is available for $29. So, if you’re buying a CO2 refilling station from the Walmart website, you can expect to pay anywhere between this price range.

Where Can I Go To Get A CO2 Tank Refilled?

If you aren’t keen on buying a CO2 refilling station or a new CO2 tank, then your best option is to have it refilled by a professional. Since Walmart doesn’t offer this service, customers have to look at other stores to get their CO2 tanks refilled.

Typically, many sports equipment and welding equipment stores will offer CO2 refills. Additionally, if you’re looking to get a CO2 refill for a paintball or airsoft gun, you may try your local paintball store or field as they will likely offer the service.

Additionally, hydroponics and fire equipment stores may also offer CO2 refills to customers.

Regardless of your options, it’s always best to call the store beforehand to ensure that the service is available to customers. That way, you can go into the store fully confident that you can get your CO2 tanks refilled.


Walmart Return Policy After 90 Days

Currently, Walmart doesn’t offer CO2 refilling at their physical stores. However, customers may be able to purchase at-home CO2 refilling stations as well as new CO2 tanks on the Walmart website, which come from third-party vendors.

But if you’re looking to get your tank of CO2 refilled, you may also try out local sporting equipment and welding equipment stores. On top of that some paintball stores and courts may also offer this service.

Before going to any store to get a tank of CO2 refilled, we recommend giving them a call beforehand to confirm whether or not they can refill your CO2 tank.

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