Walmart Dress Code [Shoes, Shirts, Hair, Shorts, Piercings & More]

What is Walmart's dress code for their employees? In this guide, we'll go through everything about Walmart's dress code from shirts to piercings. Read on.

Walmart originally opened in 1962. And since then, the company has stood by providing customers with a convenient and affordable shopping experience. But Walmart doesn’t just meet this goal by stocking up on a variety of products and providing different services.

On top of that, Walmart has a dedicated staff of employees ready to help customers with their concerns. There are many different positions you can fill at Walmart, and each one of them adheres to the same standards set up by the company.

So, aside from meeting all the requirements for Walmart to hire you, you also need to follow the rules once you’re employed by Walmart. And if you work at Walmart in 2023, that means that you have to adhere to the company’s dress code, which applies to all 2.2 million Walmart associates.

That’s why we’ve created this in-depth and comprehensive guide to the Walmart dress code. That way, you don’t have to worry about showing up in something that violates the code.

While Walmart isn’t exactly strict about its dress code, it’s still important for employees to follow company standards. That way, all customers leave happy and satisfied with their Walmart shopping experience.

And in this guide, we go through everything you need to know about the Walmart dress code, what you can wear, and what you can’t wear when working at Walmart.

Keep reading to learn more.

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What Is Walmart Dress Code?

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In the past, Walmart employees had to wear khaki or black pants with a blue or white shirt when at work. However, in 2018, Walmart changed its dress code to allow for more expression for its employees.

While employees still need to wear the vest and nametag they are given when they start working at Walmart, they are free to wear denim jeans and any type of shirt they want underneath.

With that said, there are some more specific parameters that your clothes have to meet to adhere to the Walmart dress code. And in this section, we’ll be getting into the details.

Does Walmart Allow Colored Hair?

In the past Walmart’s dress code used to have a strict policy on dyed hair. However, as of their new dress code, employees now have more freedom to color and dye their hair. With that said, the policy does state that employees have to make sure that the hair color isn’t distracting or getting in the way of regular workplace productivity.

This gives management some freedom to decide what is distracting and what isn’t. So, whether or not you can dye your hair is mostly up to the supervisor at your local Walmart.

With that in mind, it’s best to ask your local manager or supervisor first to make sure that you can dye your hair and still follow the dress code.

Walmart Dress Code – Shoes

Walmart employees are free to wear whatever sneakers they want to work. This means you can wear either your most stylish kicks or most comfortable trainers when working at Walmart.

Walmart Dress Code – Shirts

Since Walmart updated its dress code, employees are now free to wear any type of shirt color or pattern underneath their vest. However, the shirt cannot have any rips, tears, jewels, or embellishments. Otherwise, they violate the dress code policy for Walmart associates.

Walmart Dress Code – Piercings

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Walmart’s revamp of its dress code policy in 2018 allowed a lot more freedom for employees to wear and dress however they want. This includes removing most rules against facial piercings. So, if you want to wear a nose ring or lip piercing to work at Walmart, you can do it without worrying about violating the dress code rules.

With that said, this doesn’t apply to all departments. For health and safety reasons, you may be asked to remove your piercings if you’re working the fresh food and produce sections of Walmart.

Walmart Dress Code – Hats

Most Walmart employees are allowed to wear baseball caps at work. However, this depends on your department and role as an associate. If you are working as a cashier at Walmart, then you will not be allowed to wear any hats while on duty.

Walmart Dress Code – Hoodies

This is largely up to the manager. There may be some employers and managers who will allow wearing hoodies, while others don’t. On top of the manager’s decision, whether or not you can wear a hoodie while working at Walmart also depends on your department and whether the hoodie is a safety hazard.

In some cases, the manager may ask you to tuck the hood of the jacket into your Walmart vest to prevent safety hazards. Or, the manager might ask you to remove the hoodie completely.

Are There Walmart Uniforms For Employees?

Yes, when you work at Walmart, you are given a uniform. However, this isn’t a full outfit. Instead, it’s just a vest and nametag that you have to wear on top of your denim jeans and shirt at all times when working at Walmart.

What Is The Walmart Policy On Tattoos?

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Nowadays, tattoos are less of a taboo. So, when Walmart changed its dress code policy, it also relaxed restrictions on tattoos. In most cases, you won’t have to cover up your tattoo when working at Walmart.

However, this also depends on your tattoo. If you have an explicitly vulgar tattoo that can be seen while working at Walmart, the manager may ask you to cover it up. Again, this also depends on the manager and the specific store in which you work.

Can I Wear Ripped Jeans To Walmart?

No, while you can wear any denim jeans you want while working at Walmart, this doesn’t include ripped jeans. Along these lines, you cannot wear jeans with patterns, tears, or frayed edges while at work.


Walmart has a fairly relaxed dress code policy. Associates can wear jeans and whatever shirt they like to work. On top of that, if they aren’t working in the fresh produce section, they can also wear any facial piercings they want.

However, if the manager finds that something you’re wearing is distracting for other workers or a safety hazard, they may ask you to change. With that said, Walmart is very relaxed when it comes to their dress code, just make sure not to wear anything that is explicitly not allowed under their dress code policy.

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