Does Walmart Deliver To The UK? [Here’s How That’s Hassle Free]

Is it true that Walmart delivers to the UK or is it false? Here's everything that you need to know, including all the steps required to ship to the UK.

As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart has a very wide reach. The company is known all around the world, even in countries where they don’t operate.

And with the Walmart website slowly carving out a piece of the e-commerce market, many people are wondering if they can deliver to other countries in the world.

More specifically, people ask the question, “does Walmart deliver to the UK?”.

There are many reasons people in the UK may want to order products from the Walmart website. Whether it is because of their prices, the variety of products on Walmart, or maybe the website is selling something that they can’t get at any other store.

So, in this article, we try to figure out whether you can get Walmart to deliver to the UK and how you might be able to do it.

Read on to learn more.

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Can Walmart Deliver To The UK?

What Does Walmart Do With Returns

As of 2023, Walmart doesn’t deliver to the UK. So, if you’re in the UK ordering from the Walmart online store, then you can’t put in a UK shipping address. Walmart only delivers orders from their grocery to addresses in the United States.

How To Get Walmart To Ship To The UK

While you can’t put in a UK delivery address when ordering from the Walmart site, there is a way you can get the items shipped to the UK. This isn’t a delivery option affiliated with Walmart, so it will require a fair amount of steps.

To get Walmart items delivered to you in the UK, you likely have to use a package forwarding service. These are services that receive packages for you that can’t be shipped to your location, after which they send your package to your door. This is the most effective way of getting packages from Walmart delivered to your doorstep in the UK.

There are more than a few package forwarding companies on the market today such as Stackry, Shop and Ship, ViaBox, MyUS, NyBox, and Ship7, just to name a few. You can do your own research on the best option that will suit your needs and preferences.

These companies usually have many reviews online that you can read to judge whether or not they can handle the task. Additionally, the prices for these companies is readily available online, making it easier to compare prices.

Once you’ve selected the company for the job, the process of getting your order delivered to the UK starts on the Walmart website. When checking out your items, instead of putting a US shipping address, place the address of the company’s warehouse. When you contact the package forwarding company, they provide you with their shipping address for your Walmart orders.

From there, Walmart will ship your order to the warehouse. When it arrives at the warehouse, the company will send you pictures of your package.

It’s very important to check the parcel for any damage when they send you the photos.

After you check out the photos, you have to choose your shipping option. Different companies offer a variety of different shipping packages, and it’s important to choose the ideal option for you.

The slower delivery options will cost you less and the faster deliveries usually cost more. For most companies, standard delivery times to the UK are between 7 and 21 days.

Once the item is shipped, you will be given a tracking number you can use to check on your package while it’s on the way to you. If there are any delays in the delivery, you can use your tracking number.

But if there are no other problems or delays, all you have to do next is wait for the delivery to arrive.

What Is The Walmart UK Delivery Fee?

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This depends on the package forwarding company and the type of delivery option you choose. However, most companies will charge between $15-$150, depending on the size of the package and the speed of delivery.

When checking out different options, some companies may have shipping rate calculators on their websites. That way, you can get a rough estimate of how much it will cost to ship your package to the UK.

Is There Walmart In The UK?

No, there are currently no Walmart Supercenters or stores in the UK. However, Walmart used to own ASDA, a popular grocery chain in the UK. It was only in 2020 when ownership changed hands to the Issa brothers.

ASDA is similar to Walmart in how they offer a wide range of products and competitive prices for their customers. So, ASDA is the closest comparison to Walmart in the UK, especially since Walmart used to own ASDA.


Does Walmart Price Match Their Online Prices

If you’re on the Walmart website, there is no direct way to have your orders delivered to the UK. However, customers have the option of using a package forwarding service that will receive the package for them and forward it to their address in the UK.

Currently, this is the only way to get Walmart packages shipped to the UK and prices may vary depending on the size of the parcel, your location, and the package forwarding service that you choose.

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