Walmart Computer & Laptop Return Policy [Simple Guide]

What is Walmart's computer and laptop return policy? Can you return a laptop or computer to Walmart without a box? Here's a guide with the answers.

Walmart has a definite return policy on most of its items. Product returns are accepted by most retailers, provided the receipt and original packaging are still intact.

But what is Walmart’s return policy for computers and laptops?

Walmart will accept computer and laptop returns as long as they are returned within a 15-day window from the original purchase date.

There are other requirements to consider when returning a Walmart computer or laptop, such as bringing the original receipt and packaging. And when customers return a laptop or computer at Walmart, they can either get a cash refund or store credit, whichever suits their needs best.

In this guide, we go through everything you need to know about the Walmart return policy for computers and laptops, what you need to bring when returning a laptop or computer, and a couple of other important things to remember.

Read on to learn more.

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What Is The Walmart Laptop Return Policy?

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The Walmart return policy for laptops is different from their other items. While most Walmart items fall under a 90-day return window, their laptops and computers are under a shorter, 15-day return window.

The Walmart 15-day return policy for laptops and computers isn’t well-known within the customer base.

And since laptops and computers have a tendency to arrive with some factory defects or customers may change their minds, it’s important to understand the return policy before making the investment.

Walmart is always aiming to create a simple returns process. In fact, they aimed to cut down the time it takes to process returns to 30 seconds back in 2017.

And while it isn’t that fast to return a laptop at Walmart, the process isn’t too complicated.

Can I Return A Laptop To Walmart Without The Box?

The one major requirement to bring when returning a laptop to Walmart is the original packaging.

If you bring the original packaging, the staff can simply scan the barcode to confirm whether or not you bought the laptop at Walmart and when you bought the laptop.

Without the packaging, it can be impossible to confirm whether you bought the laptop at Walmart, even with the original receipt. So, do not forget to bring the original packaging when returning an item to Walmart

While there are ways to return Walmart items without a receipt, returning a laptop or computer at Walmart without the original packaging is impossible. Since employees can’t confirm if you bought the laptop at Walmart, they cannot accept the return.

What Is The Walmart Computer Return Policy?

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The Walmart return policy for computers is the same as laptops. If you wish to return the computer, you need to do it within 15 days of the original purchase. Additionally, you need to bring the original packaging with you to confirm if you bought the product at Walmart.

While it isn’t required, it’s encouraged to bring the original purchase receipt with you as well to streamline the process.

Bringing the original receipt usually ensures that you can receive a cash refund because, depending on the store, you may only be able to receive store credit if you return an item without the receipt.

When you return a computer or laptop to Walmart, you may receive a full cash refund or store credit, whichever you prefer.

Do I Need To Return The Accessories Along With The Laptop?

Yes, if you bought a laptop or computer at Walmart and it came with accessories, you need to return those as well.

Remember, when returning a computer or laptop at Walmart, you are returning the full package, which includes any and all accessories it came with.

However, if you bought a computer mouse or monitor as a separate purchase on the side on the same receipt as your computer, you are not obligated to return those if you want to keep them.

Can I Return Computer Accessories At Walmart?

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Yes, just about all the computer and laptop accessories at Walmart fall under the 90-day returns window. So, as long as you bring the original receipt and packaging with you and return it within 90 days, you’ll run into no problems at all.

With that said, there are some accessories that fall under the Walmart 15-day return policy just like their computers and laptops. These accessories include printers (not 3D printers), tablets, and other computer hardware pieces.

Are There Accessories You Can’t Return At Walmart?

There are certain items and computer accessories that you cannot return at Walmart.

These are video game cards and any software that was delivered via email. However, everything else will likely fall under one of Walmart’s return policies.


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Returning a laptop or computer to Walmart is relatively easy. All of their laptops and computers fall under their 15-day return policy, which means you only have 15 days from the original purchase date to return the computer or laptop.

Additionally, customers need to bring the original packaging, receipt, and all accessories that came with the computer or laptop when making a return. There are ways to return an item without the original receipt, but bringing it makes the process easier and ensures that you can receive a cash refund.

Without the receipt, there’s a chance that all you will receive is store credit. With that said, if you would prefer to receive store credit, that is also an option which you can tell the staff member upon making the return.

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